The Most Undesired Activities for Your Dog

The Most Undesired Activities for Your Dog

We all love dogs and spend most of our time with them. However, certain human things we normally do that our dogs don’t tolerate and irritate them. We should know what a dog like or dislike for keeping them happy with you. Most of people do weird things when they take a dog to the park. Whether it’s related to dressing up a dog, taking him outside the home and feeding him with his favorite food.

Some of the things your dog doesn’t want you to do:

dog bath

Dog Baths
This is something the majority of the dogs don’t expect from their owners. You might think that your dog needs a daily bath or shower, but it might make your dog irritated the way you use to bath your dog. However, most of the dogs don’t get irritated with the bath, if you give him a comfortable bathing. Some canine breeds like terriers are extremely horrible from the water and treating your dog carefully will help you to relieve a dog.

Putting Limitations for Dog in Park
If it is the first time you are taking a dog to the park, you should expect bewildering behavior of a dog. He doesn’t know what to do and where to go in a park. You should define the limits for your dog so that he acts accordingly and doesn’t create unnecessary mess inside the park. However, if a dog is doing something wrong tolerate with the behavior as this is the very sensitive time in such environment.

Leaving Them Alone
Dogs like to have fun and excitement and they get bored in a situation where you leave them alone. If you leave them alone, it will create anxiety and boredom for your dog. Loneliness can lead to the separation anxiety and will lead to strange behavior of your dog. The dog anxiety will lead towards scratching couch and trashing around the home. So, never leave your dog alone for the long period of time and give him proper time and counseling your dog.


Dressing-up the Dog
The majority of dog owners love to dress up their dog with fancy clothing and costumes. It’s totally ridiculous behavior with your dogs and they never like to be squeezed in clothes. Apart from it dogs do not feel comfortable while they are dressed up. The dressing up dogs and stuffing them with the pointless costumes becomes intolerable for them. The dressing up a dog jeopardizes his movements and it will restrict his vision as well. So, the dog can behave terribly in the dress and can tear off the costume as a reaction.

Yelling On Dogs
No dog likes to be treated like a kid and it doesn’t put good impact on your dog. People use to yell at their dogs due to dog’s specific behavior or restricting them for doing anything wrong. This rude behavior will ruin the mood of your dog and will result in aggressive behavior. The high pitch of your sound will scare your dog and it will not work positively in any way for him. You can either use non-verbal communication techniques to train your dog for obedience.

Yelling on Dog 1

Sharing Toys
If you have more than one dog at your home and all of them like to play with the balls all the day, then bring a separate ball for each dog. Actually some dogs don’t tolerate to share their toys due to the possessive behavior with anyone. So, if you can’t manage separate toys for each dog, then you should place them aside.

Give Hugs To Your Dogs
Hugging a dog too much is not appreciated by most of the dog breeds but a few breeds of dogs can tolerate hugs frequent. Some people have the habits to hug their dogs too much. You can observe the behavior of your dog at the time you hug him. If it shows discomfort, then never hug to your dog and just use your hands for cuddling up your dog to make him relaxed and cool. Most of the dog experts discourage hugging your dog frequently as it can lead to dissatisfaction among the dogs.

Using the Leash for Your Dog

The majority of dog owners think that their dog is comfortable with the leash and it is best to restrict a dog. But unfortunately the leashes get messed up with each other and it gets your dog in trouble. Put off the leash and let your dog roam freely around the home. Dogs are playful creatures so don’t confine them in one place, especially when you take them to the park.

Pulling Leash Hard on Dog

Monitoring Your Closely
Make sure whenever you take your dog in the park, pay attention on each and every activity of your dog. If you get busy in playing your favorite games or talking to your girlfriend, then your dog gets into trouble by creating a mess around in the park. So always keep your dog within your hand’s reach so that you can monitor all the activities of your dog. Though dogs never like to be monitored at all.

Dogs Don’t Like to Be Restricted
Even, human gets bored when they get engaged in the same routine over and over. The same happens to dogs as well when you retain them inside the home for the long period of time. Dogs get delighted outside the home and want to explore new things every day. They smell different things around, roam here and there and amazed by the number of things outside the home. So give your dog exposure to outside world that is necessary for the leisure of your dog.

All these aspects should be kept in mind by the dog owners in order to make their pets delighted and happy. But remember, nature of the dog varies from one breed to another so you must be good at knwing the breed of your dog. This is the best way to know what your dog likes and what he doesn’t like at all.

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