Reasons Why People Ditch Their Pet Dogs

Reasons Why People Ditch Their Pet Dogs

Living with pets is one of the most pleasurable experiences one can ever have in his life. When you move around in your street, you would see many stray animals and would feel their pain. When you see pubs trying to run and hide under a shelter when it is raining cats and dogs, you would definitely feel a sense of guilt. No one can be cruel enough to let a stray dog shiver in the cold weather. I am sure if you would see a stray cat or dog in the street, you would try your level best to bring him home and feed him. With the passage of time, you would get used too of living with him and would consider making him a permanent member of your family. However, many pitiless people would bring a pet in their house but would abandon the ownership over a minor issue.


Common Pet Issues with People Living in a Building
If you live in an apartment building, you would see a variety of people every day. You would witness those who cannot eat their food without offering it to their pets and do not skip the vaccination of their pet no matter how tight their schedule is. They are dedicated and loving towards animals and would do anything to provide them shelter. On the other hand, you would eyewitness some malicious people who are worst human you would ever meet. Living in an apartment building, you would notice that certain people when move from one city to another or from one state to another, do not bring their pets with them. Rather, they set the dog free and let him stray on the streets helplessly. This is without a doubt one of the most common issues that lead people go so cruel on their pets. It is a bit funny however that when you can manage to bring all your furniture items with you, why can’t you bring your innocent dog along with you to the new state? How difficult could it be?

Dumping the Dog for a New Kid in the House
Many people are still just as stupid as the human was during the evolution of mankind was. Many so-called concerned parents think that having a dog as well as a newly born baby in the house will make their lives a lot more complicated. They feel like taking care of the dog and the new baby at the same time would get difficult for them. Not only this, but they also consider having a dog in their house unhygienic for their newly born baby. How stupid is that? Dogs are like your own kids. You cannot treat your pet like a stray animal and just get rid of him when you get a new kid in the house. Abandoning your dog who used to play with you when you felt a bit down just because you are about to get a baby in the house is plainly ridiculous.


Ditching the Old Pet for a New One
One of the main reasons why most of the people decide to abandon the dog is that they get a new pet in their house that is a cat! Everyone knows the rivalry between a cat and a dog. Most of the dogs do not get along quite well with the cats. Most of the times it is quite difficult to have a cat as well as a dog in your house as pets at the same time. People who have had dogs in their house for quite a long time and have now decided to get a cat as a pet; they would get rid of the old pet just to avoid the future confusing situation. Now, isn’t it plain stupid to get rid of your old pet just because you have decided to get a new one? Rather than making a quick decision of abandoning your dog that has gotten too attached with you and your family, you should come up with a proper plan to assist your new and old pet in getting along with each other.

Because He Grew Up!!
When you go out to get a pub, he will look extremely cute to you initially. You would expect him to stay in the same size for the rest of his life. This is however, quite an illogical thing to expect. When you cannot look like a baby throughout your life, how can you expect your pub not to grow up? Many people abandon their dogs just because they have gotten quite big in size and they are uncomfortable to live with. Of all the reasons of abandoning a pet dog, this is the most stupid one. You should not build those expectations from your dogs that are impossible. Rather, you should cope with the issues that he faces while growing up and help him in dealing with them.

abandoning a dog2

Abandoning an Ill-Mannered Pet
Among the most common reasons, why people abandon their dogs, behaviors shown by the pets is the most common one. When people bring a dog in their house as a pet, they do not expect him to be as wild as he turns out to be. An ill-mannered cat is not as dangerous as an undignified dog is. When your new pet starts to bite you or bark in an inappropriate manner, you would find no other solution than to abandon him. However, this is not the only solution that you have. The best way out in this situation is to try your level best to train your dog with the rules and regulations of living in the house. You must not give up on your new pet so early. Rather, trust him and hire a trainer to improve his way of living.
You can either turn out to be a knight in shining armor for your pet or may bring a sheer disappointment for him. Always make sure that you understand the situation, find the best way out of the problem and then come up with a solution that does not cause any displeasure for your dog.

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