Soliloquy of a Family Dog

Soliloquy of a Family Dog

I am an important member of the family, but I am very different than my mom, dad, brother and sister. While my relatives all have two legs, I am blessed with four! Most people who come to my home for a visit will call me by my name, but sometimes, strangers call me “sweet doggie”. Maybe that is my other name? Whatever!

Most of the time, I dislike my brother and sister because they are so annoying! They can be very rude at times, speaking with high pitch that makes my ears hurt. My sister likes to dress me up and make me look silly, and the clothes she chooses often makes me feel restricted and uncomfortable. I cannot run away from her because I don’t want to make her sad or see her cry.

I don’t like my brother either. He is stronger than me and can easily push me down. When he is mad, sometimes he will take his anger out on me. I often take the blame for things that he tears up, and I can’t help but be jealous when mom and dad pay more attentions to them.


Just because I am talking about them does not mean that I miss them. Yes, they both go to something called school. I hate school because my brother and sister hate it, especially in the morning, when they do not want to leave their cozy beds and mom has to yell.

But secretly, I like school. I want to know what makes my sister so happy when she talks on the phone with a schoolmate. I want to know why my brother comes home from school, carrying a ball. I love playing with balls. I would probably like school. I really should go with them in the morning!

I think I miss them both right now. This Sunday, I should get to spend their whole day with them! I can’t wait to play with them! I get tired of laying in front of the door, waiting for them to come home. It’s so boring. Sometimes, they will take me to the park and play ball or Frisbee, and I really like that! They usually walk around with me and I like that too, even though I am tied to their hand.

At times, I think I care about them more than they care about me. I know I shouldn’t think that. I remember my sister’s last illness. It was horrible! She stayed in bed all day and didn’t go to school for several days. Her face was very pale. She lost her appetite and became very thin, and for the most part, all she did was sleep. I would rather she go to school than suffer any more.

I also remember the last time my brother stayed in bed and didn’t go to school. My mom told someone on the telephone that he had sprained his ankle while playing football. He cried and howled when dad took him to the hospital. I feel bad because I am supposed to protect them and not let my parents worry.


That’s my job… to protect my family. No matter what, I have to protect them from any and all dangers. Sometimes, my mom and dad will scold my sister and brother, making them cry. I will interrupt their scolding with barking if my parents get too angry. I know mom and dad loves us all, but they shouldn’t punish us. We need teaching filled with patience and kindness.

There are times when I think that I have the best family in the world… and sometimes I think they have forgotten me. When they give me a hug and stroke my hair, I feel so loved and important! When they let me slip into their beds when it is storming, I know they want to protect me too!


Sometimes, mom and dad will feed me extra treats and buy me special gifts. They let me play in the mud, and afterwards, my brother and sister help me take a bath and wash my dirty coat with my own special shampoo and conditioner. I am not very fond of baths, but I know after getting cleaned up, everyone will give me lots of attention and I will get to go for a ride in the car! Yes, I hate baths but I like riding!


Most of the time, I know that my family loves me too. Most of the time, they will greet me with a kiss or a hug when they return home. Maybe they know I was waiting for them, and was getting very nervous and worried. I can’t protect them while they are on the other side of the door, and that makes me sad.




I am lonely now. Every time I hear a car pass by the house or footsteps on the sidewalk, I can’t help but start yelling and cheering because I missed them so bad! Sometimes, no one comes through the door and I am so sad, I decide to lay down and sleep for a while.


Today, I pacing in mom and dad’s bedroom, sniffing around, bored as usual. I like to smell their shoes when I am missing them really bad. When I was little, I used to chew on them too, but I got in BIG trouble for that! I’m never doing that again! Now that I am older, I know my job is to stay alert and protect the house, and I accept that responsibility.


There are times when I am sad because I cannot live as long as they will. I heard my sister reading a book about dogs and how long they live. According the the book, I am something called an ‘adult’, and mom tell dad once that they are just kids. I hope I can live longer that what that book says because I don’t want to leave my family.


I am afraid that, without me, no one will play with them, protect them, take care of them and love them. I also fear that death will take me far away from them, and they will forget all about me as time goes by. I am going to exercise every day and keep in good shape. Last week, dad read something from that roll of paper that keeps coming back to our doorstep that good shape means good health.


I’m not perfect. I make mistakes and sometimes, I get excited and lose control. Dad told mom that I need more teaching and training to get rid of my bad habits. I don’t want to be bad, so I hope they will teach me how to get along better with them. I hope mom and dad can give me more chances! I want to be super good!




No matter what happens, I will continue to love and protect them. There is nothing they can say or do to change that! Even if they forget to feed me and give me water to drink, I will be there when they need me. Oh wow, look how fast the day went! It’s been nice talking to you, but I have to stay by the door now and wait for them to come home. I want them all to know how happy I am to see them, and how important they are to me!

Authored by: DogLoveIt

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