The Most Significant Laws about the Dogs in United States

The Most Significant Laws about the Dogs in United States

Looking to know about the laws of dogs in the United States? Yes, you come at right place because here in this article we are going to discuss some useful and prominent laws for dogs that a dog owner must know before owning a dog. As we all know dogs have a prominent place in society especially, due to this there are different laws in this regard. In reality, these laws are more of human protection laws as compared to laws of dogs. Such laws are responsible for providing protection and security to human beings against any harm. Same like any other property’s form in legal system, dogs are regulated to safety, welfare and health of the people. For having such protection and security, there are several laws about the dogs in the United States. The authority of the United States allows its state for the making of laws in order to deal with the well being of citizens of the United States. In United States, local authorities are considered responsible for the dog’s control.

Dogs Laws

Laws for the Dog Owners

• Must Have Dog License

The very first and most important rule about the dog is having a licensed dog. If you are living in the United States and want to own your own dog then you must have a licensed dog. For this purpose you have to get a license for your dog. In order to have this dog license, your age must be 16 years or more. You must have age of more than 16 years and the age of your dog must be over 4 months. For those puppies or canines that are less than 4 months age and are living with their mothers do not need to have any kind of license. They need license only when they leave their mothers. For this purpose there are different official wardens in the United States who are responsible for checking such dog license. If any of the dog owners do not have this license then he or she will have to pay a heavy fine at the spot. If the dog owner is not able to pay that fixed amount of fine for more than a specific time period then this can easily lead the owner in prosecution by the United State’s local authorities. After having the license, try to keep your pooch in control so that it could not harm any stranger outside the house. There is no need for a blind dog owner to have a license. There are two main types of dog’s licenses that are standard annual license and general dog license. License of the first category is issued by post offices. On the other hand local authorities issue the general dog license for more than two dogs.


• Identification of the Dog

The second most important rule about the dogs in the United States is the identification of dogs. If you want to own a dog then your dog must wear a specific kind of dress or collar. Such a dress or collar should identify the name or address of the owner. If you do not bother this rule then you will have to pay a fine at the spot that is issued by the local dog warden. For this purpose you can also go for a microchip. Yes, you read right! You can surely insert a microchip in your canine.

• Control of Stray Dogs

Stray dogs are those dogs that are considered to be not in proper control. Such dogs can also be found in the public place without any assistance. If your dog is found without your proper control or influence on it then you will have to pay a fine.

Stray Dogs

• Must Follow the Instructions by Dog Wardens

Before owning a dog, keep one thing in mind that you must have to follow the instruction given by dog warden in case of any offence. Dog wardens are considered to have the power to request the address or name of the person who owns any particular dog. If any of the owner use to abstruct the dog warden then he or she will be arrested by the authorities.

• Bye-Laws are Also Important

There are some other laws that are introduced by the authorities. These laws are known as Bye Laws and indicate those locations where canines are kept on a leash. Citizens of the United States are informed about this kind of law by the local authority. Heavy fines are the result of breaches of these laws.

Dogs Laws4

• Dog Waste is Not Acceptable

Another law in this regard is about dog waste. According to this law your dog is not allowed to foul any public place. If it happens, then it will be the duty of that dog’s owner to clean that particular place in order to get rid of dog waste. One can also complain about this situation to the District Court of the U.S.

• Barking Dogs to Be Controlled

Excessive barking of the dog is a very serious cause of noise in the environment. If your dog barks too much then you must try to solve this problem. According to many owners, this is not that much serious problem but this also comes under the heading of laws of dogs in the United States. So keep in mind this rule too.

Guard Dogs

• Guard Dogs

There are some rules for guard dogs as well. Such dogs are used at any kind of non residential business. You should not let your dog free in order to roam freely. Try to display a prominent and clearly visible notice at the entrance on the premises to inform the public about guard dog. Such a dog must have a special collar wear and the address and name of the owner should be displayed on that collar. You can also go for electronic implant. With the help of such an implant your dog will be identified by a permanent mark.

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