Tips to Overcome Issues You May Encounter While Training Your Pooch

Tips to Overcome Issues You May Encounter While Training Your Pooch

Training your dog is pretty tiring job. Some people might actually not be convinced on the idea of training their own dog that is why they take the services of dog trainers. However you can successfully train your dog to the optimum level while introducing proper tips to overcome training problems. The issues while training the dogs can be faced by many owners and can actually turn them off from the task at times. However if you know the tips to help you get through training your doggy then you can easily teach him the way you want. Training dogs require some patience and a little hard work. You are good to go if you are mentally ready to do this and for that you have to stay very motivated. Here you will learn about the common training problems faced by dogs and the tips through which you can overcome such issues:


Getting the Dog to Listen to You

Getting your dog listen, can be a really tiring practice if your dog isn’t taking your commands and seems that he does not hear you at all. You can spend hours while calling your dog by his name and he would act as if you are talking to a rock! This is the procedure that frustrates a lot of dog owners. So what you can do if your dog doesn’t show any interest? Well the answer is pretty simple!

Some of the very famous dog trainers have provided you with the solution to this problem. You must train the dog in a way that he listens and follows you instead of making you follow him.

Pair a Command with a Favorable Activity

Never go and serve the meal to your dog rather stay with his much loved meal at a distance. Command your dog “Come!” and he will do as he will like to get the meal. If you will use the command to make him walk and get the meal, he will get conditioned to respond to your command. More likely he is supposed to come towards you for sure. Thus pairing a simple command with the favorable activity can result in giving you the desired outcome. This is the way to make your dog understand the meaning of any command and you won’t have to chant away your lungs while calling him. Always encourage your dog by offering some surprise treat when he follows the command. You can mix the treat with commands and take it to the higher level by adding some exercises.


Staying Away from Non-Family Members

At times your dog might evoke fear among the visitors at your home. In that case you are supposed to keep your dog within the limits. Otherwise people might start running away from your clingy dog! So try to keep your dog away from guests and make your life easier with your pup. The easy solution to handle this situation is to train your dog in order to sit at a place once you order him. Command the dog to sit at a place by saying “sit” and reinforce it in the presence of a guest. Certainly during the early days of practice you will have to offer him a treat perhaps for every command.

Anxiety at the Time of Separation

You might find it really hard to take your dog for its regular checkup. You might feel that this is more difficult than taking a kid to a school for the first time. If you won’t train your dog to stay alone for a little time or won’t take out regularly it will surely develop symptoms of separation anxiety. This can be really disturbing for the owner. The dog with this problem will always want to be with his owner no matter what. Taking the dog to a vet to have a medical check-up can prove to be nothing less than fighting a sumo in the ring. The dog will try everything for not going to the vet. You can avoid this problem by keeping cuddling and clingy behavior of the dog to minimal. Train the dog to be alone for some time. Give him free time to play in the yard alone and he should be offered his own space! This is how he will learn to stay and play alone without any fear.


You can sooth the dog after un-wanted experience by offering a reward like his favorite biscuits or taking him to the park for a favorite game. Praise the dog and offer his favorite meal when he behaves well and maintain this practice so you do not face any behavior problems for separation.

Walking with the Leash

Walking the dog with the leash gives creeps to some people so they tend to hire dog walkers for that purpose. The problem that one can face while taking the dog for walk is to have a difference of opinion and the sense of domination in the dog. You can find your dog trying to pull on the leash as he might not have the idea of the way you are taking him to. To overcome this fight of dominance you can help your dog explore the neighborhood on his own on a steady pace. This will let him get an understanding of the surroundings and he will not be fearful from new things. Other than that you can pull the leash with confidence but steady pace so that the dog can walk in a joyful manner.


Thus training dogs can be a real hardship at times but it can be really fun and easy if you handle the problems with wit. You just need to be a little patient while dealing with your dog. As a result you can have the most obedient and decent dog that can surely make you a proud owner. If you have enough time and patience to teach your dog then it is much better to train him on your own.

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