Introduce A Cat to Your Dog

Introduce A Cat to Your Dog

If you have a dog and want to raise a cat at home, you might worry about how to keep them live peaceful. As we all know, dogs and cats are enemies or lovers to each other. They might live together rubbing well along with each other or there might be fight and war between them. For dog and cat lovers, it is hard to make a choice between them. Dogs’ enthusiasm and cats’ mystery attract every pet lover. And, owners also want to bring a companion to their dog, especial to dogs who have to stay separately each day. Now let’s know more about how to bring dog and cat together.


  1. Have a contact earlier. That means you can do some preparations before have a real contact. If you have the intention to keep a cat and a dog, then you can get both them as youngsters and growing up together to form a bond. But if you already have kept a dog, then you can bring something your new cat used such as towel and bowl in your house. And bring your dog’s toys or comb in your cat’s space. They will be familiar with the scent of each other and reduce hostility.


  1. It is a important factor that your dog’s and cat’s personalities. Usually a playful dog will be better raised with a active cat. Both them will be willing to reach each other to have plays. And a inactive dog is better live with a calm cat. They should not be too indifferent or bothering to each other. But Keep in mind that your dog can kill a cat easily, even in play. And a scared or angry cat can use her claws to seriously injure a dog. In the first period, you need pay more attention on their play.


  1. Teach your dog to calm down. The biggest problems related to dog-cat relationship commonly for that dogs are too playful and cats are too fearful. Most dogs are bigger and stronger than cats. They usually easy too excited to calm themselves. And most cat are fearful and aggressive to dogs’ approach. So, you have to train your dog sit down or leave it obedience. That make things easy when you introduce the new cat to him/her, especially your dog is attempting to chase the cat.
  2. Trim your cat’s claws to avoid injuring your dog. Cats have the inborn weapon–their claws. I know there are many cat lovers whose favorite is cats’ soft and warm paws. But when cats feel threatened or stressed, their claws can turn to be the strongest weapon which can scratch and maul your dog easily. If your new cat really hurt your dog that might be disastrous for your dog and left a terrible first impression to each other.


  1. Have a real contact slowly. At first, keep the pets separate at first. They can see another animal in there, but they need time to get to know each other. Do not force them stay close suddenly, or they are more likely to fight. You need control your dog for he/she might more exciting to have a new resident but cat will be more curious for him/her. If your dog attempting to chase the new cat, stop him/her. That will be overwhelming to cat. Teach the puppy to play chasing a toy from his/her puppyhood. This is a good habit for dogs to respect and not chase smaller animals.


  1. No matter which pets you kept, please give them a personal space, especially for a cat. You can place a little box in some place your dog can not get at it. That can give your cat a privacy place to prevent your dog getting in. Usually cats are hate other animals intruding in their territory. So giving your cat a separate refuge of her/his own.And setting up individual feeding stations. Dogs usually much interested in cats’ food for the higher protein and fat content in it. But regular cat food consumption can result in a imbalanced nutrition and fattening up your dog.


  1. If your dog and cat seems living together friendly, you can reward your dog for his/her good manners and your new cat for his/her cooperation. You should be equal to them. Give hem equal amounts of love, patient, and care. Animals can get jealous when another one get more attention than them. That is not good for their relationship. But as we all know cats don’t have a built-in social system to helps them to peacefully share territory with others. You need pay more attention to teaching him/her to get along well with your dog in the earlier stage.


In fact, cats are much agiler than dogs and they can jump and climb to higher place. Ensure the cat has sufficient perching and climbing places where it rests and naps that are out of the dog’s reach. It is the best way to keep them separated in different areas when you are not around. Most dogs and cats can share a home in harmony, so you can do is that gradually make them accustomed to each other with time goes by.


Keep two pets is a good way to avoid your dog feeling lonely. So just bring a new friend home, and enjoy two distinct love from them.

Authored by: DogLoveIt

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