Top 10 Dogs, Do You Know Them?

Top 10 Dogs, Do You Know Them?



As pet owners, we love to dress and groom our furry companions, not to mention share pictures of them with anyone willing to look. Yet, it seems that some canines are simply destined for fame and possibly even fortune. With the explosion of social media, sharing pictures and videos of our favorite pets has become as easy as pushing a button, and consequently those buttons are being pushed a lot.

Here are 10 of the most famous dogs on the internet today:



Menswear Dog

This native New Yorker may be one of the most stylish pooches there has ever been. Known by his close friends as Bodhi, Menswear Dog is a 5 year old Shiba Inu who began his fashion career when his owners decided to dress him in human clothes. Since then, this suave canine has done features for GQ, Victorinox and many more.

While Bodhi is building a reputable portfolio that could put many humans to shame, he is also building quite the following on social media with over 163k Instagram followers, over 102k Facebook Likes and over 5k Twitter followers.





This adorable pooch may be one of the most famous dogs in the world. Why? Because he is owned by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Born on January 10, 2011 in Grants Pass, OR, Beast is a Puli which is a breed of Hungarian Sheepdog.

He now lives in Palo Alto with his humans and enjoys eating, cuddling, loving and herding things. He has also become a Facebook sensation with over 2,051,783 Likes and a set of his own stickers for Facebook users to use.




Minnie & Max

Famous for their head-tilting antics, these 2 have amassed more than 700k followers on Facebook. They have also been featured on a number of famous talk shows, including: Good Morning America, Regis & Kelly, Ellen and the Tonight Show.



Manny the Frenchie

Born in 2011, this French Bulldog has become quite the sensation. With his own personal line of fashion apparel and an extraordinary fan base, this purebred has not let his exuberant personality become tainted by egotism. Despite his many public engagements, Manny continues to take pleasure in the little things, with his favorite activities including: eating bacon, riding in cars, walking, playing with his siblings, taking pictures, going to the dog park, sleeping and playing soccer with ice cubes.

With his very own website and more than 656,271 Facebook Likes, Many has become an internet sensation with 617k Instagram followers. However, this little philanthropist still takes the most joy in giving to others and helping other animals through his charity work.




Jesse the Jack Russell

With more tricks than nearly any other dog, Jesse has become an internet sensation for his pension to help his favorite human out around the house. With his video “Useful Dog Tricks” becoming a viral sensation, this little canine star is bound for great things. Thanks to his multitalented antics, Jesse has been featured in numerous ads, TV shows and even movies. However, despite his newfound fame, Jesse still enjoys the simple pleasures in life. His favorite activities include: walking, digging and exploring the world around him.




Jiff the Pomeranian

This fuzzy little bundle of joy is definitely one of the cutest canine models in the world today. Aside from his stunningly adorable looks, Jiff has real talent and has proven it by setting 2 world records – One for the fastest 10 meters on hind legs and one for the fastest 5 meters on front paws. Jiff’s Facebook page boasts more than 1.3 million fans and he has even been featured in a Covergirl commercial.





Another famous Pom, named Boo, has taken the world by storm with his furry cuteness. Earning the label of the World’s Cutest Dog, this little pup is one of the only dogs ever to have their very own action figure. The little Boo looks so much like a stuffed animal that they had a stuffed animal made in his image. Boo is definitely making waves in the internet world with over 15 million Facebook fans to boast of.






Mishka, who is more commonly known as ‘the talking husky,’ took the internet by storm as a video of her saying, “I Love You” went viral on YouTube overnight. Mishka’s videos now have over 420 million views and her YouTube channel over 600k subscribers. This beautiful husky has a wonderful vocabulary consisting of “Welcome”, “I love you”, and “Hello.” It is hardly surprising to find that she is her owners’ pride and joy.





At first glance, you would never be able to tell that this happy and confident “Chiweenie” was once dumped off, like many unwanted pets, on the streets. While Tuna may have a severe overbite, he is no longer lacking in love, family and friends. After being rescued, Tuna’s foster mom Courtney fell in love and wanted to share their love with the world. Through Instagram, the world was introduced to Tuna (and like Courtney) they fell in love. Tuna is now happy, confident and well loved by thousands of Instagram followers.





This inspiring German Shepard lived to be over 20 years old. A feat that surely would have been impossible without the extraordinary love of his owner, John Unger. Unger adopted Schoep at 8 months old and the two were inseparable until Schoep’s passing. As Schoep grew older, he developed severe arthritis and Unger would routinely take him swimming to ease the pain of mobility. Pictures of the pair went viral as their story became known. While Shoep is now in doggy heaven, his story lives on through the internet and continues to inspire people around the world.


While most dog owners love and adore their pets, some canines just seem to radiate ‘Superstar.’ Thanks to the internet and social media, dog owners worldwide can share their love of their pets. Feeling frisky? Post a few pics of your pup on Facebook, or better yet, create a page for them!



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