Know How You Can Pamper Your Dog’s Feet

Know How You Can Pamper Your Dog’s Feet

All the body parts of a dog need to be taken care of just like the body parts of a human being. It can be eyes, nose, paws or the mouth. All the parts of a dog’s body are needed to be taken care of especially when he lives with you in your house. When you pet a dog, you need to make sure that you are concerned enough for the well-being of the body parts of the dog. Just like a human foot, the paws of a dog need to be pampered constantly. You continuously need to clean them up so that the dirt particles do not gather and cause fungus within the fingers of the dog’s paw. If you have a dog that is quite fond of going on long walks with you, you would have to be extra careful. In order to make sure that germs do not infect your pet’s feet, put a protective shield over them before going out.

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Going for a Walk in Winter!

If you take out your pet on a walk during the winter season when the whole pathway is filled with snow, you must provide the right kind of fortification to the feet of your pet. Also, if you go on a walk in the summer season when the pathway is excessively hot, make sure that you put a shield on the pet’s feet so that they do not burn with the heat. In addition to that, if you really love your dog and do not want him to get hurt or something like that, you must regularly check the length of his nails. Make sure that the nails do not reach the length where they will start annoying the dog and would cause a problem to him.

Unclean Paws of Your Pet Can Affect Your Health

If you are someone who makes sure that all the members living in your house would not get infected by the germs, you must take care of the paws of your pet. Yes, that is true! Many people would find it funny but in reality, the dirt that comes in the house along with the paws of the dog cause maximum issues related to unhygienic environment. You can track and limit the areas your kids go to but you can never limit the areas your pet dog visits in a day. If he stays in your home all day long, you would stay protected to the maximum. The minuet he goes out of the house, you will get under the risk of being attacked by the germs that would come being stuck inside his toenails.

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Trim the Nails Regularly

One of the most important steps that you must take in order to make sure your pet stays away from diseases is regularly cutting and trimming his nails. When a dog walks around the house, his outgrown nails cause a constant noise within the house. As the nails touch the floor, a clicking noise comes into existence. It not only gets on the nerves of other family members living in the house but also becomes a reason of many diseases. You must be anxious of the length of the nails of your pet dog and ensure that they do not grow to a certain limit. In addition to trimming the nails, you must keep trimming the hair present in the pads of the pet. If not trimmed properly, the hair might become a cause of constant pain in the feet of the dog. If you want your pet to be lively and youthful rather than acting all gloomy, make sure that you take good care of his paws.

Using Moisturizers

During winters, people try their level best to take maximum care of their hands and feet. They buy some expensive moisturizing lotions and dab them on their skin in the morning as well as before going to bed. Similar to the human feet, the paws of the dogs get dry quite soon in the winter season. Many people make the mistake of using a human lotion on the body of the dog out of love. They just want to help the dog getting rid of the rough skin. However some people know that a human lotion may lead to some serious allergic reactions to the body of a dog. Rather than using a human moisturizer, you need to buy the moisturizers that are specially made for the dogs and use that to help your pet get a smooth skin. You just need to squeeze the bottle and dab a little amount of the lotion and rub it between the pads of the dog.

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Going for a Walk in Summer!

Just like the winter season, the summer season also takes a toll on the skin of the dog. Where humans have the luxury of protecting their feet with the help of shoes, dogs literally have to burn their feet while walking on the burning roads. If you really love your pet, you will feel his pain and will not take him out for regular walks as soon as the summer season breaks in. Even if you go out for a walk casually, you must wash the feet of the dog with an antibacterial soap in a proper manner. This will help the dog in minimizing the blistering that might have occurred due to the running on the scorching street to catch a ball.

Wash the Paws Properly and Regularly

During the regular season when it is not too hot neither too cold, you still need to take good care of your pet’s paws. When you come back from a long walk along with your dog, you should wash the paws of your dog properly. If you are too lazy to wash the feet, you must at least wipe wet cloth to clean up the chemicals or dust particulars that might have stuck with the paws during the walk.

Taking a good care of the paws of the dog is quite a difficult thing to do. However, if you really want him to stay lively and keep playing with your full zest without catching any disease, you need to take extra care of the paws of your dear pet.

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