How to Keep Your Pooch from Eating the Poop?

How to Keep Your Pooch from Eating the Poop?

As being the dog owner you must like him for many reasons. He looks cute when he smiles, kisses at your face and chase the squirrels. You like his face expressions when you blow in his eyes or ears and he shakes his head amazingly. On the other hand, there must be some certain type of habits of your dog that makes you annoyed at times and you are unable to find a way to break his nasty habits. But you have to be smart and do this job through some trick so your dog must leave the bad habits because of which you often have to experience embarrassment in front of your loved ones. As being the owner of canine, you need to understand this fact, that you are the one who must be very patient if you really want to make him leave his bad habits.

dog eating poop

However, it is a very common fact about pets that they develop some nasty habits that definitely try the patience of their owners. If you talk to some professional trainer, vet or any dog owner then everyone will agree at this point that each and every dog has some major and minor nasty habits. There are different common nasty habits that are found in dogs so let us discuss how to break your pet from doing such mean acts.

Eating of Poop by Dogs – The Most Disgusting Habit

Eating of poop by the canine is very major nasty habit and is sometimes known as coprophagia. It is considered as the natural behavior in the canines and is more than disgusting. Canines are totally hard wired in order to get food from every possible source present in their environment. To canines, poop is just a kind of taste sensation. This is the true case with puppies because their feces are considered as of the same texture to the food they got from their mom. It is difficult for an owner to control this habit of his dog. Majority of puppies normally grow out of it.

dog eating poop3

Many breeding female dogs are somehow naturally inclined to do poop scooping. This poop scooping is their own. They eat their poop because sometimes they want to clean their little territory especially when they leave a prominent mess. Some canines go for eating poop because they want to alleviate their stress and get attention from their owners.

Eating Feces of Other Pets

Another important reason behind eating of poop in dogs is because of their poor quality diet. Those dogs who have some poor quality diet and are not able to digest their food properly give their poop a secondary chance. They eat their poop in order to digest it properly. In the cases where both dogs and cats are living together, dogs also eat the feces of cat because it is considered more nutritious than the feces of the dog. There is greater amount of protein present in the feces of cat and cats are not able to digest their food properly. In this way eating the feces of another pet is also a disgusting nasty habit of a canine.


Eating of poop may also is a result of some serious health issues. Nutrient deficiency or pancreatic insufficiency can come under this category. According to many dog owners, their dogs can have some serious health issues if they eat their own poop. But this is not the case with all dogs because those dogs that are vaccinated and are healthy are at very low risk for any health issue. Snaking on the poop of neighborhood can lead to the picking of some worms by the dog but with the help of some special programs in this regard will help your dog in getting or maintaining good health. Fecal screening in terms of intestinal parasites must be done at least twice a year at any vet’s office. You must give some suggested medication of heartworm in order to prevent your pooch from serious intestinal worms.

How Keep Your Dog from Eating Poop

Now the question arises that how one can prevent his or her dog from corophagia? One thing to keep in mind is that if your dog is eating or snaking on his own poop or on anyother pet’s poop then this is a totally a natural process. To him, such a habit is considered as delicious and rewarding. |In this way your best training tool is the removal of dog’s temptation and rewarding because of such preferred behaviors. Try to scoop your yard frequently and put the litter box of the cat out of reach from your dog. If your canine is larger than the cat then this covered cat box will be all that is required. You can go for putting Fido on completely high protein, low diet and low carbohydrates because this will also do the trick. You can easily have some special additives for pet foods. Because of these additives, poop of your canine becomes less palatable. According to many dog owners, a teaspoon of pineapple, meat tenderizer or spinach also works absolutely well. You should not scold your canines for their habit of eating poop. In cases where stress is the reason behind this nasty habit, then try to reduce or end that stress or take care of the reason of that stress. By doing so, such a nasty habit will come to end for sure.

dog eating poop2

The Butt Scootch

Butt scooting is also another nasty habit among the pets. If your pet is used to do so in public or even in private area, then it can surely be a cause of embarrassment for you. This behavior of pets can also be a sign of worms. Different odor removers and enzyme action pet stain remover are available at any vet store for breaking such habit. You can go for these treatments if you want to eliminate odors or stains that are caused by the urine or feces of the pet. In this way your pet will leave this nasty habit quickly.

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