Stop Feeding Stupid Stuff to Your Dog Cause Allergy to Him

Stop Feeding Stupid Stuff to Your Dog Cause Allergy to Him

When you bring a pet to your home to live with you as a permanent member, you cannot afford to be irresponsible. You cannot expect to let the dog eat whatever he wants to, as he is most likely to catch some serious allergies. Dogs catch allergies from almost all the possible things. They are allergic to dust, new places, hair and even food. Yes, if not taken care of the stuff that your pet eats, he can get sick by the thing he eats. When your dog gets allergic to food, you get confused and irritated on what should you feed him and what should you avoid. Thus, it is necessary to make an extensive research on which breed of dogs is most likely to catch the allergies. When you make the decision of bring a dog to your home as a pet, make sure that you have all the required information related to the things you can feed him and those that you can’t.

Allergy food

Allergies Due to Food
People who do not research well on the allergies that might be caught by the dogs get confused when they see their dogs coughing or sneezing. They also get irritated as they might think that the allergic reactions of the dog might lead to causing illness to the other family members as well. They go to the vet and get a medicine to treat him. However, they keep on feeding him the same stuff that they were feeding him before. This leads to the allergic reaction once again. This irritates them a lot, as they do not know the actual cause behind the allergic reactions to the dog. There are small numbers of people who know that the allergic reactions to the pets can be caused by the food as well. This article will help you get to know that the allergies in the dog are being caused either by the food you are feeding him or due to some other issues.

Allergies and Skin Issues
The most common symptoms that are shown by the dogs during the allergies are coughing along with sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, wheezing and many more. The runny nose of the pet dog will cause trouble for other people living in the house as the germs come out of the nose of the dog along with the fluid. Along with these allergies, dogs might also get allergies due to the skin problems caused to them. The breakout on the skin of the body might cause problems for the dog if he would lick them off. The germs residing on the body of the dogs get inside the body that leads to some severe allergic reactions. If your dog catches asthma, it might be due to the dust that is accumulated in his oxygen pipe and it might lead your dog to some long-term diseases.


Consult a Vet
When you bring your dog to the vet to test his allergies, he will get the allergies tested with the help of either the blood test or the skin test. Getting the dog tested with a vet is necessary as it helps you in getting to know the actual reason of the allergic reaction. The symptoms of the allergic reaction will not only help you in getting to know the reason behind the allergy but will also help you in getting to know how to get rid of it. Self-medication is never the right thing to do as you might cause any harm to the health of the pet.

Symptoms of Allergies
The allergic reactions caused by the food that you feed the dog might lead to issues like itching, licking, rash on the skin, nausea as well as vomiting. When you become aware of these sorts of issues in your pet, you should waste no time and change the stuff that you give him to eat. In the extreme levels of allergic reactions, your pet might start having fits as well. You must not wait until that point as the constant dehydration might lead to the unfortunate death of the pet as well.

Dog Allergies Due to Food2

Allergies Due to Meat and Dairy Products
The allergic reactions of the dogs might be because of certain foods such as chicken, fish and egg. If you feed your dog-uncooked chicken, he is most likely to get the allergic reaction. In addition to the uncooked meal, if you feed him wheat and corn, the dog will get allergic reactions instantly. There are certain breeds of dogs that get allergic reactions right after having dairy products as meal. You cannot afford to feed such dogs with dairy products. There is a possibility that the last pet dog that you had did not belong to the breed of dogs that are supposed to get allergic reactions to the dairy products. If you feed the same dairy products to the next pet you own without searching for the food items causing allergic reactions to that breed, you might end up with an ill pet that will keep on sneezing throughout the day in your house.


Allergies from Canned Food
If you feed your pet canned food, you must be well aware of the ingredients that make up that food. If your dog is allergic to even the single ingredient that canned food is made up of, it might lead to some severe health issues for the dog. Always read the ingredients written on the back of the can before buying it for your dog. In addition to that, once you make a routine of your dog to eat a certain kind of food every day, you should not experiment by feeding him a different thing. Eating an unusual thing might also lead to allergic reactions in the body of the pet dog. If your dog is sensitive when it comes to eating meals, you must not feed him unusual stuff out of love and affection like chocolates and biscuits. A small level of affection might lead to a great level of discomfort for the pet.

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