Six Amazing Dog Paws Keepsakes

Six Amazing Dog Paws Keepsakes

Do you love the look of your dog’s paws? Would you like to keep his paw print as a keepsake to treasure for years to come? Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate how much he’s grown from a pup to adult? Of course because this sounds like a great way to show your love for your canine companion!

For those who adore everything about their furry paw print leavin’ dogs, we have gathered a list of several great dog paw keepsakes. Each one will be very special for you and your dog. Every souvenir below will contain your own story about the happiness shared between you and your paw print friends.


#1 – Dog Paws Ink Prints

This is one of the most common ways to save your dog’s paws prints forever. You can choose from many different ink colors and make a wide variety of collages and special pictures. Unlike photographs and special videos, these special prints can also record your dog’s growth period from his small beginning as a puppy to adulthood. These prints can be framed and hung on the wall, saved in a special album or sent to friends and family on greeting cards. Some people may want to take imprints of their pet’s paws very frequently, but your dog may be allergic to inks or cannot be still long enough to cooperate with you. If this is the cases, keep reading for other ways to make a special keepsake of your pet’s paws.

paw picture

#2 – Dog Paw Photos

Taking photos of your dog’s paw prints is much easier than taking a photograph of a dog that is overly excited. No matter where your dog left his sweet little paw prints, you can easily record them to treasure forever. You could also make a very special scrapbook that contains all of your dog’s paw pictures. For example, you can easily paste a picture of your dog’s paws print in the snow and describe the occurrences of the day. You can also paste the evidence of your dog’s muddy paw prints on the floor into your special book. Every happiness and momentary unhappiness can be recorded in this scrapbook. One sad day, your dog will have to leave you, but you will always have these pictures.

paw photo

#3 – Ceramic Dog Paw Print Container

Have you seen the movie called Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze? Making china isn’t just a romantic interlude for lovers, as it can also be commemorative. If you are raising more than one dog, you can offer an exclusive bowl for each dog. These bowls can be printed with their own paw prints with their names attached. For people who only have one dog, saving a paw print on a cup can be very special and unique. You can choose a variety of colors and patterns for the cup and bowls, or leave them white. This DIY cups and bowls require a bit of patience, time and money, a little more time consuming than taking photographs.

paw cup

#4 – Solid Metal Paw Print Keepsakes

A solid metal paw print keepsake is a beautiful long-lasting and durable “paw” that is cast directly from your pet’s paw print, making a truly special impression. It can be made of solid metal such as brass, copper, bronze, or aluminum that cannot break like a ceramic paw print might. Unlike photos or prints, you can hold your pet’s paw print and feel the paw pads in your hand, almost like holding your dog’s paw again. There are two styles of metal paw prints, the raised paw pad and the recessed paw pad. Metal pet paws can easily last forever, keeping the beloved memory of your dog alive for always.

paw keepsake

#5 – Dog Paw Tattoos

Some dog lovers might want the name of their beloved dog and his paw print tattooed on their bodies. For some dog owners, getting a tattoo of a dog paw on their person is a great way to pay tribute to an amazing pet. A dog paw tattoo also looks cute and is a great addition to put above or underneath your pet’s name or special date. There are many different paw print tattoo designs to consider on the internet, and you can also ask other people who love dogs and tattoos. A dog paw tattoo is an outward way of showing your love and affection forever. This tribute will require a little money and cause a moderate amount of pain during the tattooing phase.


#6 – Dog Paw Pendant

There is a truly special story behind every paw print pendant which will forever connect dog owners with their faithful canine companions. You will enjoy making a special pendant made from their own pet’s actual paw print. Dog lovers will absolutely love these necklaces, bracelets, anklets or earrings adorning these cute paw pendants. This kind of jewelry is truly unique and special, bringing you many compliments and questions that will bring back many fond memories of your dog. You can send a picture or print of your pet’s paw to the jewelry company, and wait for your own original jewelry to arrive. If you have a large dog, you can easily ask designers to help by shrinking the paw print down to fit a keepsake design for everyday wear. Like leaves that look alike but very much different from one other, the pet paw print pendant celebrates what makes your dog truly special.

paw neckwears

Your dog’s paw pads are not as soft as a cat’s paw pads, but holding them can comfort you and cheer you when you are depressed. When seeing one of these darling keepsakes, you will remember everything about your dog, including all of the running, digging, scratching, shaking paws and begging for food as well as the laughter and tears.

Your dog is your best friend and he will claim a special place in your heart. Every dog will leave a paw print in your home, on your heart and with your family. Paw prints are not the only dog keepsakes as there are many others, such as pet nose prints. Many owners believe these items are their most precious possessions and find great joy in the process of making these special mementos. Will you be making a special trinket or jewelry item to remember your beloved dog?

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