How to Make Your Dog the Best Attack Dog for Your Protection

How to Make Your Dog the Best Attack Dog for Your Protection

Dogs can turn out to be the best guards for the safety of your family and you. They can protect your home when you are not there and can observe any suspected happening around you. They have the excellent feeling for predicting the danger and can save you and your family members from many such unwanted incidents. In addition to this, they can be the most loyal and the most enthusiastic living thing around you and can even sacrifice their lives for you. However, all these can be accomplished by training an attack dog with proper exercises and instructions.

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How to Train an Attack Dog

It is not an easy thing to train an attack dog as it requires a lot of care and cautious efforts. Initially, you can also be harmed by your dog as he is unable to differentiate between the enemy and the loyal person. Following are the guidelines that let people know about how to train their attack dogs.

Selection of the Breed

Not all of the species or breeds of the dogs are good in providing their owners with best protection. Although, almost all the dogs can be trained to attack and to provide the protection, but some of the breeds are really the best in attacking the intruder or enemy. German shepherds are the most famous in this regard. They belong to a breed that is used by the army and other protective agencies for their unique characteristics. So, it is important for you to get the dog from the proper breed if the purpose of having them is only protection and safety.


Build a Relationship with Attack Dog First

It is very necessary for the people to build a proper relationship with their attack dogs before they are provided the training to attack. Your attack dog must be able to identify the people who are your family members and friends. They are made stay at homes and are provided with the maximum care and love in order to win their confidence. Your attack dog should be attached to you emotionally and should show his love with you as well. In this way, you can give instructions to your dog and can train him properly the way you want him to react in certain conditions.

Provide the Basic Training First

It is essential before the attacking training of the dogs that they must show the obedience to you. They should be used to of the instructions like come here, sit, run, stand up, go there, etc. These instructions introduce in them the feeling of obedience and also prepare them for the advanced training of the attack. If you start training your dog for attack purposes without this basic training then it may harm you in its initial days of training.


Advanced Training for an Attack Dog

Once your dog has learnt all the basic instructions and required reactions on them, you can provide him with the advance training to attack or pounce on the intruders. Following steps can be taken to turn your dog into an attack dog:

Wear a glove on your hand covering your full length of arm. Come close to your dog and pat on his face gently. Keep on patting him until he gets fully irritated.

Make the dog feel angry and keep on patting till the moment he attacks on your hand. This is why you were asked to cover the hand with proper glove. Praise your dog when he bites on your glove and takes it off.

Again do this step and make him bite your glove again. You must give him a treat. Do say “attack” when you pat on his face. Do this activity again and again till your dog starts attacking on your glove every time you say attack.

Now take a pause for a short while and let your dog relax for some time. Now put something like the caricature of any human being at some distance from the dog and shout attack with your finger pointing towards it. Do keep your arm protected by a glove so that if the dog runs towards your hand again then may not provide any harm to it.

Obviously dogs are wise enough to run towards the object where the finger is pointing. If the dog successfully pounces over the caricature, then must praise him and give him a treat. This would motivate your dog and will let him know the consequences of the actions that he is taking.

Keep on repeating this activity at different venues and so that your dog get used to it.

Now the next but the most important step is to stop a dog from attack. This is something really important for you as it brings your dog under your full command. Otherwise it may cause troubles to people outside making you feel embarrassed. Repeat this step unless every time you say “stop”, your dog stops.


Exercise for the Dog

After giving the attack training to your dog, it is beneficial for you if you make him exercise like long run, high jumps, and strong bites. You can utilize different toys to strengthen its teeth and bite. To make its muscles strong, you have to provide him some special diet like meat and milk. Once you are done with all such things, your dog is no more different to the ones that are kept by the army. You can train your dogs for detection of various things as well.

These were some of the guidelines that are being taken on by a large numbers of the trainers from all over the globe to train their attack dogs. These guidelines not only make your dog a protector for you, but also make him strong, active, and loyal member of your home. After providing this training to your dog, you can sleep soundly without any fear of suspected thing around you. This is because there is one very loyal dog of yours that remains active and up throughout the night for your protection.

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