How You May Clean Ears of Your Dog at Home

How You May Clean Ears of Your Dog at Home

Want to know the proper way to clean your canine’s ear easily? If you are a dog owner then you must learn the ways and techniques for the proper cleaning of your dog’s ear. You should ensure proper look after and care for your pooch by cleaning his/her ears on regular basis.

Clean Dog Ears

Things You Must Know

There are so many things that one must know before starting the process of cleaning dog’s ear. Most common points are as follows:

• Dog’s ears are too sensitive and they need regular care and maintenance in order to stay away from different infections. If you do not give proper care to your companion’s ear then he/she will suffer from different minor as well as major problems.
• Dogs are not good at cleaning their ears so you have to do this tough job. Try to keep him comfortable before starting the cleaning procedure.
• Try to do the cleaning process in totally right way otherwise your dog will face serious health problems.
• You have to make things positive if you want to attain your goal of cleaning dog’s ear. It is very difficult task because dogs do not easily let you do anything with their ears. For this purpose you should offer some of his favorite treats to him. Bring your pooch slowly to the place where you want to clean his ears then offer some treat such as biscuits or cookies. In this way your dog will automatically convert his/her attention towards the provided treat and you will clean his ears properly.
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• For proper cleaning, bring some useful and safe tools. Ears of dog are same like ears of human beings so never use cotton swabs or any other tool in the case of small dogs. You should have a bag of cotton with you. If gloves for your hands are available then this would be a good option. Most important thing in this regard is ear rinse. Vetericiyn Ear Rinse is highly recommended by Cesar. This product contains no steroids, toxics, antibiotics and alcohol of any kind.
• Another important thing to be kept in mind before cleaning your dog’s ear is that to put all the required things near or closer to you. If you do not place all the things nearby then you will have to go again and again to get the required stuff. In this way your dog could run away and you will have to bring him back in position. So try keeping all the necessary and required materials and tools closer to you.
• In order to get good results, you must follow the rules. It means you have to do this process of cleaning the dog’s ear step by step. For example, start with inner ear. When you finish cleaning his inner ear then start cleaning the outer part of his ear. For this purpose, wet a ball of cotton by dipping it in a good quality ear rinse. With the help of this cotton ball, wipe the outer part of your pooch’s ear. Do the same for the inner ear.
• Repeat the cleaning process once a week at least.

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Steps of Cleaning Dog’s Ear

Vinegar Mixture
First of all, pour a 50/50 mixture of lukewarm water and vinegar into a bowl. There is no need of getting the excess of this mixture. Only little amount will be more than enough. Check the temperature of the mixture because it should not be too hot or too cold.

Dip a Ball of Cotton in the Prepared Mixture
After preparing the mixture, dip a ball of cotton in that mixture and squeeze the extra one. Make sure that the ball of cotton is not dripping, it should be wet only. If your canine is teeny one then divide the cotton ball into two small pieces.

Swab the Outer Ear of Your Dog
With the help of these cotton balls, gently remove all the debris and dirt you can easily see. Swabbing the outer ear may also take multiple balls of cotton. Use swabs of cotton for smaller dogs instead of balls of cotton. Make sure that you are not going too far into your canine’s ear because this will definitely harm him. This can also lead to hearing disorders and hearing disabilities in your canine. If you are doing all the steps very gently and carefully then you do not have to be worried about hurting your dog. Also try to be gentle towards the frontal area of your dog’s hearing canal.


Wrap Gauze Around Your Finger
After the successful completion of above mention steps, you have to wrap a small piece of gauze around your finger especially pointer finger. This is considered to be a kind of gentle alternative for a Q-Tip. You just hold the gauze in the right place with help of your index finger and thumb.

Moisten the Gauze with Cleaner
Next step is the moistening of the gauze with some good ear cleaner. For this purpose you have to consult the vet or any other dog expert. Keep one thing in mind, that there should not be too much moistener with the gauze. This will not harm the ears of your dog but still is necessary to remove the extra one.

Swab Inner and Outer Ear
Continue to swab very gently and softly. First swab the inner ear of your dog then go for the outer ear. You may need multiple gauzes for this purpose depending on the condition of your dog’s ear. You do not need to be afraid of going too deep into his inner ear so only focus on gentle swabbing.

When both inner and outer cleansing is done, reward your dog with some treat. In this way he will easily set for cleansing process for the next time. Try to repeat this procedure every seventh day. Regular cleaning will keep your dog away from many ear related ailments.

Authored by: DogLoveIt