What You Must Consider When You Plan to Fly with Your Dog?

What You Must Consider When You Plan to Fly with Your Dog?

There are certain times when you need to go out of city or have to hop on a flight but don’t have anybody to take care for your dog. At times you might be moving from one place to other so you need to take your dog with you on flight as well. However there are things you need to consider while you plan to fly with your dog. There are a number of flights and airlines that allow the pets to go with their owners while others simply refuse to do so.

Dogs on Flight

Well if you have found an air service that allows you to travel with your dog then you must need to look for some things before you start your journey. Flying without any information or without being prepared can lead to many problems. The first thing you need to look for is to talk to the travelling agency in order to know the rules that are required for you to fly with the dog.

You Have to Go with the Dog

Dogs are not allowed to travel alone on the plane. You simply can’t let your dog go alone on a trip! The pets are considered as cargo and they are supposed to accompany the owners. Thus if you are thinking about transporting your dog to some other place without you going with him, then you need to reconsider your decision. The dog can only travel by air if you are travelling with him.

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Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed to Fly Alone and What Can You Do About It?

Dogs are not allowed on flights to ensure safety. Anybody might want to smuggle dangerous compounds or stolen goods with the help of dogs thus the dogs are not allowed to travel without owners. If you are really busy to travel with your dog or want him to be transported somewhere then you can hire the professionals for this job too. There are professionals who take responsibility of transporting your pets from one place to other. This not only gives you a real comfort but also allows you to have your dog reach the destination in a safe way.

The Weather Restriction

Other than the above mentioned limitations, there is another restriction that is employed by the air lines for people who travel with dogs. Most pets can get sick really easily due to harsh weather. There are more chances of death due to harsh conditions if the pets are flown anywhere. Thus you cannot make your dog fly through a flight when it’s too cold or really hot. The Fahrenheit temperature, if gets more than 85 can become really dangerous for your dog, thus it prohibits the dog to travel during very hot and cold seasons.

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The Dog’s Vaccination

Another very important thing that the travelling companies need to determine is your dog’s health. If your dog is vaccinated and had his shots taken prior to travelling then he can be taken with you on flight. The flight rules are really strict for the pets getting on board. The rules are strict so the pet should not have rabies and any other problem that can be harmful for anybody else who is on board. Thus if you don’t have your dog vaccinated then you cannot take him to fly with you.

Time Period of Vaccination

The best thing to think through in this condition is to have the dog vaccinated and to take him to a vet so that he gets cleared for all kinds of diseases. What you must remember is that you need to have your dog vaccinated in 60 days before the time of flight. Thus if you had your dog vaccinated 60 days prior the departure date then you will have to take a test again of the dog. This ensures the safety for dog and every other person on the plane.

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Flying in the Cabin for Large Dogs – Not Allowed!

If you are an owner of a pit-bull or a grand Labrador then you will have to take him on the flight through the cargo part of the plane. However, if you have a small dog and you want him to carry in the cabin then you are allowed to do so by some airlines.

Get Your Dog Trained for a Happy Journey

If your dog is not trained in order to go out then he will not be happy to do so. You must train him prior on getting onboard. The dogs which are not comfortable to travel or staying inside the cage will not be amused to go flying with you. You have to train your dog and make him comfortable for a long journey in order to get to your desired place. Otherwise the dog will get frustrated or even angry. This can be really difficult and disturbing on part of the owner and the flight crew as well. Therefore you must ensure that your dog is all set for getting on for a long journey. A well-trained and socialized dog will be easier to move and will happily comply his mater’s demands. Otherwise you will wish that you never had to go anywhere!


Your Dog’s Physical Condition

You will have to take in consideration about the type of dog you have as every dog has a different physical system. Some dogs are more comfortable with changing places and getting in the new environment while others might take time. Some of the dogs might find it difficult to breath on hundreds of feet above ground hence make sure that your pet is cleared by a vet to fly with you. Wrong time and wrong flight can put your dog in danger too. So you must get all the information about your dog and its physical conditions before flying with him.
Therefore if you are planning to take your dog out to fly with you, you can totally go ahead with the plan. You must be prepared beforehand and should take important aspects in consideration before doing so.

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