Your Dog’s Fur Tells You about His Health

Your Dog’s Fur Tells You about His Health

Want to know how a dog’s fur or coat can teach you about his/her health? You are at right place because in this article we are going to discuss the same matter that is how the fur of your dog is a way of knowing about his health.

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Does a Clean Shiny Coat Means That the Dog is in Good Health Condition

Healthy dog is a word which is tagged with a happy dog. Only a healthy dog can have shiny and strong fur. If you want to know about the health of your pooch then it is not necessary for you to always go to a canine expert or vet. You can definitely get notice of him at home on your own. For doing this, you only have to get an insight of your canine’s fur. Yes you read right, dog’s fur is a very proven way to know about his health conditions. One can easily gain an insight from his/her dog’s fur in order to know about dog’s condition either emotional or physical. Regular brushing and washing of dog’s fur is very important element for good health. Good looking skin as well as hair is the sign of good health of your canine. Skin and hair are the most important and common factors in order to indicate whether your dog is in good condition health wise or not.

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Fur as an Indicator of Healthy or Unhealthy Diet

Right food items will be best option in order to get healthy living for your canine. Plenty of amino acid and protein is very essential for your dog’s health. You must give your dog a healthy and balanced diet. All these elements are essential for the natural structure of dog’s hair. It is proved that fur of a dog is mostly made of protein so any kind of fragile or dull dog coat can be an indicator of dog’s bad health. It means you are not giving your dog enough protein. For this purpose, you have to do some detailed research on internet and in markets as well in order to know which food items are good in providing protein to your dog. You can also search for appropriate amount of protein. In cases where extra boost is needed then you should go to your vet to know about other supplements in this regard.

Unwanted Guests Indicate Dog’s Poor Health Condition

Unwanted guests in your dog’s fur can also indicate his/her bad health. Unwanted guests can be fleas, ticks and other parasites and are considered to be unhealthy if found in dog’s fur. If you do not wash, clean and cut your dog’s hair properly then dog’s fur can easily be a shelter for these unwanted parasites. This condition can lead to discomfort and may even cause different infections. So if you ever find any kind of parasite in your dog’s fur then this will be an indicator of bad health as well.

Patches or Complete Baldness

Patches or Complete Baldness

Like human beings, dogs can also have different hormonal problems. Common hormonal problem is bad news with baldness. Patches of baldness and excessive hair loss can be a cause of such hormonal problem. Your dog can also suffer from tumor, emotional problem or any kind of impulse control problem. If your dog is suffering from extreme and unusual loss of hair then consult your vet because such condition is indicating the bad health of your dog.

Smell Also Plays an Important Role

Only the feel or look of the dog is not considered to be the only way of knowing dog’s health. Dog’s smell is also an important factor in this regard. Dogs may experience different bacterial infections which led to a strong, foul and musky odor from your dog’s fur. Such a smell can also be a result of any kind of fungus, dry skin and fleas. If you apply a scrub on dog’s coat and coat stays stinky then consult your vet in this matter also because such an odor is an indicator of dog’s bad health.

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Other Indicators in This Regard

Head shaking, pawing and scratching at the ears can also be indicators of bad health of your dog. If your dog is not getting healthy enough then he can easily have tumor and any kind of middle ear infection. In case of ear infection, dogs are placed under serious examination in order to cure the disease. If you want to avoid this serious condition, then try to clean the ears of your dog with the help of mild veterinary product for at least two or three times a week. For this purpose you have to consult your vet for detailed discussion in this regard. Try to learn best techniques for cleaning your pooch’s ear because it is important if you want do not to harm them.

dog coat

All the above mentioned points have been proved to be the best ways for the indication of your canine’s health condition. If you ever find any of the symptom or condition discussed above, then it means you are not giving proper care to him and he is suffering from some serious health issues especially infections. Some dog owners even ignore such conditions and in this way they do extremely wrong with this creature by ignoring him. It is recommended to all dog owners that always try to keep the coat of dog shinny and strong because it will teach you very interesting things about the health of your dog. It is also great way to know the nutritional monitoring. This will lead to a stronger bond between you and your dog. Try to give him baths, regular brushing and petting all his parts are best ways to know about his health. Try to show affection and love to your dog for his good health. So fur plays extremely important role in showing your dog’s health condition therefore you, as a dog owner, are responsible to take care of the dog’s fur.

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