Pembroke Welsh Corgis about to Be Extinct For Ever

Pembroke Welsh Corgis about to Be Extinct For Ever

One of the most famous breeds of the dogs or rather, the royal breed of dogs is being considered to have reached to the edge where it can get extinct at any point of time. The threats of the extinction of the Pembroke Welsh Corgis have been around since 1930 and nobody paid any kind of attention to such rumors. However, in the recent past, the rumors have turned true and it is now official that this breed of dogs will no longer be a part of the planet earth very soon. Almost all the organizations that work for the safety of animals such as pedigree as well as PETA have added the Pembroke Welsh Corgis breed of animals among the list of vulnerable animals. This means that in a decade or less, you will not be able to see this beautiful breed of dogs living on the earth. According to a reliable source, there are only three hundred pubs of Pembroke Welsh Corgis alive on the earth at the present time. This is indeed shocking and without any doubt, extremely depressing.

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The American Dog
The reports of the Pembroke Welsh Corgis breed being found in a very small number on the face of the earth have been doing rounds for quite some time now. However, no attention was provided to this matter as people living in United States of America view Pembroke Welsh Corgis as a popular breed in their country. This is because about ninety percent of the existing dogs of Pembroke Welsh Corgis breed are reported to be living in America. In the past, this breed was one of the most popular breeds of dogs that people had as their pets in the U.S. This reduced the danger of the breed being extinct at any point of time in the future and thus the people paid no considerable attention to these kinds of reports by the experts.

Endangered “Wise” Dog
There are many reasons why the Pembroke Welsh Corgis breed of dogs has stayed to be a popular choice of most of the people looking for pets in the past. One of the main reasons is the fact that the dog that belongs to the Pembroke Welsh Corgis breed is considered to be the most intelligent as well as the most wise dog. Along with the intelligence that it shows on various occasions, it is known for its high level of sensitivity and compassion. Basically there are two varieties of this dog. One is the beautiful Pembroke while the other one is the wise and intelligent cardigan. Both of the varieties are extremely popular among the breeders as well as the pet lovers and owners. In terms of the physical attributes, the cardigan is a bit bigger in looks as compared to the Pembroke. Because of its large body, it is a bit heavier than the Pembroke. If you want to tell the difference between the two, you can easily distinguish them with the help of looking at their tails. The tail of the Pembroke is a bit heavier and bone like in its appearance.

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The Foodie Kid
Like every other dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgis loves to bark. It would be better to say that its love for barking is a bit intense as compared to other breeds of dogs. This is the only thing that leads to the hesitation of the pet lovers to adopt this dog as their pets. Now who would like to live in a house that is constantly chimes by a dog’s barking? Moreover, if you come from a long tiring day to your home for some rest, the enthusiastic Pembroke Welsh Corgis will not let you sleep and will keep on barking till you go out to play with it. On the other hand, it is easy to train the dog because of its high level of intelligence. They are not at all stubborn when it comes to training. Rather, they learn quite easily and can be trained on how to act during emergency situations. They are easy to deal with only when it is not an issue related to eating habits. They absolutely love to eat and would eat anything at any time. This is the main reason why you should keep an eye on them while they are eating their food. They might overeat which would lead to some serious health issues.

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Enthusiasm Distinguishes Them from Others
By the way, when you look at these dogs, you might assume that they won’t work much because of their small appearance. Contrary to that, you would be surprised to know that Pembroke Welsh Corgis loves to exercise and is quite an energetic and sturdy dog. It loves to be involved in some physical exercises. This is the reasons these dogs are mostly known to be the working dogs as you can train them well and they would love to complete their daily tasks such as taking care of your children while they are out for playing. These dogs love to socialize and make friends in a very short period of time.

Reasons of Extinction
It is rather a sad thing that such a beautiful and wise breed of dogs is just on the verge of being wiped out from the world. There are many reasons behind the extinction of this breed and the most significant of them is the disc disease that most of the Pembroke Welsh Corgis dogs are likely to have in their lives. It is also known as CHD and is considered to be quite harmful for the health of the dog if not taken proper care of. Along with this, epilepsy is a disease that is quite common in this breed of dogs. It leads to death in some acute cases. Another reason of the extinction of Pembroke Welsh Corgis from the world is the short life span of the dog. These dogs come on the earth with a life span of almost 12 years and it is the main reason why we have to deal with the issue of extinction of this beautiful royal breed of dogs.

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