Train Your Little Puppy to Be Your Favorite Dog

Train Your Little Puppy to Be Your Favorite Dog

Puppies are adorable little creatures. Everyone loves them because they are so cute. They tend to melt away the heart of any one with their little antics. They can be a real source of comfort and happiness too. That is the reason that many dog lovers tend to have puppies as their pets. Having a dog at a younger age can be really helpful as it becomes more attached to the owner and also takes in the home environment easily than the older dogs.

Best Age for Training

As we know that training the older dogs is very essential same is the case with little dogs. You must train your puppies after a certain age that is after 4 to 6 months of age. This is the age that will help the puppy to grow in the right way. A little dog is more vulnerable to change the habits and has greater adaptive skills. So a little dog will be able to learn each and every habit that you will want him to have. Little puppies are just like children they tend to mold in the way you want them to be.

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Many people think that a puppy needs loads of toys and a great environment with finest dog food to have a great start, however along with these things a puppy needs a careful master who can train him to perfection. A puppy should be trained from the start so that you don’t have to waste your time in unlearning and learning of newer tricks when he grows older.

There are so many things and training that you can start with your puppy such as:

Giving a Sense of Leadership

The sense of leadership is very much important in puppies. Your puppy must know that you are the one who is in charge and leader of the place. He must see a pack leader in your personality. When he starts seeing a pack leader in you then he will follow your every command despite of any situation. For that purpose you are supposed to give confidence and show your domination at times around the puppy.

Getting Out of House

Train your puppy to stay out of your house for some time. This gives a dog a free time for his own. This is very much important for future visits as you are supposed to take him out side. If the puppy stays too much inside the house, he can become shy or grow out to be a dog with separation anxiety! Give time to your puppy in order to feel secure and familiar with the surrounding and then praise him for staying out for a while. You can allow the puppy to have its favorite snack or favorite food in reward.

playing puppy

Walking the Dog Out

Dog walking can take a lot of time for training in some cases. It is regarded as one of the most difficult dog training that can make you feel irritated at times too. You can effectively practice dog walking with your dog by training him from a very young age. A dog should be aware of the fact that you are the pack leader so you must lead him when you go for a walk. Going out and coming back towards home should be led by you so that he acknowledges that you are the dominant one over here. When you will start this kind of training with your dog in the initial age he will be more likely to remember this training for the entire life. Implement a proper routine for walking your puppy so that he knows about the proper routine that he is supposed to follow.

Visit to Vets

Visit to a vet can sometimes be a real pain for you when your dog doesn’t want to cooperate with you. It is seen that sometimes people fear the time when they have to take their dogs to the vet. Most likely a very destructive or anxious behavior a dog can show. This can be prevented when the trainer has trained the dog in younger age to visit the vet. Take your puppy to the vet and try to be with him. Don’t let the puppy to be very clingy towards you during the visit. Give the dog some kind of reward after the successful visit. Taking your dog for regular visits at the veterinary doctor is very much essential for his good health.

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Potty Training

Training your dog to have effective potty training is very much important too. Reward your dog when he eliminates at the desired place. Accusing or getting angry with the dog when he eliminates the non-desired place won’t help it. Keep up with the schedule of eliminations made by your dog. So that you know when can you expect your puppy to have a bathroom break! Always train the dog to eliminate at the fixated spot early in the morning so he conditions himself while excreting at that place.

Obeying Commands

Getting the dog to obey your commands is very much important too. If you train him to follow your commands from an early age then you can actually make him learn many fun tricks too. The dog should be given commands by the owner in a disciplined way. The best way to strengthen a command is to give a reward each time your puppy obeys your command. You can do it by praising, rubbing the back of puppy, giving him his favorite toy or letting him play with you.

Thus there are many reasons for which you must opt for training your little dog. It might seem intense at times. However, the experts tend to have the opinion that dog training at an early age leads to better dog behaviors and greater domestication. You just have to be a bit organized and enough patience for your little dog. In the end it will pay you off brilliantly for sure. By the end, a well trained puppy is going to be your favorite dog.

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