Train Your Puppy Not to Poop Around

Train Your Puppy Not to Poop Around

If you are ready to take a bit of a trouble and time to train your puppy then it is not a difficult task to set a good toilet routine for your puppy. One of the most important things that you need to keep in your mind before starting to toilet train your puppy is to note his routine of urination. Normally puppies urinate soon after they wake up and few minutes after they eat. Also, puppies need to urinate once in an hour or two as they have almost no control over their bladder. One thing that you must keep in mind if you are a puppy owner is that puppies urinate spontaneously whenever they feel thrill and excitement. So if you have an active puppy who loves to play and jump around, make sure that you take him out frequently while playing. Digestive system of puppies is simulated soon after they eat something, so you must keep this in your mind that your puppy will feel the need of defecating in an hour after meal. As a first step of toilet training your puppy, you need to note down the timing details of your puppy’s urination, defecation, sleeping and eating.


How Do I Give My Puppy Toilet Training at Home?

Puppies are living creatures and they have to eliminate no matter if you like it or not. It becomes very irritating for the puppy owners when their puppies do no understand where they should create a mess. So if you don’t want your puppies to poop where they want to poop then you must teach them the right way and place to eliminate. This is not something impossible. In fact if you are really interested to teach your puppy the right way and place of creating a mess, then you find this entire process of teaching and training very interesting and exciting.

Using Command or Code Word

The very first step to begin the toilet training of your puppy is to make him learn to associate a word with going to excrete. You can use anything form “pee pee” to “out” or anything you like. It is suggested to use a single syllable word so that it’s easy for you to say and for your puppy to understand. Start taking your dog out to the spot where you want him to pee as you utter your code word. This will make your dog associate the word to the place where he has to excrete. Once your puppy excretes at the right spot, you need to encourage him a lot with some appreciating words. Repeat this practice until you know that your dog has learnt the connection between the code word and excreting.

Train Your Puppy to Excrete on Paper

Paper training of puppies can be very useful for small breeds or puppies in the very young age. Whenever your puppy excretes on the paper appreciate him a lot and when he does not, don’t scold him. One of the very common mistakes that most of the puppy owners do is to appreciate their puppies by giving them a food treat. Don’t get into this habit because your puppy needs to excrete at least 12 times a day and if you keep giving him food treats it might raise the problem of over feeding. Once your puppy start learning to excrete on the paper, begin moving the paper out side towards the door and then finally in the garden or yard.

What to Do if the Puppy Create Mess Inside?

During the training if your puppy creates a mess inside the room, never show anger. Clean the floor to remove the odor because if the odor stayed there then your puppy will again excrete at that particular spot.

Follow a Routine

One of the most important parts of puppy training is to give him a proper toilet training. Toilet training will not only take you out of the irritating task of cleaning the areas inside your room but will also strengthen your relation with the puppy. Toilet training can only be useful if you follow a proper routine. Continue with the training until you are completely satisfied with the performance of your pet.

Reasons for UNSMOOTH Toilet Training

There are a number of reasons for toilet training not to go smooth and easy. Following are some of the most common mistakes that puppy owners do to make their training process become a challenging one.

1.Overfeeding is one of the most common reasons of unsmooth toilet training. Make sure you don’t give your puppy food treats and take care of his diet so that he may not eat more then what is actually required.

2.Learn about all the food items that are suitable for the dog of the age you are having. Avoid feeding your dog with unsuitable food items.

3.Timing of the feed is also very important. If you feed your dog late at night you will have to make arrangements for his over night defecation also. So make sure that you feed your dog at appropriate time so that you could manage taking him out to the bath room spot.

4.Most of the people use ammonia based cleaning compounds to clean the mess created by their pets inside the house. These compounds smell similar to urine. Using such compounds will make your pet urine at the same place again. So it’s recommended to remove the odor from the place where your pet has excreted.

5.If you are expecting your dog to tell you that the right time has come to take him out, remember that it is never going to happen. It is your own responsibility to take your dog outside after regular intervals for excretion.

So you can give your dog a perfect toilet training by following the above mentioned steps. Training always begins at home. Make sure that you have the relation of friendship and respect with your dog so that it becomes easy for him to obey your commands.

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