Keys to Taking Awesome Dog Photographs

Keys to Taking Awesome Dog Photographs


The internet is filled with millions of adorable dog and puppy pictures that make you want to take photographs of your own pampered pooch. No matter how hard you try to capture an amazing dog photograph of your beloved pet, that magic moment doesn’t happen easily. Don’t be discouraged because with a few tips and tricks like the ones listed below, your amateur dog images will become high-quality dog photographs to treasure forever.


Time of Day

When taking photographs of your dog, it is important to consider the time of day.  For good action pictures, plan the photo shoot prior to a run or other strenuous activity. For a more serene mood, capture photographs after exercising when your dog is ready to sit or relax. The time of day is a very important aspect to consider when taking dog photographs. Don’t get discourages as every dog is different, adhering to his own eating, sleeping and playing schedule.


Warm Up to the Camera

Allot your dog plenty of time to relax and get used to your camera. Sometimes, dogs do not like the click or the flash of a camera, and this can leave them feeling rattled, upset or imposed upon.  Allow your dog to investigate the camera by sniffing it before shooting pictures. Once your dog has warmed up to the camera, he will begin doing some antics that you will want to capture.


Control Your Voice

The tone of your voice should remain natural and relaxed when taking pictures of your dog. Avoid the temptation to use a high pitched voice unless you want to get the dog very excited. In which case, he will probably end up on the wrong end of the camera with you. With a low and steady voice, your dog pictures should turn out quite well.


Start Snapping Pictures


With film no longer an expense for most us due to the modern convenience of digital photography, there is no reason not to take plenty of pictures. The more pictures you take during the photo session, the better your chances are of capturing some awesome dog pictures. If you are taking pictures away from home, be sure to bring an extra battery for the photo shoot. If you are trying to capture more than one canine subject, keep snapping randomly until you’ve taken the perfect photograph!


Decide if You Need a Flash

For the best dog images, turn off the flash if at all possible, and make use of natural light. The best pictures usually happen in the mornings or evenings, or on days which are slightly overcast. Be sure to take pictures in the shade on bright, sunny days to avoid shadows being cast on your dog’s face and in the background you’ve chosen.


Consider the Background


Always pay close attention to your photo’s background which capturing photographs of your canine companion. Look for simple backgrounds in vibrant colors that will allow your dog to stand out. Experiment with your photo shoot by positioning your dog ten to twelve feet in front of whatever background you decide to use. This will cause your dog to be more ‘in focus’ than the background, creating a lovely filtered effect. Watch for weird photo effects such as a tree branch that appears to be protruding from his head or a sign that, later, will look slightly like a halo. It is also important to pay close attention to the color of your pet as well. You want a contrasting color for your dog’s background.


Call for Back-Up

It never hurts to solicit some help from a friend when trying to capture exceptional dog photographs. In fact, a friend with a squeaky toy may be quite helpful for head shots or a stately profile. Ideally, dog owners should consider the dog’s personality when taking photographs, choosing props and backgrounds that complement the animal’s unique personality. If the squeaky toy drives your dog crazy, it may not be the right tool for capturing the best photographs.


Find the Right Angle


You can’t stand over your dog and take pictures or every shot will look the same, boring and amateur. For awesome dog photographs, get down on your pet’s level and have fun with the task of photo taking. Roll around on the ground or sit in the grass and allow your pet to frolic around you until the right moment comes. A whole session of full length shots will get dull so find new angles and possibilities. Take some close shots that fill up the frame, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t expect perfection. Instead, look for that magical, spontaneous shot that fully captures your dog’s playfulness and personality.


Dress for the Occasion

Capturing your dog’s personality and expressions can be a little harder than taking photographs of humans. While you are taking pictures of your pet, choose some adorable dog clothing and accessories to step up the glam or make the photo burst with your pet’s vibrant personality! Don’t be afraid to use dog costumes, dog toys and other accessories to change up the images you snap, and show everyone how important your canine truly is!


Choose Great Props


You can easily recreate a moment or develop an interesting scene with the use of props and other items used in your dog’s everyday life. Don’t be afraid to catalog the events that happen all the time in your dog’s life such as bath time, nap time, and even while your dog is asleep. Be creative, using anything you can think of to make an interesting and one of a kind image of your dog. Break the rules and have some fun!


Celebrate the Seasons


Not only should you take photographs of your pet for each passing holiday, but also for each season. This will help you by cataloging your beloved fur baby’s life from puppy to senior dog. Use your dog photograph to make a stunning greeting card or take a picture of your friend’s pet for a special gift exchange.


Get in the Shot


While your number one goal is to capture some excellent photographs of your beloved canine friend, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to catalog your amazing bond and deeply seeded friendship by getting a picture taken together. Don’t be camera shy because, more than likely, you will outlive your beloved pet and this photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to remember the good times. An image of you with your favorite four legged companion will become a treasure forever!



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