Lets Train Your Dog to Play By Himself and Keep Him Busy

Lets Train Your Dog to Play By Himself and Keep Him Busy

Everyone loves pets and dogs are most adorable pets for all the family members. A dog brings entertainment to your home and adds fun to your life. However, you need to train a dog in a way that it can play by himself in your absence without ruining the furniture and messing up with the accessories. The behavioral problems with the dogs sometimes raise serious troubles for owners and it keeps your pets irritating all the time. Dogs are creatures that never rest and look for something excited to get rid of boredom. There are different ways to engage your dog and bring excitement to his life. Toys provide an excellent source of excitement and physical stimulation for the dogs. Keeping your dog engaged into toys will help you to prevent it chewing the furniture, home accessories and digging into your kitchen. You can develop such habits in a dog that he can play without your company and spend time in the home alone.


Here are some of the time proven tips to entertain your dog inside the home and change its behavior:

Train Your Dog

It is very important to train your dog for what is good and bad for him. You can do this by encouraging or discouraging your dog about his certain behavior. Like Tommy (you can call the dog with his name) is a nice dog and keep petting the dog if he does something good. Similarly, you can use an angry low voice, when your dog does anything bad. Show your anger when the dog makes the mess but very nicely. Always act on the right time because if you found anything wrong later on then it will be no use to scold your dog. You can also teach different commands to your dog so that whenever you direct him for a certain action, your dog obeys you. Discourage your dog, when he starts chewing furniture and always get after home accessories. Using Tabasco sauce will restrict your dog from chewing the furniture and you may use bitter apple for the same purpose.

Get Some Toys for Your Dog

You can bring amusement to your pup with the help of toys. Give him the toys and play with him. Observe the dog when he plays with the toys and how he reacts to a certain toy. Give him only one toy and keep changing the toys from time to time to keep him engaged with the toys. Appreciate your dog when it plays with the toys and restrict your dog for chewing the toys around. You can use the old toys for your dog that are inexpensive and are useful to provide entertainment for your dog for the longest time.

playing along

Discourage Your Dog

You should discourage your dog when he starts sticking with you all the time. If he keeps sticking with you, then he will act in a strange manner when he is alone. Therefore, spare your pup for some time in the lawn or backyard. You can take the dog into the lawn and give it a ball to play. Throw the ball and direct him to pick it up and bring it to you. Pet your dog for obeying orders and encourage him.

Turn on TV for the Dog

You can also engage the dog through the television so that he can sit quietly in front of the television. You can train your dog for watching television when you aren’t at home. Turn on the television and tune the Animal Planet to show your dog. The television will influence to the dog and he will quietly watch the television in the home.

watching tv

Arrange A Separate Place

If you don’t want your dog damage the home furniture and mess with the interiors, then arrange a separate place for him in the home. You can arrange a place with no furniture, cover wires and a safe place in the home. Ensure that the place has proper shade and water is available for the dog. You can make an interesting environment for your dog by placing toys and fill up the space with all the comfortable things necessary for your dog.

Take Your Dog to Training Center

The training center is a perfect place to train your dogs on certain manners. If all of your efforts go in vain, then training center can help you to teach some manners to your dog. The training centers can help dogs learn basic to advance level obedience trainings. Behavioral training is also helpful for your dog to stay happy at the home.

Take Your Dog to Park

You can also take your dog to the nearby park and free him to move to his own will. You should put a collar around the neck of your dog and keep following him so that you can stop him if he does anything wrong. He will learn new things in the outer world and interact with different things. This will give your dog a better living experience and he will enjoy his freedom in the park. You can also take your dog with you in the morning or evening walk with you.


Bring another Dog

If the boredom of your dog still doesn’t end with all the efforts you made in the home, then finally you have to arrange another dog to keep him busy while staying at home. Both of the dogs will enjoy the company of each other and they will stay happily at the single place.

Tips & Warnings

Whatever you do to keep your dog play by himself, he still needs your attention. So, spend as much time as you can with your dog and play games with him. Games that involve physical exercise and stimulation will help you to keep a dog excited. Make sure all the surroundings of the dog are safe and your dog is safe in the home. Don’t expect everything from your dog instantly. It will take time for your dog to learn new things and to act sensibly inside the home when he is left alone.

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