The Breed of Your Dog Should Help You to Decide How Often He Should Be Dunked

The Breed of Your Dog Should Help You to Decide How Often He Should Be Dunked

Pets are creatures that are part of your family and household. And if it is an animal that is as loved as a dog, he is just like another member of the family. He sits where you sit, eats where you take your meal and loves to sleep where you spend your night. But the downside to this is that, besides being lovely and cozy creature, it is the fact that most dogs often enjoy getting dirty and staying grimy. This cannot be allowed to happen if you want to keep your dog around you. Who would want a smelly and stinky dog that has rolled in God-Knows-what while playing and has handled what not with his paws? Depending upon the breed of your dog, you have to be very careful about the cleanliness and hygiene of your dog.

How often you should bathe your dog, depends on the breed of the dog. Every breed has a different kind of coat, with every breed’s hair carrying different texture. Much like the hair of humans, dog hair may also be dry, oily and normal; depending on the breed of your dog. The breed of your dog also decides how much dirt and dust is retained and encrusted in/on the coat.

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Understanding the Skin and Fur of Your Dog
Before you schedule the bath times of your dog, you have to determine what kind of skin your dog’s breed has. There are some dogs with oily coat such as the basset hound, while others may have a water repellant coat like the Labrador. Some dogs have thick hair in two or three layers, for example the Malamutes and others are short haired breeds such as the Beagles. Depending on the kind of coat and the density of the hair, you must decide how often your dog should be bathed.

You do not want to bathe a dog too much, if it its skin is shiny because this will rob its natural oil. Dogs with oily texture will need to be bathed as often as one week. Most lucky are the owners of the short coated dogs, as they simply have to wash their dog once in a month. There is some trouble for the owners of long haired dogs. They not only have to give frequent baths to their dogs but they also require proper drying and combing of hair.

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What Happens If You Don’t Bathe Your Dog Often?
Just like a human, a dog needs proper hygienic environment and healthy skin. Can you imagine a dirty dog sleeping in your bed or flee infected collie playing with your kids? Definitely not! To avoid such situations, you must plan your dog’s baths depending on his breed. However, you have to keep in mind that just like any human, every dog, irrespective of the breed, has its own “stink”. Some dogs may stink more while other can stink less. This is up to you to decide how much your dog should stink. If you are a normal person, with a normal sense of stink, then giving your dog a bathe once a fortnight should do it.

For obvious reasons, you can’t have a dirty dog. Dogs naturally like to roll around while playing. For reasons unknown, they do not like to bathe, and prefer to stay dirty. But such situations should be avoided. Keep in mind that not bathing frequently will cause a flee infestation sooner or later. Flee conditioners and medicines also have chemicals that can harm the fur of your dog, as well as may cause irritation in some breeds. Instead of turning to these measures after your dog has been infected, it is better to prevent such things in the first place. No matter how cumbersome you and your dog find it, you have to plan a bath time for your animal. And for maximum ease, do it with customized items such as a bathtub, a water pipe or watering can.


How to Make Bath Time Easier for You and Your Dog?
Dogs don’t like bathing and you need to understand this fact. That is very obvious that you cannot use punishment or anger to coax your dog into the bathtub. This will only make the situation worse, and your dog will become even more difficult. The best way is to take a slow and strategic approach to the situation. You shouldn’t push or wrestle your dog while bathing.If you bathe your dog regularly when he is young, then he won’t create a lot of fuss in the future. You must make your dog realize that bathing isn’t bad. You could teach him to expect a reward after bath time, or during bathing. Plan bath time in a way that it may fall before dinner or snack time! This way, the dog knows there is an after party once he is done with the hassle. He will gradually become more obedient and will be willing to bath easily.

How Should You Bath Your Dog?
When going to bath your dog, you should have proper things such as a bath tub, hose, etc. A special dog shampoo is also required to make him stink-free. Be very gentle, and do not rub a lot, as this will obviously make the dog even more opposed to bathing. Use a light touch, massaging gently with finger for thoroughness. Remember to comb through the fur before bathing. Wipe him gently with a towel after completing the bath. Dry thoroughly yet softly since the dog can catch the cold. You can also use a blow dryer, to dry your dog’s fur. But if you start using it all of a sudden then it may frighten your dog due to the sound as well as the heated feel of the hair dryer. If you don’t want to get water on your furniture and carpets, then keep the dog outside till it’s completely dry.

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