Turn Your Deaf Dog into a Professional Butler by These Guidelines

Turn Your Deaf Dog into a Professional Butler by These Guidelines

It comes out to be very supportive when you train your dogs with the essential training for their positive attitude. You can accomplish this training by using its sense of sight, smell, and hearing most frequently than any other thing. But what if you have a deaf dog and it cannot hear the words or voices that you may produce to interact with it. Does it mean that you will not be able to train your dog if he does not have the sense of hearing? You still can train your dog with all the skills and provide him with proper training without making it realize that it does not have the sensation of hearing.


Communicate with Vibrating Collar

People who possess a deaf dog can give instructions to their dogs by communicating with them with the help of a vibrating collar around their neck. You can send them the signals of your acceptance or denial whenever your deaf dog does something. You can call up the dog with the help of remote control that sends the signal to the vibrating collar around the dog’s neck. In this way, a dog can get to know about the call of its owner and can get to that place even with his deafness.

You can always train the dog by giving it the sensation of the vibration. You can use the guidelines of training a dog to pick up the things from floor. All that you need to utilize is the sensation of the touch instead of the hearing in order to let your dog know about the signals that you want to give him.

Visual Signs Rather Than Words

It is essential for the dog’s training to give it the signals on periodic intervals. In order to train a dog that is deaf, you have to utilize the visual signs instead of words. A deaf dog can get the signals through the visual signs and can respond on basis of these signs that are shown to it. You can make use of visual signs to let the dog know about the guidelines that you want him to learn. In addition to this, you can also give your response to the dog after it accomplishes a task by utilizing the visual signs along with the vibrating collar. In this way, visual signs coupled with the vibrating collar help a lot in training a dog to accomplish different tasks.


Motivation without Sympathy

If you are training your dog with a vibrating collar then you do not need to show him your sympathies. Your dog does not want to feel down and inferior to other dogs. For this, you are required to give the dog with proper motivation instead of showing him the sympathy. Try to come up with some tricks to make your dog feel that it can be a leader even with this deafness. It can do any sort of work that other dogs can do. Only the difference in it and others is that it cannot respond to the hearing stimulus. This difference can be eliminated by putting a vibrating collar around the neck of the dog. And by doing so, you make this dog equal to the other normal dogs that can do anything that you train them for.

Commitment and Patience from You

If you want to train your dog in spite of its deafness, then you are the one who has the courage to give your dog a new life. However, you have to be very patient and committed in this regard as it can be a bit long process and may take a little more time than what a normal dog takes. You may sometimes lose your temper or quit training your dog but it would be of no use. You just have to be patient and committed towards the training of your dog in order to make it properly trained specie that can manage many of your household chores. Once you train it with full patience and stability, you can make your deaf dog even a butler for you. In this way, you can make the best use of your deaf dog and can even make your relationship much friendly with it.


Variety of Collars in Market

There are being made available many different kinds of collars in the market that you can buy to train your deaf dog. Each dog has its own sensitivity to the stimulus of touch. So, first of all, you will have to find the level of sensitivity of your dog. There are very little chances that a dog gets aggressive due to the vibrations around its neck. You can check out the sensitivity of the dog and can then purchase a collar from the market. There are different sizes and shapes of the collars for the dogs depending upon their species. You can get a collar that fits the best for your dog.

Characteristics of an Ideal Collar for Your Dog


Following are the characteristics of the collar that must be in the collar of your dog:
It must have a long range for your ease.
It should be waterproof so as to avoid any inconvenience later on.
It should be smart in size and weight as large sized or weighty collars may cause disturbance to the dogs.
It must have the option of making a tone as well. This will help in locating your dog. Moreover, it should have the option of customizing the vibration intensity.
It should be inexpensive so as to minimize the chances of great losses.
It should have a long battery time.

By getting the best collar for your dog, you can train the dog and can make it react just like the other dogs do. Instead of showing your sympathies to your deaf dog, you can enhance the motivation in it and can make it live in much better way. These guidelines can not only improvise the life of your dog, but also can increase the comfort level for you with your dog.

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