The Most Loving Dogs are Those Who Don’t Bite Anyone

The Most Loving Dogs are Those Who Don’t Bite Anyone

Dog biting is a normal behavior of dogs. They just need some training or tricks in order to develop bite inhibition. Litter mates are the figures from whom dogs learn about not to bite. There are almost ten to fifteen million people around the globe who are bitten by their dogs or of someone else’s. Normally children are the most common victims of dog biting. They are victimized because they are too small and even have no idea how to act near a dog. We train our children in this regard but training of a dog is also an important matter. You can train a dog by knowing the reasons of biting and then preventing him from this habit.

If you really want to make your dog act like your best pet in the presence of your guests, then you may have to spend some time with him. Train him well and make him understand that biting does not help at all rather it can be dangerous for him.


Few helpful tricks to stop your dog from biting are as follows:

Don’t Panic When Your Dog is Playing with You

Don’t worry if your dog bites gently because according to many researches and surveys, many dogs take our hand in their mouth just to play. What we do is that we become panic and start behaving in an aggressive way. This can cause the dog to bite your hand because dog is not able to interpret your reaction. So don’t panic when your dog is playing with you. Being panic does not make your dog understand that what exactly you want him to do.

Ignore Your Dog When He Bites

If your dog bites too much then focus on consistency. Whenever dog bites, you should say a big NO in a harsh and strong voice. After that walk away and try to ignore the dog. Repeat this whenever your dog bites. Due to this your dog will understand that biting is not the desired action and you really dislike him when he bites anyone. Make sure, you must not be so harsh that can irritate your dog too and it is a fact that irritated dogs bite more. Therefore you have to do this exercise in a very nice way and keep encouraging him when he does not bite in case you stop him from biting.


Try Tummy Tickles

Tummy tickles can aid to stop a dog from biting. When your dog bites you or someone else, you should stroke your dog calmly and gently. One thing to keep in mind is that try to keep your hand away from your dog’s face especially from mouth. It will surely distract your dog’s attention from biting. However, don’t make it too intense that can annoy the dog. In case you do it in a harsh way that makes him aggressive, it can be really troublesome for you in near future. In other words, you are spoiling your dog instead of making him leave the bad habit of biting.

Don’t Rough Play

You should stop rough play with the dog that is more inclined to bite people. Due to rough play, biting behavior will become stronger in his/her mind.

Use a Water Spray Bottle

You should keep a water spray bottle with you when you are close to your dog. If he/she tries to bite you then just startle the dog by spraying water on dog’s face. This will also help a lot to prevent the dog from biting. However, you need to remember that it can upset your dog as well so you are the owner and you have to decide whether this trick will work with your dog or not. If your dog is not already trained and tamed well, then better not to try this trick as it can be harmful for you as well.

water spay bottle for dog biting

Praise Your Dog for Not Biting

You should praise the good behavior of your dog with cuddles and gentle love. You can also give him some tasty treats that will be an acknowledgement for the dog that he stops biting on your command.

Never Stop Playing with Your Dog

You should play and exercise with your dog because this can cause to change dog’s behavior. Don’t punish your dog by stop playing with him because it can lead him to be a bad dog. Either he might encounter some mental or physical health issue or he might be turned into an aggressive dog.

Don’t Try Tug of War or Wresting with Your Dog

You should try to avoid different aggressive games like tug of war and wrestling rather learn to play with him some friendly games. Fun activities and games will evoke the friendly nature of the dog and by the end of the day you are going to enjoy the company of a well mannered dog.

socialize dog

Socialize Your Dog Before He Roams Around Alone

Try to not allow the dog to roam freely unless he is socialized and domesticated enough to walk alone. Spend time to socialize your dog and let him see and interact with other dogs and people but keep him under control so he may not harm anyone. If you don’t have free time to train your dog then hiring an authorized dog-trainer is not a bad idea. Just make sure that you hire the right person to do this job.

Above mentioned tips are the proven tricks to make your dog stop biting. If you have tried all these tips and tricks but still your dog behaves the same way, then there must be some particular reason for his odd behavior. In this case, you are suggested to take your dog to some accredited dog-psychologist and make sure that your dog does not have any mental ailment. The psychologist can suggest you the most appropriate solution and he/she will be in a better position to tell whether you must keep this dog or send him to animal shelter.

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