Looking for a Dog to Be Your Best Friend – Adopt a Shelter Dog

Looking for a Dog to Be Your Best Friend – Adopt a Shelter Dog

A shelter dog would be the best option if you want to have a best friend. Almost every one of us wants to buy a dog from some reputable breeder. Did any one of you ever think of adopting a canine from a shelter instead of reputable breeder? Apparently, only having a new puppy from reputable and good breeder seems a good idea. But adopting a canine from shelter is also not a bad idea. You can surely go for it. A shelter dog will be your best buddy and provide you with the equal security and reward that other dogs can provide. Such a dog will be a good addition to your family.
According to a recent survey conducted by ASPCA, almost 25 percent dogs are purebred among all the shelter dogs. So if you are looking for owning some special breed dog then you can also get that one in a shelter. You do not need to always go to pet store or breeder.


Why It Will Be a Good Idea If One Goes for Adopting a Shelter Dog?

Now the question arises that why one should go for shelter dogs? As we all know buying a canine from reputable pet stores or any kind of commercial breeders is a fashion. But such sources can have many drawbacks. One of the biggest misconceptions in this regard is that people think dogs from such sources are emotionally sound and healthy pets. This is totally a misconception because a majority of these dogs are bought from such stores or puppy mills. In those puppy mills, such dogs are kept under special conditions until the time when they are sold. There are different cramped and small cages in which canines are kept. Owners of the puppy mills feed the poor canines with an inadequate diet along with very little and insufficient vet care. Because of all these serious conditions, canines encounter different behavioral issues as well as health issues. Health and behavior of these dogs are very questionable as compared to the dogs that are raised in the families.

Rescue canines definitely deserve and need a second chance. According to many people, there is always something wrong with those that are shelter canines. It is totally wrong statement because such dogs are ended up in shelters due to cruel, neglectful, ignorant, irresponsible and abusive human owners. Sheltered or rescued dogs are harsh like their harsh backgrounds. We can easily recover these dogs with proper interaction, attention, productive obedience training, and constant socialization. By doing all these mentioned efforts; such dogs will become terrific canine citizens.


Shelter Dogs are Loyal and Loving

According to many researches and surveys, shelter dogs are considered to be more loyal and loving members of the family. These dogs are now confined in some unfamiliar location with some other anxious and frightened dogs. Because of this, they are having so much terror and stress right there. If you want to bring more meaning in your life then you should go for adopting shelter dogs. If you rescue or save a dog and then treat him or her like one of your family member then you are saving a life. You can have a sense of fulfillment when you provide a shelter dog with a second chance. By flourishing him with proper care, love and respect you will have your next best buddy.

Good for Improving the Quality of Your Life

Shelter dogs are also considered to be best option in order to improve the quality of your life. Increase in the life and lifting of the spirits are the words with which shelter dogs are tagged with. Yes definitely, shelter dogs are good for lifting spirits. One can easily see a sparkling relationship between good human health and adopting a canine companion especially shelter canine.


He Provides You with Unconditional Love and Affection

A shelter dog can be our best friend because the unconditional love and affection given by these canines is totally priceless. This love and affection is priceless because shelter dog obviously knows that you have saved him or his life. He will be devoted, loyal, thankful and loving because you saved his life. Hence you can expect him to be the one who can be your guard or a well wisher of your family members.

Adopting a Shelter Dog is Equal to Saving Someone’s Life

In the United States, almost 2.7 million adopted or rescued dogs are euthanized simply because too many dog owners give up their canines. As there is very limited space or insufficient space at shelters so members of the staff have to make hard decisions in order to euthanize canines that are adopted or rescued. We can easily reduce the number of this kind of euthanized dogs if we go for adopting shelter dogs instead of buying them from reputable pet stores. Sheltering any canine and having it from rescue group, animal society or any kind of canine control agency; you will definitely be a savior. You save his or her life because sooner or later he or she could be killed.

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One Can Have a Healthy Pet

Shelter management takes better care of rescued dogs as compared to the puppy mill owners. If you adopt a shelter dog then you will have a healthier dog as compared to that you buy from reputable pet store.

There is No Need to Spend a Single Penny

Buying a dog is costly because pet stores are offering very expensive dogs. On the other hand, adopting a shelter dog costs you nothing. You do not need to pay a single penny at all. You are paying nothing to bring him home but actually you are bringing him home for a noble cause. Though you will have to spend some money when it comes to take care of him, but ultimately you will feel really good not only for saving a life but also for having a good friend at your home.

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