How to Train Your Dog to be an Obedient Pet?

How to Train Your Dog to be an Obedient Pet?

Everyone who has a pet at home wants it to be an obedient one. As people tend to do a lot of hard work with their pets, they expect the pet to abide them as well? The obedience is very much important when you talk about training a dog. A disobedient dog can make you look like a fool in front of others if you do not train him well. So if you want to spare yourself from the humiliation of a disobedient dog, you must have to train your dog in order to be an obedient one.

Meeting the Demands Every Time

If you start giving everything according to the demands made by your dog every time he wants then you will never be able to make him a disciplined pet. You must have to learn to say NO to the demands made by your dog. If your dog begs you for food, you must consider the begging at the time of scheduled meal only. Remember that off and on feeding can put the dog out of schedule. Give him his favorite snack at the time when he acts in accordance with what you desire. This is how you can manipulate his behavior to increase the level of his obedience.


Learning Your Dog’s Body Language

There are many thing that you can observe and keep in mind before you start the obedience training of your dog. You must always remember that your dog has his own mood swings and emotions as well. You can find yourself talking to a rock if your dog simply doesn’t want to listen to you due to his mood. You can take a good look at your dog’s body language to look for the cues about the times when the dog will seem most obedient towards your commands.

Thus the obedience of your dog depends upon his mood most of the time. You can take a look at the certain type of body postures to learn the time which is best to train him.

Angry or Fearful Posture

This posture is the most difficult to handle. You must expect minimal obedience while your dog is angry. You will see that your dog will try to look taller by standing tall. He will show his teeth and will show his claw by thrusting them forwards as well. This means that the dog is afraid of something and is in the defensive mode. You won’t be able to teach him at that time. You must ignore your dog at that time as further interaction can him to attack on you or someone else.

aggressive dog

Playful Posture

When your dog is happy, he will do your bidding to the optimum level. You will see that when your doggy is happy and in playful mood he will show clear signs of it as well. You will see that the tail of your dog is swinging continuously, you will also see him hopping on his paws, he will be seen jumping and excitement will be evident from his body. The eyes will shine with enthusiasm and this would be a great time to pair up a playing activity with an exercise of obedience. Praise the dog on each successful bidding experience. This will surely enhance confidence and obedience both in your dog.

Pairing Obedience with Reward

It is the first rule of classical conditioning to pair up a reward with the desired behavior. This was invented by Petrovich Pavlov while working with dogs so who are we to deny this concept? Just pair up the desired behavior of your dog with the reward you think that is meaningful for your dog. You can pair it with the favorite biscuit or sweet that is liked by your dog on every time he shows obedience. One thing that is very important while training your dog to be obedient is to reinforce every time he shows obedience. If the reward is not regular, then the dog will not be able to do your bidding whenever you want. Also try to show your dominance at times by towering over him so that he gets to know about the power of authority between you too. Ignore the dog when he is being messy or non-obedient. Try giving him some space too, getting cuddlier with the dog can give rise to clingy behavior. This can at times result in stubbornness shown by the dogs too.

cute dog

Try Making an Obedience Schedule

The best thing that you can do to ensure obedience training is to train them through a proper schedule. A dog with the proper schedule and a smaller training session will be able to perform well. If you train the dog too hard there won’t be much effect. Getting loads of commands for longer times can make it sound ordinary and the commands might lose their importance as well. You can give proper breaks in the training sessions to ensure obedience at times too. Never forget to offer the reward whenever you have a successful training session.


Thus different breeds of dogs work differently but the thing that is must for all of them is obedience. If a dog is obedient towards his owner then he will be a great pet at your home. The disobedient dog can be a big problem for the entire family. A disobedient dog can be messy and a trouble maker. So training your dog to be obedient is the first thing that you need to practice with him. Everything else comes after obedience as once your dog is an obedient lad he will be able to follow your every command. Thus finding the best resources to train your dog and to consult the dog behaviorists can help you in achieving the desired goal. Along with that your own observation and hard work will be enough to pay you off well in the end in the form of a great pet.

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