A Quick Guide to Make Your Puppy Learn To Poop at a Specific Place

A Quick Guide to Make Your Puppy Learn To Poop at a Specific Place

Nowadays, large numbers of people from all around the globe are keeping the dogs in their homes for their friendly and caring nature. There are many species of dogs that are beautiful to look and are really careful to make them a part of home. This makes the dogs a lovable and interesting creature to have in the homes even in the bedrooms. But if you want to have a dog inside your home, then you must train it first according to your own lifestyle. This harmony between you and your dog and it develops an enjoyable relationship.

To make your dog to poop only inside the defined areas for their elimination requires some attention of the owners towards their training. This habit of elimination by the dog within certain defined areas can be the best developed in the dogs at their early age. However, it does not mean at all that you cannot train your adult dogs after buying them from the market. Following are the guidelines that can be adopted by the people to train their dogs in terms of elimination in specific spot.


Selection of the Spot

In order to train your dog to eliminate in a specific area, you have to define some area for his elimination first. Selection of the area can be anywhere in your house premises. You can find the one place that you feel comfortable for the elimination of the dog. It can be somewhere in the backyard or in a corner of your lawn that has some soil in it. If you are unable to train your dog outside the building due to your health conditions, then you can find a place inside your home as well. This can be somewhere under the staircase or anywhere else where you are comfortable with.

Say Don’t in a Positive Way

You cannot make your dog learn to eliminate in the area that you have defined for him right from his first day at your home. Obviously he will eliminate many times and it can be anywhere in your home. It can be in the garden or it can be in a side corner of your living room. So you will have to be very polite in telling the dog that it is not the right place. You will have to say him NO very gently and without shouting or yelling at him. You will have to interrupt him every time whenever he eliminates anywhere other than the area that you have defined.


Motivate Him to Eliminate in the Specific Area Only

You will have to take your dog to the area every time to let him know where he can pee or defecate. You have to take your dog to that area and will have to wait for some time unless your dog gets free. In beginning, your dog may not feel comfortable in elimination while you are there so you may have to walk around within the range of that area. In this way, you can give the dog with some freedom for elimination. Every time your dog eliminates in the specific area only, give him a reward for his good habit.

Use of the Puppy Pads

If your dog is too small to walk then you can wrap him with the puppy pads to eliminate in. In this way you can protect the surrounding from getting the dirt. Even you can use the newspaper spread as well in the beginning. However, all these things are for the dogs that are too young to take outside on their own.

Give Some Freedom to Dog

You will have to train a dog to eliminate in a specific area by taking him every time by the leash to that area. With the passage of time, you have to give freedom to the dog to eliminate on his own. However, you still have to keep your eye on him so as to interrupt him if he tries to poop on a place outside the elimination area. But if your dog poops inside that area then you should provide him with a treat. Once the dog will get to know that eliminating in the defined areas only end up in the reward, he will make it his habit and will get used to it. However, it is always recommended to you to give your dog with the treat. You might have to give something more than just a treat for example a hot dog or chicken. But your dog must be aware of the reason of this reward.


One thing has to be kept in mind that you never shout at your dog if he pees or defecates outside the area that you define for him. If you yell at him or punish him on such thing then he may get sad on this and may start living at some distance from you. This will weaken the relationship between you two. Your dog is not less than your family member that seeks for the attention and care. Always motivate him for doing the elimination within the specific area and make him aware of his guilty gently if he does it outside this area. Your polite attitude towards the dog can really be very helpful in making him learn this thing.

By following these guidelines, you can make the peaceful relationship between you and your dog. You will not have to clean up the premises all the time after this initial effort of training the dog following some proper guidelines. Almost all the dogs’ trainers follow these to make their dogs eliminate in some specific areas. Even you can make your dog to poop in new areas if you want to make some changes in settings of your home. And again, these guidelines will help you to train a dog that was already trained before but for a different place. This is how; you can make your dog a real blessing for you and can make him learn other exercises as well.

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