Why Would Anyone Not Like Dogs?

Why Would Anyone Not Like Dogs?

In the world, there are many people who love dogs and treat them like one of their children, doting on them and responding to their every whim. There are also people who do not like dogs at all, but why? You are probably wondering why anyone would not love dogs?

If you want to know why there are people who don’t like these adorable, loyal and loveable creatures, keep reading. For your reading pleasure and better understanding of others, here are eight common reasons that some people have grown to hate dogs.


Pet Dander and Allergies


Sadly, some people have allergies, making it impossible for them to be around canines and other animals. Most often, these allergies actually stem from pet dander, or the dead skin flakes of animals. Those who suffer from allergies likely dislike the symptoms they suffer with due to allergies, rather than the actual animals.

Symptoms of pet allergies often include coughing, wheezing, sneezing, red itchy or irritated eyes and a runny or itchy nose. There are a few people who might also experience skin reactions or will develop hives on their face or chest. These symptoms can become quite uncomfortable to those with dog allergies.

Pet dander is not the only issue for those with allergies, as dog saliva and urine are also irritants to some people. This is very sad for those who cannot enjoy the company of a dog, or experience the happiness they bring.


Obsessive about Cleanliness


Another reason that individuals often dislike dogs is because they are somewhat obsessive about cleanliness. These people might dislike dogs because of their ‘animal’ smell, or for the fact that they shed hair, although with short hair dog breeds, the shedding is minimal.

These people might like dogs, but cannot bring themselves to touch or pet them, for fear of soiling their hands or clothing. Being licked by the dog may be another worry or fear. This is a mental obstruction that keeps dogs, and likely other pets, out of their lives.

Still others are obsessed with bacteria and germs, afraid to share their living space with dogs or other animals. These people often feel compelled to wash or clean over and over again, staying far away from things that might come in contact with dirt. The above types of people are not ideal dog owners.


Bad Dog Experiences


Just as not all people are bad, not all dogs are good. While most dogs are loveable and kind, there are some dogs that can leave you with a bad experience. This may not be their fault, but by long tern neglect and abuse or improper training.

Some dogs are aggressive and will attack people and other animals, giving all dogs a bad reputation. Fear is often a reason that people hate dogs, believing every canine is the same.


Social Upbringing


There also exist people who do not like dogs because their friends or family do not like them for whatever reason. If you were raised by parents who dislike dogs, it is very likely that you will dislike them too! Especially since you have not been allowed to fully enjoy their company! Too bad – dogs are wonderful and kind-hearts creatures!

These people might have heard something terrible about dogs, or saw an injury that was caused by a bad dog. Maybe they watched a scary movie on television such as ‘Cujo’. Before knowing a dog personally, they accept these negative reports about dogs, refusing to have anything to do with them.



Think Dogs are Mindless or Unintelligent


To fully love an animal, first you must respect it. There are many people who hold to the theory that dogs are unintelligent and rather mindless. They think dogs and dog ownership is very foolish, viewing them as ‘stupid’ or ‘annoying’, due to their silly behaviors such as chasing cars or eating feces.

These people also believe that dogs have little or no willpower, and are easily coaxed or tricked by offering them food. They might also mistake a dog’s foolish expression and clumsy actions as unintelligent, even though dogs are much more loyal than most people realize. This sort of prejudice can hamper a person from enjoying the company of a dog.


Prefer the Company of Cats


Even in the cartoons, dogs and cats do not always get along. They often fight with each other, just as cats and dogs often do in real life. Dog lovers might dislike cats for their claws which can easily injure their pets. In turn, cat lovers might hate dogs because they chase cats and bark at ‘nothing’ rather than quietly lounge around like feline pets.

There are several homes that house both dogs and cats together, but this is not very common without some sort of strife in terms of territory or food. Most cat lovers adore their pet’s agility, lethargy, nobility and mystery. At the same time, they might look down upon canine pets, believing dogs are rude, dull and silly in thoughts and behavior.


Dogs Require More Attention

Even dog lovers will admit that dogs require a lot more attention than cats. While cats appreciate solitude and a quiet home, dogs can quickly become upset and even destructive. This is because dogs usually get lonely and bored if they are separated from their owners for very long. The extra time that dogs require might leave cat lovers very unhappy.

Unlike cats, that are almost always aloof and indifferent, dogs are very sensitive and can easily become upset or uneasy if owners are feeling emotional. Dogs also require a greater amount of devotion and care than cats, which are capable of doing quite a bit for themselves. People who are always short on time and patience may learn to resent the needs of a dog.



Unexplained Reasons

Some people are quick to tell others that they dislike dogs, but cannot give a valid reason why. Aside from all the reasons listed above, they simply cannot explain the reason they feel the way they do about canine pets. Just like those who dislike the taste of carrot with no specific reasons, they are neither allergic nor afraid of dogs. It is sad, but there are people who torture and kill dogs for excitement, amusement and personal gain. You should never hurt an innocent animal, no matter what the reason for disliking dogs.




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