Vaccination and Immunization: What is the Best for Your Dog?

Vaccination and Immunization: What is the Best for Your Dog?

Every dog owner tends to worry about his dog’s health. As we love our pets thus we want to be there for their wellbeing as well. A healthy dog is supposed to stay strong, and is used to live a longer life. However if the dog is not vaccinated he may fall ill in a shorter time and might have to undergo through many series of illnesses. This can be really painful for the dog and really hard on part of the owner. This is the reason to introduce different kinds of immunization and vaccination products to help out your dog. However there is a constant debate about the side effects and the harmful effects that are caused by these treatments available in market as well.

Vaccinations vs Immunizations

What is Wrong with Being Vaccinated?

The vaccinations have been regarded as more of a trouble maker than the treatment option. There have been many studies that show that the immune system of a person or an animal is exposed to more diseases when they are vaccinated.

There have been reports that claim that a few dogs died due to vaccination. However, there are no rules and regulations through which one can claim that the death of his dog was due to vaccination that he received earlier on.

Report on Vaccinations

A report was published in 2005 by John F. Kennedy Jr. in which he stated that there was a meeting that was set up by government officials but it was kept secret. In that meeting various researches and a great amount of data was presented in front of the participants. The participants were not allowed to take any notes. Also they were not allowed to take any of the documents with themselves when they leave. It was really confusing and mysterious about this kind of behavior that was seen in the meeting that had WHO officials as well.

Vaccinations vs Immunizations3

It was revealed in the report that a data of 100,000 children was presented in that meeting who got vaccinated throughout the vaccination campaign. It was also noted that many of the children receiving this vaccine were more vulnerable to develop the symptoms of Autism, mercury being the major part in the vaccination. However these results were not shared with public.

New Studies and Researches

It was seen that CDC asked the researchers to conduct a new study in which the researchers were asked to rule out any kind of relation between mercury and the symptoms of Autism, if present. They conducted a double blind study to test their theory, however, it is said that in actual they might have blinded the researcher and public metaphorically in order to get the desired results. Later on when the research was carried out, the researchers were not provided with the data and findings of the 100,000 children. It was simply said that the data was lost which is absolutely ridiculous as such big data cannot be lost so easily.

It could be seen with all clarity that someone tried to deceive the nation and the researchers so that the truth might not come out. It was also said that Senator Bill received an amount of $873,000 so that he could manage the situation. This kind of money was put in the case in order to make the results according to the desired levels.

Vaccinations vs Immunizations4

Role of Big Pharmaceutical Companies

The huge and famous companies like Big Pharma are the ones that provide vaccinations to the vets. These vaccinations are given to the dogs by vets whenever they visit them. Being so important, the companies still can’t claim the wellbeing of the creature they are injecting this vaccine in. They say that a dog or any other pet can face many problems as the side effects of these vaccines which might be irreversible.

Why is Natural Immunity so Important for Any Living Being?

The natural immunity of any organism is the key that is related to ones wellbeing. Due to the greater vaccination programs, this immunization capability of an organism gets hampered. Because of getting many different kinds of vaccination leaves the actual immune system of the organism is to be challenged. This can also be related to more vulnerability towards diseases and less life span. The body has its own immune and protecting system against the foreign harmful bodies. If an immune system sees some bacterial or viral growth, it has the ability to fight off until its end. The cancer cells that are made in body of a dog are also warded off by his own immune system.

Vaccinations vs Immunizations2

Natural Immunity in Your Dog

The same is the case with your dog. He has the antigens in his body that can keep him healthy and also allow him to fight off any kind of disease. If your dog remains healthy, his immune system will remain healthy too. A healthy system will be able to fight off any kind of disease. But if your dog’s system is not that strong then it will mean that his body will become an active site for the germs or virus that can be activated inside. You can guarantee your dog’s health by providing him more natural substances and fresh food. This goes with all kinds of organisms including dogs.
What Natural Remedies Can You Opt for Your Dog to Stay Healthy?

You can give your dog probiotics like bifidus for maintaining his health. Instead of relying on experimental drugs and vaccines, it is better that you go out with trusted stuff. You have to keep in mind that drug companies come and present their vaccination to the vets in order to cater them for dogs. However they omit the most important information about its side effects. This can be really drastic at times.

The easy way to sought treatment and to keep your dog healthy is to have the homeopathic treatment for your dog. The healthy and one hundred percent natural substances will let your dog live a great and healthy life ahead. These meds ensure complete recovery and greater health without the horrible effects the chemicals can get your dog into.

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