Use Obedience Training to Modify Your Dog’s Bad Habits

Use Obedience Training to Modify Your Dog’s Bad Habits

Dogs are the friendliest and most faithful of animals in the world. For anyone who has ever owned a dog, they know how close you can get to your pet and how they begin to feel like a family member. You can teach your dog many tricks and enjoy showing them off as well! People who own dogs know that as cute as it is to have puppies running around in the beginning. But it can get a little harder if you can’t control them as they start growing up.

Bad Behavior Traits
From puppies to adult dogs, there are a few natural traits that can be thought of as bad behaviors. Many people own dogs that start barking when they see someone new in the home, or when they hear the doorbell or any other sound that they aren’t used to. This can be very annoying, especially in those homes where there are babies. You put your baby down for a nap, they dog starts barking and suddenly your baby is awake, starts crying and you feel like you’re going crazy.

barking dog

Another rather dangerous trait is that some dogs bite. This often depends upon the breed and nature of the dog. Many people believe that dogs with green eyes are biters. This may not really be true, but if your dog bites everyone apart from you and your family, or at least tries to bite or growl at them, you’ll start losing friends. The truth is, pet dogs should be cautious, as technically they think their purpose in life is to protect their owner, but they shouldn’t bite and attack everyone they see.

Another bad behavior treat is jumping at people. Though this may seem very endearing and cute at the beginning, when your dog gets big, and especially large breeds like German Shepherds, can knock you down when they jump up at you, even in affection. Apart from that, it can be really scary and traumatizing for a guest, especially children who may be afraid of dogs.

Other bad behavior traits also include fighting with any other dog they see. Though this can be explained by the concept of territory, it can be a difficult experience at a walk. Howling at the moon can also be an annoying trait, especially when you’re trying to sleep and suddenly are jolted awake!


Why Do Dogs Behave Like That
The truth is, this is the part of their nature and you cannot do anything to stop them from developing initially. Dogs are pack animals and are descended from the majestic wolves, where they get these traits. Now that dogs have been domesticated, they’ve lost a lot of their aggression and frightening bad habits, but there are some that you cannot avoid. Luckily, there are ways that you can use to train your dog, so that his or her behavior becomes better adapted to your lifestyle.

What Is Behavioral Training
To understand behavioral training, first you need to understand behavior of the dogs. Behavior is basically a way that a person or an animal responds to a certain stimulus, including a sound, a physical entity, either living or non-living. This behavior is built in. Behavior modification is the use of exercises and training to change the response of the person or animal to a certain stimulus. Behavioral training uses many of the obedience training techniques and works efficiently to change the behavior of dogs to something that is causing them to display bad behavioral traits.


Common Obedience Training Techniques
There are many obedience training techniques that can be used to modify the behavior of the dogs. These techniques require time and patience, so if you’re planning to do them at home, you need to set aside some time every single day so that you can train your dog regularly. First of all see when your dog exhibits these behavior traits. Maybe the dog gets aggressive and barks more when he needs to go out to the bathroom or get some exercise. If you can modify the behavior by simply taking your dog out for a walk and sitting up for a while, then it becomes easier for you. Other techniques that can be used to train your dog to have better behavior are as follows:


The most common used technique in obedience training and behavior modification is the use of positive reinforcement. In this way, when your puppy does something right, you reinforce the good behavior with verbal praise as well as with a treat. When he doesn’t get a treat for a bad thing, he begins to realize that it is not a good thing and stops doing it. This way, you can train your dog to do good things and make him stay away from bad traits through reinforcing good behavior.


Negative Reinforcement

If your dog is exhibiting bad behavior, you can also use negative reinforcement. This includes yelling at your dog in a loud voice so that it makes him realize that he is doing something wrong. Though simply, you can scare your puppy straight away but this is not as effective as positive reinforcement however, and it should only be used in extreme cases.

Spontaneous Recovery

This is a lesser used technique to get your dog away from bad behavior and on to better behavior. What happens is that if your dog is able to elicit a response from you in the past through a bad behavior, such as a puppy barking to get a response, and he gets it, he may use that behavior again in the future. This is because the dog expects the same response. In spontaneous recovery, what you can do, when your puppy does something like this is to ignore him completely. Eventually, the dog will realize that this behavior cannot help. Negative response doesn’t help this way, however.

These are some simple obedience training techniques to use when training your dog so that you can modify his behavior simultaneously. Remember that your dog is very smart and will pick up on these traits and tricks quickly.

Stay patient and enjoy training your pup!

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