Preparations for Bring A Second Dog Home

Preparations for Bring A Second Dog Home

People sometimes want to bring a second dog home when their dogs looks lonely. And some people just want to keep double dogs to gain more than double happiness. However, no matter what intention they have, dogs may not accept that changes. So if you want to keep another dog, full preparations for you and your dogs are necessary.At first, you have to know there are both advantages and disadvantages to keep a second dog.


Your preparations

Generally speaking, things are more difficult to carry out than think about. Usually, resident dogs don’t welcome another dog in their house and resent having to share their family members’ attention. So you have do some preparations to improve the success chances of a good meeting.


  1. Mental preparation

Keep double dogs will gain double happiness but also bring double trouble. You have to know there are some disadvantages to keep two dogs in home before you making a decision. At first, you have two responsibilities to keep them well such as taking two dogs walking every day, grooming two dogs, taking two dogs to have annual examinations and so on. Then you need pay double foods, clothes, beds and other things that will cost you much money. lastly, if both them have housebreaking behaviors, your house will be a mess. And if your dogs can not get along well with each other, then you have to bear and worry their barking, fighting and other annoying things. After knowing these bad effects, you can make a good decision and you will know that keeping several dogs need more time and patience.


  1. Materially preparation


Materially preparations is necessary. Do not let your new dog share the bowls, toys and other personal things of your resident dog. You original dog might feel pushed and stressed when the new dog using his/her food dishes, chewing his/her favorite toys even sleeping on his/her nest or bed. So , you should buy another necessary dog products. For example, dogs will react aggressively to others who approaching their food. And you can not push them share food from one bowls, that will worsen their relationships. And take away all items which your dog are favorite and give them when they are separated from each other.


  1. understand you dog’s psychology

Before make a decision, take your dog to meet other dogs. For example, take your dog to the training class and give him/her chances to approach other dogs. You should notice his/her reactions. If your dog is dog-friend and happy to play with other dogs, then bring another dog home may be much easier. But if your dog looks indifferent and even aggressive to other dogs’ approaching, you need think it over and you need make more efforts to help your resident dog accept a new friend home.


Dogs’ Preparation

There are some preparations that your dogs need to do. Both the original dog and new-comer who fit these conditions can lessen much obstructions to living together.


  1. Gender


Usually, opposite sex dogs can get along much better than same gender dogs. Most same-sex dogs stay together will easier become aggressive and have fights. For example, two male dogs will be stressful for living together and females are more likely to fight for jealous or other reasons. But opposite sex dogs will be much calm. Usually, males are inhibited against aggression toward female. Then they are easier to live peacefully together.


  1. Size


Dogs usually be gentle to dogs who is smaller than them. A smaller dog with a bigger living together can avoid many conflicts between them. Because both the overdog and underdog are inhibited about fight against each other. But do not choose one dog whose size are great different than your first dog, or the much bigger dog could accidentally injure the smaller one by stepped or pinned. For example, you have had a mini dog and want to keep another large breed dog, then you have to pay much attention to avoid the big one causing serious or even fatal injures to your little friend.


  1. Age


At first, your dog need much time to become fully integrated into the family. Even you believe there is solid bonding between you and your dog, you can not ensure your dog is ready to accept another dog to share your love and attention. At least, you have to wait two to three years between you keep him/her to bring a new dog into your family. Then for the second dog, you should better space the dog’s age as much as you can. Normally, five years  is a nice spacing age for two dog living together.


  1. Training


You need give your original dog some behavior training classes. If one dog have bad behaviors such as housebreaking, barking, digging. You should better have trained him/her to be a good boy, or if you bring another dog home, the new comer will pick up these bad habits quickly. Then you will be headache to make two excessive active dogs calm down.

After making these preparation, you can bring the second dog home. Supervise and manage both two dogs, and take actions to avoid conflict until you can ensure both them are comfortable with each other. Then remember even you are busy to take care of them, you need give them much time to stay with you separated. That can help your first dog feel less disturbing and changes bring for new comer and your new dog can built solid bonding with you.







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