Learn How to Turn Your Dog into a Butler with Proper Training

Learn How to Turn Your Dog into a Butler with Proper Training

Dogs come out to be very supportive for their owners if they are trained well. They can manage many of the household chores and can assist even outside the house as well. All that they need is the proper training from the people. They can be taken along to the markets to pick the items off the shelf and to put it into the basket. Once you train the dog in managing different sorts of works for you, you can really boast off in front of your friends with your trained dogs.

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Fetching or Picking up the Things from the Floor

There are many kinds of tasks that can be accomplished by the dogs. In this very article, you will be told about the fetching activities of the dog. A dog can pick something from the floor, grab it in his mouth, and can bring it to the person who needs it. Even they can put your morning paper on your breakfast table after picking it from the garden. They can get the letters straight to you or can bring anything from the door that postman drops at your doorstep.

How to Teach the Dog to Pick up Things from Floor

In order to train the dog to pick up the things from the floor and get it back to you, you have to perform four steps. These are easy to carry out and can result in the fully trained dogs that can pick up the things from floor and can put them back on their places.

Step 1
Drop something on the floor without letting the dog know that you intentionally dropped it. Don’t drop it onto the ground as the dog will take it as some game. Drop something off the table and call up your dog by his name. Pick up the object from the floor and touch it with the dog’s mouth saying “(dog’s name) pick it up”. Then again drop it on the floor and again repeat this step. Do it unless the dog starts grabbing the object in his mouth.


Step 2
Once the dog starts grabbing the object in his mouth by picking it up from the floor, take it out from his mouth and make him do this activity again. Then start throwing the objects at some distance from you and ask the dog to pick it for you. Call up the name of the dog and ask him to pick it up and bring back to you. Do it unless the dog starts working on your instructions. Make him learn to get the things back to you and take it out from the mouth of the dog to throw it again.

Step 3
Once you are done in teaching the dog to pick up the things from the same room. Try this same activity in different room where dog is not present. Call up the dog by his name and ask him to get the things from the place you signal to. Drop the objects to a distant place, may be out of the room and make your dog learn to pick it up for you. In this way, your dog will get an idea to pick up the things that are not in your range.

Step 4
Now you are required to teach the dog to pick up the things from the floor in order to keep it tidy. For this, you will have to teach the dog about the things and their places in your home. However, in this regard, you have to just provide the dog with the experience and sense about the right place of things in your house. Obviously, they cannot clean up the whole house, but still they can contribute well in keeping the floor tidy.

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In this way, you can teach a dog how to pick up the things from the floor and bring it back to you. Once you are done with the proper training of your dog, it can come out to be very helpful for you.

Instructions for Teaching a Dog

There are few things that have to be kept in mind while teaching the dog to pick up the things from the floor. Here are mentioned those important points.

Always Praise Your Dog and Give Him Treat

You have to motivate your dog throughout the process so that its spirits may remain high. After the accomplishment of each step, you are supposed to pat it on the back or give him some treat so that it may stay motivated all the time.

Don’t use the Dog Toy

You must not drop any sort of dog toy on the floor to teach the dog. If you do so, it may either take it a game for him or may learn the process slowly as it will be more interested in getting the thing into his mouth.

Apart from these, you must take care of one thing that your dog may not get to know that you dropped the object intentionally. Always make it feel that it was dropped accidentally and this is not how the things should be placed. In this way, you will be in a better position to get the maximum concentration of the dogs towards learning instead of playing different tricks with you.

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These are some of the guidelines that one is required to follow in order to train his or her dog. It may vary from person to person as everybody has his or her own way of teaching different things to others. But for a large number of dogs, different people have been using these tricks for many years and they are really getting their results as well. Whatever the kind of dog is, depending upon his age and size, he can easily learn these things and can start picking up the things from the floor for you. It can bring anything over to you whenever it will be prompted to do so. In this way, people can take many advantages from their dogs and can really make their lives easier

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