What are the Seven Mistakes Often Made by Dog Owners?

What are the Seven Mistakes Often Made by Dog Owners?

Dogs are exciting and fun pets. Most of the people like to have dogs as they are the most obedient and friendly pets that one can have. However at times dog owners make some mistakes out of ignorance or neglect that can be really problematic for them.

Here we will discuss these faults and will tell you about their solutions too:

1. Getting the Dog at Wrong Time
You might be influenced by the cute looks and puppy dog eyes of a dog and want to adopt him right away. However before adopting a dog you must see if you are ready to take him. You must also see if you have all the information required to have a pet. A dog in house needs loads of attention and time for proper training. If you do not have proper time or money then you must never have a dog since you are not ready for this. Along with that you must also look for the dog size before getting one as a big dog in a small house will not be comfortable with you.


2. Not Training the Dog
Dogs need to be trained and socialized. It requires a good amount of time on the part of owner along with a lot of attention. Sometimes the dog owners do not try to train their dog as they think that it’s a long procedure and they do not have much time for that. However this can result in a dog without any manners. A dog that is not properly socialized can be rude and inappropriate for social situations, and dangerous at times as well.

3. No Exercise and Training for the Dog
A dog needs a lot of exercise to stay healthy. In order to do so the dog owner has to plan the daily activities of his dog that includes enough exercise for him along with a good amount of training. A dog without any exercise can become sick and bored. The lack of exercise can result in behavior problems on part of the dog. If a dog has enough time to indulge in exercise then he will be happy and energetic for most of the time. The level and extent of exercise depends upon the type of dog that you have. Some breeds need little physical activity and a walk can be enough while others need a good amount of physical activity.

puppy training

4. Not Taking the Dog to a Vet
Dogs badly need their regular checkups at Vets. You might think that your dog is fine but you can never be sure about it. It is essential for a dog owner to take his dog to a Vet for regular checkup at least once in a month. Many dog owners avoid taking their dogs to a vet because it can be difficult for them but skipping a checkup can be deadly for the dog at times too.

5. Avoiding Teeth Cleaning
Dogs need their teeth to be cleaned regularly. It would be ideal if a dog owner will clean his dog’s teeth every day. However in real world this kind of example is not seen in every case. Your dog’s dental health is very much important as neglected dental health can lead to many kidney and heart dysfunctions for him. Thus try to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. If you cannot do it on your own, then you must take the help of professional dental treatments at Vet. You can have your dog cleaned his teeth after every six months at a Vet.

Taking care of dogs2

6. Not Feeding Properly
A dog can face many health issues if he is not fed properly by his owner. Sometimes a dog simply loves to have all kinds of food and the owner generously grants him all he can eat. This can be a really problematic situation at times. You must make sure to feed your dog according to routine. Feeding without a proper routine can lead to stomach problems, behavior problems and weight gain as well.

There are different kinds of dog foods that are available in market. You must research well before buying a particular type of dog food. If that food has all the required nutrients for your dog, only then you must buy it and feed it to him. A food that lacks the required nutrients can result in a malnourished dog. Thus try to balance a dog’s diet when you offer him some kind of food.
Always choose the treats with care. Never go for cheap kind of dog treats as they can be harmful for his health. Along with that always keep its use to minimal as it should ever exceed more than ten percent of the dog’s full meal.

Feeding dog

7. Not Having Enough Money
Having a dog requires a good amount of budget for any owner. Your dog’s daily supplies, health checkups, food and other things can cost a lot. If you do not have enough money with you then you must not have a dog before you can actually afford one. You have to keep money with you to buy the essential supplies. Along with that you might need a dog sitter in case you travel which requires a good amount of money too.

You must always be prepared for a dog emergency as an emergency trip to vet can be costly. Thus having an extra amount of money always helps to take care of situations appropriately.
Therefore having a dog is a fun for sure. However it requires a lot of planning and patience by a dog owner. The dog owner has to be vigilant enough in order to understand his strengths and shortcomings when it is about taking care of a pet dog. You can have a great time with your pet dog if you have everything planned ahead which can be easily done by learning about him as much as you can before adopting a dog.

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