How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Coat?

How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Coat?

Who would not like to keep a dog with shiny and healthy skin? Dogs are the most fun pets to keep. A happy dog is the one who is healthy and active. And a healthy dog is the one who has gleaming coat. Dog’s coat tells a lot about the physical and emotional condition of the dog. Having a look at your dog’s coat, you can tell everything about him. A shiny furry coat represents that your dog is enjoying good physical and emotional health. Dull and lifeless coat tells that something is wrong with your dog’s health. There are a lot of ways through which you can help your dog to have a shiny and healthy coat. Taking care of your dog’s nutrition is the best way to gift your dog a healthy coat. Following are the nutrition that must be the part o your dog’s diet in order for him to have lustrous fur.

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Fatty Acids
The most important nutrition that plays a great role in keeping your dog’s fur healthy is the fats. Healthy fats are essential for dogs and help them to grow healthy skin and fur. Unhealthy and dull coat usually come as a result of nutritional deficiencies. With the availability of quality pet foods, it is no more difficult to provide your pet with a nutritious diet. While selecting a food for your dog, presence of enough fatty acids must be kept in mind. If your dog is having a low quality commercial pet food or if the home made food that he takes is not properly balanced then he may face the problem of having unhealthy fur and skin. Low fat diets are not only dangerous in terms of fur but these may also lead your dog to get prone to various skin infections as well.

Omega-6 helps the dog to add shine to his fur and replaces the skin oils. If you want to fulfill the omega-6 requirement of your dog then you should probably start adding vegetable oils to your dog’s diet. Vegetable oil is a great source of omega-6 and will help your dog to develop healthy skin and shiny coat. You can also find various omega-6 supplements in the market. If you want to go with the natural food then you should use sunflower oil. These oils are omega-6 rich and serves best for the dogs. The amount of these oils that you should feed to your dogs depends on the size and age of your dog. For small and young dogs, one teaspoon of the oil served per meal works well. For the larger and older dogs you should increase the amount to one tablespoon. In order for the oil to be affective, it must be fresh. Old oils usually go rancid and lose their affectivity. If you are using pet food with omega-6 then you should not let the food get exposed to air for long because this way the fats will get oxidized and will lose its nutritious value.

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Omega-3 fatty acids serves best for dogs to keep them away from various skin diseases. With great anti-inflammatory effects, these fatty acids work against almost all kinds of skin allergies. Flaxseed oil and fish oil are the greatest sources of omega-3. These work great to get rid of itching and skin inflammation. Other than natural sources, you can also find various omega-3 supplements in the market that usually come in the form of liquid or capsules. Both liquid and capsule forms have their own pros and cons, where liquids are easy to feed; capsules are better packed against oxidation. Owners usually face problems in feeding their dogs with capsules. Snip tops are available through which the capsule may be endearing and oil is poured on the dog’s food so that the dog may not refuse to take it. Make sure that you feed your dog with the proper amounts of these fatty acids. Excessive use may lead to stomach problems and vomiting in dogs too.

How to Naturally Grow a Healthy Coat?
There are various ways to help your dog have a soft and shiny coat. Some of the natural ways for doing so are given below.

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1. Add salmon, tuna and sardines to your dog food. These help a lot to give your dog a healthy and gleaming coat.
2. Brushing may seem ineffective but it works wonders when it comes to growing a healthy coat. It stimulates the skin to produce more skin oils that play the vital role in adding shine to the dog’s hair. Brush your dog’s hair regularly and practice brushing at least once every day.
3. Do not bath your dog too much. Excessive bathing may lead to rough and lifeless fur as it takes away the required skin oil from the fur. Bathing your dog once or twice a month is good enough. Make sure that you use a high quality moisturizing shampoo that does not have any adverse affects on your dog’s hair. Select a vitamin E rich natural conditioner that will help your dog have great skin and fur.
4. If we talk about herbal remedies, horsetail works great as it is very rich in silica. It helps a lot in growing healthy skin and fur.
5. If your dog is facing skin problems and is having dull fur then you should probably give your dog an oatmeal bath. It has a very soothing effect and will leave the fur shinny and soft.
6. If your dogs do not have shelter from external element then he will develop thick and dry coat as a natural shelter. So it is very important to provide proper shelter to your pet especially in winters.

For making your dog have a shiny and soft fur that you would always love to touch, you need to take care of your dog’s nutrition. With a balanced diet and proper diet plan you can help your dog to enjoy good health. Lustrous fur comes as a result of healthy diet and proper bathing and brushing routine.

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