How to Make Your Dog Not to Fight With Other Dogs?

How to Make Your Dog Not to Fight With Other Dogs?

Aggression can be easily seen in the dogs that are under training. There are chances that your dog might indulge in the aggressive behavior if he meets other dogs. There are ways through which you can help your dog in order to overcome his aggression. The best way to deal with your dog’s aggression is to have his training started from the earlier age. If you start training your dog in late years then there are more chances for you to be failed.

There are various times when a dog can show signs of aggression. He can indulge in aggressive behavior due to following reasons:

• Your dog might be afraid of the new situation around him and might start showing signs of aggression to overcome that situation.
• Your dog might be irritated or frustrated by some kind of activity which is not liked by him.
• He might be anxious due to which he is likely to show signs of aggression.
• The dog might want to show dominance over other dogs therefore he might start showing aggression while meeting other dogs
• Some dog breeds are aggressive in nature and its not their fault at all

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Signs of Aggression in a Dog

The dogs can show various signs that might tell about their aggressive behavior. The signs and symptoms are as follows:

• Your dog might stand on his all four paws in an aggressive manner and might point repeatedly towards the reason of aggression.
• His face will be low towards ground and he might see things in a fixed manner while growling all along.
• Some dogs in aggression do not show any signs of excitement or happiness.
• You might see dogs baring their teeth and showing them off in a snarl.
• They might start barking a lot.
• They may start pulling on the leash and might want to get away from the owner.

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Overcome Dog’s Aggression When He Meets Other Dogs

There are certain ways through which you can control your dog’s aggression. If you apply these techniques with patience and wisdom, your dog might never be indulged in a fight with other dogs.
Train Your Dog to Socialize

Training your dog in order to socialize with other people and animal is very important. If you start taking your dog out of the house, he will get used to it and would not consider going out of the house a very big thing. The new situation and first encounter with new dogs might put him to aggressive mode. This might happen when your dog fights for dominance. However if your dog is trained to see new dogs daily while taking a walk then it must not be a big deal for him.

Socialization helps in getting your dog a lot of confidence and also let him enjoy the company of new friends. Thus socializing your dog from an early age is very important if you want your dog to be a great pet.

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Distract Your Dog

You can distract your dog in the aggressive situation to keep him calm. Your dog might start showing symptoms of aggression when he sees new dogs. The need for dominance or the fear of other dogs might put him to aggressive impulse. However in this situation, your duty is to keep your dog distracted from the other dogs.

You must not pull on the leash or yell at your dog to change the route but you must distract him in any, case. Try to stay calm and relaxed while your pup is busy watching other dogs. He may look in aggressive behavior that can be really difficulty for you to handle but you have to keep yourself relaxed in this kind of situation. Be confident and then try to divert your dog’s attention somewhere else. You can do it by smoothly tugging the dog away from other approaching dogs or just uttering ‘calm’ and other reassuring words to him. This helps the dogs surely and also brings down the level of their aggression.

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Putting on a Muzzle
If your dog is from one of the aggressive breeds then it is better to put on a muzzle whenever you leave your house. Getting a muzzle will allow your dog to control his aggression. It will be very safe to be around him in these kinds of situations as well. The muzzle will also protect him from indulging in a fight with other dogs.

Protecting Your Dog from Other Dogs

There are different kinds of dog breeds and all have distinct patterns of behavior. However, if you think that your dog is showing an aggressive behavior when he sees other dogs, simply protect your dog while keeping him away from rude dogs or aggressive ones. Another aggressive dog might set your own dog’s aggression. So keeping him far away from these kinds of dogs is the best solution. Also there might be certain type of people who irritate dogs so beware of these kinds of guys and never let them disturb your pooch.

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Reward and Praise Your Dog

Always reward and praise your dog when he does not show aggression towards other dogs. Keep uttering words of praise and also offer a treat after the situation is under control. Your dog in turn will behave very well if you keep the reward consistent. For that purpose you must have to feed the dog with his favorite snacks. This strengthens his behavior of controlling aggression or avoiding the aggressive stimuli.


Training your dog to stay under control can be a long process. You might feel yourself getting frustrated with your dog’s behavior at times. However if you train him with will and all the patience, he will start behaving in accordance with your demands. Remember practice is the only key to success while training your dog. Along with that you need to praise, offer constant love and reward to your dog to teach him anything you want.

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