Your Dog’s Eyes Need Your Attention

Your Dog’s Eyes Need Your Attention

One of the major organs through which dogs interact with the outside world is their eyes. It is however true that humans are much more dependant on their eyes as compared to dogs but eyes still play a major role in dog’s relation with the surroundings. So how can you forget to take care of this important organ of your lovely pet?

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Most Common Eye Problems in Dogs
Eyes are the most sensitive organ of the dog and require special care and attention. Dogs must be given proper attention when it comes to eye care. In order to prevent your dog from eye diseases or to give him the right treatment in case he is already suffering from an eye ailment, you need to have detailed knowledge about various eye problems that are commonly found in the dogs. You must know that a healthy eye will always look clear and moist. If you find redness or swelling in your dog’s eye or if you see lot of mucus discharge then you should know that your dog is facing an eye problem. Following are some of the most common eye problems that you must know about.

It is very common for the dogs to suffer from an eye infection. Infection indicates that your dog has got something in his eye and that contained bacteria. Infection can also be caused by the interaction of your dog with other infected animals. The question is that how would you come to know if your dog is suffering from an eye infection. Well, for this you have to properly check the eyes of your pet. If you find redness, swelling or a discharge of green or yellow color from the eyes of your dog then you should probably treat your dog for infection. Cocker spaniels, Maltese and Pekingese are some of the dog breeds that are commonly more prone to eye infections than other breeds.

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Cataracts is a genetic disorder found commonly in dogs. In this disorder the lens of the dogs becomes cloudy and looks white. The vision of the dog gradually goes blur and finally lead to complete blindness. This disorder can be developed in almost all dogs’ breeds but some are more prone to the disorder than others, such breeds include American cocker spaniel, bichon fries and silky terriers. Dogs may get this disorder from an injury or other diseases as well.

Entropion is a condition in which the eyelids of the dog start to grow inward. This inward rolling of the eyelids make the hair rub against the cornea that cause discomfort and is very dangerous for eyes. This disorder is common in English bulldog, English mastiff, Great Dane and Neapolitan mastiff.

Eyelid Gland Disorder
It might be surprising for most of you to know that dogs have a third eyelid as well. The gland of this eyelid is responsible for the production of tears so that the cornea may not be damaged. This gland sometimes swells and is exposed. The irritation in the eye is indicated by the production of yellowish mucus in the eyes. This condition is most commonly found in the flat faced breeds.

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Your Pet’s Eyes Needs Your Attention
All of the problems mentioned above definitely require you to consult a vet but there are still a lot of thing you can do to prevent your dog from getting involved in an eye ailment or to discover his problem early on. Following are some of the very general things you must do regularly to make sure that your dog’s eyes are working fine.

Check Your Dog’s Eyes Regularly
Do examination of your dog’s eyes in a bright area where you can clearly see everything by looking into his eyes. Look for the eye color and white area around eyeball. See if there is swelling or discharge. Check if the pupil of your dog’s eyes have unequal size, see if there is mucus of any color and look for cloudiness. If you have found any of these then you should consult a vet instantly before it gets too late.

Examine the Lining of Your Dog’s Eye
You need to carefully examine the inner eyelid of your dog’s eye. This is done by rolling down the lid so that it may be visible clearly. The lining should be of pink color. White or red lining indicates that something is wrong with your dog’s eyes.

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Keep Your Dog Clean
Cleanliness is very important especially when we talk about eyes. You need to take special care of your dog’s eyes by keeping them away from gunk and dirt. The easiest way to clean your dog’s eyes is to use a damp cotton ball. Wipe your dog’s eyes with the cotton towards the outer corner. Make sure that you do not scratch your dog’s cornea while cleaning his eyes.

Trimming is Necessary
It is very commonly seen that dogs get their eyes damaged by those long hair they have around their eyes. Long hair can poke the dog’s eyes and create a problem. It is therefore necessary to trim your dog’s bangs carefully. This should be done with the round tipped scissors.

Take Care While Driving
Don’t let the dog take his head out of the car window while riding. This may be a fun thing for you to see your dog enjoy the outside world by sticking his head out of the car window but it is pretty dangerous. Wind and debris may harm his eyes this way. So it is always better to keep the car windows closed.

We all know how important the vision is for every living being. Since eyes are the most sensitive organ of the dog’s body, you need to pay extra attention to it. Once a serious problem arises then it’s very difficult to overcome it. Prevention is better than cure. So help your dog not to get into any kind of eye disorder by taking care of his eyes.

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