What are the Seven Most Famous Irish Dog Breeds for You to Choose From?

What are the Seven Most Famous Irish Dog Breeds for You to Choose From?

Dogs are the most loyal and most friendly animals but every dog type is different from other. Some breeds are really huge while others are really tiny. The breed of a dog also determines his mood and personality. Some of the dogs are known to be aggressive and the others are known to be really sporty. Thus you can have any type of dog that you want as your pet. We have here assembled the list of best dog breeds, so you can take help from it when you go to adopt a dog.

Irish Setter

1. The Irish Setter
This is a great breed of dogs. This really pretty breed of dogs is known as one of the most playful and energetic ones. These dogs are actually happy all the time and take very little time in socializing with other people and other dogs. These are the dogs that won’t let you worry about having to give socialization training by the owner. They love to play and will make you have the best time of your life. They have a big physique and have thick fur that makes them look beautiful.

2. Irish Terrier
This dog will be a great addition to your family. It is a medium sized dog. It has a thick fur and body so it can be used as a hunter dog as well. This dog has great protective instincts so it will be in front of you whenever you will face any kind of problem in your daily routine or threat for instance. These are playful and like to spend time with their owners. You will have a great time with them if you will train them properly!


3. Glen of Imaal
If you are one of those who like to have cute and small dogs, then this dog is certainly for you to choose! This cute little thing makes a lovely pet and tends to be the best kind of small dog that you can have as your pet. This breed of dogs loves to play with his owner and wants to be the center of attention. These dogs are really easy to get socialized and you won’t have to worry about their behavior problems.

These dogs are small and friendly however they have great instincts and power. Due to these characteristics they can make great hunting companions for their masters. They are really successful for hunting small foxes, rabbits and other small animals. They are great hunting companions and serve as finest home dogs too!


4. Irish Wolfhound – Another Hunting Companion
If you love hunting or if you are looking for a hunting dog then this can be one of the best bets for you. These dogs are greatly built for hunting experience. Their stamina and energy is the best for having them in long hunting schedules. These dogs are tall enough and lean which makes them great runners. These are the tallest of all Irish dog breeds.
There are stories of some Irish Wolfhounds who were as high as small horses! You might think that due to their physique and hunting nature, these might be an angry breed. However, these dogs are really friendly and loving. They mix up easily with other people and will make your time worthwhile. They are large in size so they need bigger home and a big resting place, but they will surely let you have great time if you will be there for them.

Irish Water Spaniel

5. The Irish Water Spaniel
Everybody loves fluffy dogs, and if you want one then Irish Water Spaniel is a great choice. These dogs are best known for their sporting nature and they tend to be able to take part in many sports. These are best swimmers among many dog breeds as they have a thick curly fur that is water resistant. This characteristic makes them excellent swimmers and thus they can take part in swimming competitions due to this fact as well. They are playful and loving. These dogs are shy of strangers so you cannot make them socialize easily. They tend to have a great time at home and love their owners with all that these precious dogs have.

6. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
This is a small kind of dog with thick fur. These are cute little ones but have the great capability to be farm dogs. These were at first bred to be farm dogs in past. These have a strong physique that makes them viable for hard jobs like running and organizing on the farm. These are great hunters too as they have fine hunting instincts. Overall these dogs are friendly and loving. They can become a great part of family once they start taking comfort from the environment. These are fine watch dogs too!

Kerry Blue Terrier2

7. Kerry Blue Terrier
These dogs are similar to other terrier dogs but are somewhat different due to the color of their fur. They have a dark blue fur with tinted effect. This makes them really good looking dogs. These dogs are really intelligent and can serve as great pets. They can learn many tricks if you train them with patience and great technique. These dogs are very friendly that makes them great companion for play time. They will play with you all the time until you will get tired! They love all the attention that they can get from their owners and other people which make them really friendly.

What to Look for Before Adopting a Dog for Yourself?
Thus if you are looking for a great Irish dog then first you will have to take a look at the requirements you want in your pet. All dogs have different moods and behaviors so you will have to be really careful while choosing one. You will have to consider your environment, your own temperament, your living conditions and the amount of time you can devote to your pet while getting one. Otherwise getting a dog without much consideration and only based on your liking can make you feel miserable and at loss.

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