Making Your Puppy Comfortable During His Teething Period

Making Your Puppy Comfortable During His Teething Period

Getting a puppy is something many of us want. Adopting a puppy comes with loads of responsibilities and care giving. There are many things that you need to look out for when your puppy is growing up. One of the main challenges that you can face while having a puppy is to help him out in his teething period. Most of the breeds of dogs start teething in the age that ranges from 12 to 14 weeks. This time is pretty painful for puppies and they can become irritated at that time.

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What Can You Do for Your Dog in His Teething Period?

Teething completes by the age of eight months if it starts in the age of three months in puppies. During that time period, a puppy will like to hold anything in his jaw in order to ease out the irritation that is associated with his teething problem. We have compiled a list of techniques and things that you can apply in this time frame in order to help out your puppy in his teething period.

Giving Your Dog a Chew Toy

You might find shredded paper, cushions and leather sofas in your house when your dog starts teething! Puppies need to bite and chew on things when their teething starts. The best way to deal with this problem is to offer your dog with a soft toy that can be chewed easily by the puppy. Otherwise you will find your house being chewed by the puppy in no time! These chewable toys are available in market and can be given to these puppies to ease out their teething irritation at that time. These chew type toys helps them by applying pressure on the swollen gums and by making them more comfortable at times.

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Chilling the Chew Toys of Your Puppy

The toys that are to be chewed by puppies can be chilled in order to provide the chilling effect to them. These toys can be put in refrigerator in order to chill them up. These can be given to the puppies afterwards. The chilled toys help in soothing down the gums that are undergoing teething effects. Your puppy will love a chilled and cooled toy for sure. This will be really helpful in putting down the pain in oral cavity of the little puppy.

Offer Frozen Food Such as Fruits to Your Puppy

As we know cold things help in getting the pain down from body. It can be really helpful for your puppy if you give him frozen food. This will give your puppy a soothing effect along with all the nutrition that he requires. The puppy will be able to get rid of the pain due to the cols effect and will be able to feed himself while chewing on these froze food items too. You can use ice for this purpose as well. However, you need to be careful with it as it can damage the gums of your dog easily if he chews it improperly. So don’t start on giving ice cubes, it might harm them instead of helping!

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Keep Him Distracted!
Keeping your dog or puppy distracted from his teething will help him as well. If you will allow your puppy to wail on his poor condition he will feel more pain in his gums and it will become problematic for him. However, you can distract his attention by indulging him in play time so that he does not pay attention to his pain. This will ease him out and will surely get a good time for him. You will have to keep him distracted but playing different tricks or pampering him to forget about teething.

Use Training in the Teething Time

The teething might get to have all the attention of your puppy but you can make through easily this painful time for your beloved friend. You can try to train your puppy for socialization in this time. This will help him in learning new tricks and will also help you in dealing with his pain. The teething will be forgotten by the little puppy and you will feel great to be around him in time of crises!

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Giving Medication

You can try giving some medication on your own to the puppy if he feels really irritated. You can give him small portions of baby aspirin that is 20 mg/10lb for a baby. This will ease out his pain and will relax him in the condition for a good amount of time. However you must take advice from your vet before doing so. Also make sure that you give precise and smaller doses to your young puppy as high dosage can be harmful in cases.

Homemade Rope Toys – These Are Cheap and Great

You can always count on rope toys when your puppy is in teething process. These toys are just the best things that can help a puppy in teething stage. You can easily maneuver a rope toy by using soft rope and give it to the puppy to chew on it. It will not only help him in soothing down the pain but will also allow him to have healthy teething. As chewing on hard substances can make the teeth grow in wrong direction or being spaced out. This does not disrupt their growth and never challenge healthy teething.

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Do Not Give Him Hard or Really Soft Toys

The hard toys will make the gums swell more and will also hamper perfect growth of teeth. The soft toys on the other hand will be of no use as they won’t provide any comfort to hard gums. These will be torn and discarded easily by the puppies as they will tend to chew on these soft toys to get rid of the irritation on gums.

Handling the Situation with Wit and Care!

Teething can really irritable for the young dog and for his owner too. Many of the puppies face mood swings and aggression at times, sometimes they simply do not want to do anything due to pain. However with constant care and supervision you can make this time worthwhile for your puppy and can help him get through this time with comfort.

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