Most Beautiful and Unique Coat Patterns of Dogs on the Planet

Most Beautiful and Unique Coat Patterns of Dogs on the Planet

Normally, we breed our dogs in order to make them the most diverse and unique species on this planet. Domestic dogs come in a dizzying array of coat colors, ear shapes, sizes and nose lengths. We can easily find dogs that vary with all other dogs but still there are some dogs around the globe that are considered as most unique canines because of their appearance. When one looks at them he/she pauses for a while and then starts to admire their beauty and uniqueness. Following is the list of 10 dogs with most unique and different coat patterns.

Dachshund’s Coat
This dachshund’s coat has a rare combination of several different color types.This dachshund has a very unique coat pattern having multiple colors. Black, white and brown are the colors with which this dog is tagged with. Skin of his face is divided into two main colors that are black and white. His half face is black and white where black side further has some brown shades over it. One can easily see some different skin pattern on his leg and tail. There are small patches of black color over brownish grey base color. So his coat is considered as different from others and is found as one of the rarely found coat patterns.

Dachshund’s Coat

Puppy with a Mask & Alluring Coat Pattern
This puppy can easily fight against crime with the help of mask on his face. But this is not the reason behind his uniqueness. He is unique and different because of his coat pattern. This cute canine has very unique skin pattern. Base color is creamy white over which there are some black lines. Thick black lines are present on his main body area along with his tail. Most unique thing about the pattern of his coat is that he has some sharp lines around both of his eyes. These sharp black lines look like the part of his eyes. Over all he is not as much different but because of dark black lines around his eyes, his coat becomes unique one.


Tan and Tan Bulldogs
These type of tan and tan bulldogs are considered to be very unique and rare. These cute creatures are considered to be very rare because of their different skin pattern. Her coat has three prominent colors that are black, white and light brown. Two very cute light brown circular marks are present above his eyes which play a very important role in making him unique. White color covers only a little area right below his neck and all the remaining parts are covered by black and light brown coat color. So overall it has a very rhythmic coat style and pattern that makes this dog a totally different and unique piece on earth.


Dappled Dachshund with Smudgy Pattern
This dappled dachshund is extremely a cute puppy. It has a very smudgy skin pattern. Base of the coat is covered by light brown color over which there are smudgy patterns of black and grey color. These tiny patterns come in irregular shapes. Coat over ear, head and all the outer body is consist of black smudgy patches of black over grey and the remaining coat has a very light brown color. This systematic pattern makes this canine a unique creature.


Frenchie – Juts Like a Small Panda
Here we come with a Frenchie. This little canine looks exactly like a small panda because of its coat pattern and color. He also has the most unique and beautiful coat pattern and skin. There are only two colors seen on his coat that are dark brown and white. Only legs and arms are covered with brown skin. All other areas are of white color. Coat around his eyes is covered with dark brown circular pattern which looks like the part of his eyes. His panda like coat pattern and shinny skin makes him unique among other canines.

Frenchie – Juts Like a Small Panda

A Pooch with Zebra Like Coat Pattern
Here comes another unique canine around the globe. As you already observed that what makes him the most unique one. Yes you are thinking right, his zebra like coat pattern makes him different. His coat has two colors. One is black and other is white. Base of the coat is of white color over which there are random patches and lines of jet black color. This pattern of black lines is same like the pattern of zebra’s skin. Due to this zebra like pattern he becomes a part of the list of top unique canines. Do not ever tell him about this!


Heart Mark on the Bum
So what about this one? Credit for uniqueness of this cutie pie goes to the little heart on his bum. This heart pattern is not artificial but is natural. Light brown and black color is seen on his coat. Overall he has ordinary skin pattern and coat but that heart shaped mark makes him different from other. So credit goes to heart shaped patch.

Heart Mark on the Bum

Unique Pattern Makes Him Look Funny
This dog is a big LOL. He looks unique as well as funny because of its black and white ear color. His one ear is black and the other is white. The entire coat is of white color except area of one ear. A little part under his nose is also black. In this way his one black ear is the reason behind the uniqueness of his coat pattern.


A Coat with Unique Freckles
Here comes a very beautiful dog that has freckles. His skin is very shiny as well as unique. Entire coat is of creamy white color along with several small knitted brown patches on entire body. Skin of his ears is of dark brown color. Coat pattern of this type is rarely seen so his coat is also among the unique ones.


So as nature has blessed the dogs with amazing beauty, hence it really deserves to be admired by the human beings!

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