Let Your Dog Rest in His Bed and Enjoy Sound Sleep Away from the Mess

Let Your Dog Rest in His Bed and Enjoy Sound Sleep Away from the Mess

A dog behavior can sometimes become a headache for the owner and most of the pet owners ultimately seek professional help to change the behavior of the dogs. Dogs are restless animals and they don’t stick to a single place inside your home. A dog can spoil the the entire arrangement of home if not properly trained by the owner. The majority of homeowners are tired of their dogs when they start sleeping with them. Definitely it becomes quite irritating when your dog doesn’t sleep in his own bed. There are people who have sensitive skin and they want to keep dogs away because of various skin allergies. Dog licking and a number of other issues faced by dog owners can be really troublesome and may create health issues.

Warm dog bed

Here you got some useful tips to change the behavior of your dog:

Possessive Dog Behavior
The possessive dog behavior can become a problem for the owners. The dog with such behavior always stick with the owner and the owner gets a miserable situation when his dog doesn’t let him even sleep alone at night. Most of the professional dog trainers never encourage you to keep your dog always with you because your dog will never feel comfortable alone and looks for a company all the time. It especially creates disturbance when an owner needs the privacy and wants to spend some time alone. You need to keep a dog separate from you in order to train him to be alone. You should teach him certain commands so that your dog always follows whatever you want him to. Get him some toys and let him play with the toys by himself. It will change your dog behavior and he will learn to mingle with the environment and things he finds around. You can change the possessive behavior of your dog towards you but you have to do it politley. You should give your dog an open environment to keep changing his behavior. You can give him access to the lawn and let him do whatever he likes to do. Play with him to entertain and change the routine of your dog and this is how you can address his behavioral problems. Keep practicing different obedience commands with your dog so that he may be able to understand your command over the period of time. Use non-verbal gestures such as use of fingers to point towards your dog and give him a sign to get off the bed. Whenever a dog jumps on the bed, you should command him to get off immediately. This will also discourage your dog frequently using your bed and you will be able to change the behavior of your dog.

Dog's Bedroom2

Give Your Dog Comfortable & Interesting Enviroment
Your dog might not be comfortable with the current bedding you have provided him or may be its too boring for him. You should redesign the accommodation for your dog to make it interesting and comfortable for him. The bedding of the dog should include everything to keep him healthy and happy. Every dog breed express different behavior, but you can change them through different ways. However, some dogs are afraid of loneliness and they never sleep in their beds. They always look for the owners and never miss a chance to enjoy their company especially while sleeping. Observe the behavior of your dog, if he acts strange then try to figure out the problem of your dog.

You can easily overcome the issue if you are able understand his problem. Lets find out if your dog is experiencing any of the following issues:

• Is the dog bed comfortable enough for your pup to sleep?
• Is your dog designed to offer enough warmth during chilly weather?
• Is this clean and odor free?
• Have you placed this dog bed at the appropriate place where your dog feels comfortable to sleep?

Dog in bed

Once you have figured the issue, certainly it will be easier for you to resolve the matter. There are a variety of dog beds available that are comfortable enough and you can bring one if your dog feels uncomfortable in old one. Secondly if you are living in an area where weather remains cold enough throughout the year, then get a bed that offers enough warmth to your puppy. If your dog doesn’t feel comfortable alone, then you can place his bed in the corner of your room and train him to stay in his own bed at night. It will work to keep your dog in his bed and you will be able to remain close to him as well. Strictly instruct him to use and stay in his bed during the night. Appreciate the dog through different ways and use words like “nice boy” whenever he follows your order and pat him on the back. If your dog has already a bed but does not like sleep in it, then you must check it for some bad odor. It can be a big reason for your dog that can make him not to sleep in his bed. In this case, clean his bed and remove the bad odor before you ask him to sleep in the same bed again.


Make Your Dog to Know That It’s the Bedtime
It is appropriate to chain a dog in night to confine him in a specific area and turn off the lights to make him know this is the bedtime. When your dog is off to bed and you have left him open to sleep in some room, he keeps on messing with the things like chewing wires and romping in the room that brings more headache for you. So why don’t you have a separate bedroom for your pooch where you can leave his blongings as well. If he might not be sleepy then he can play with his own stuff in case he wants to.

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