How Dogs’ Company Can Help Toddlers

How Dogs’ Company Can Help Toddlers

There is no doubt about the fact that dogs are the best pets. They are loyal, they are interactive and very brave. It is extremely rewarding to keep a dog as a pet because he responds amazingly to training, care and love. A dog becomes your best friend, your night guard, your guardian angel and a constant companion. Dogs are the only animals that combat loneliness. They are often said to fight off depression, anxiety and any other kind of emotional instability. So it goes without saying that if you plan to keep a pet, a dog is without a doubt the best and wisest choice in any way.
But an important question arises, especially for people who have families. Are dogs good for toddlers? Should you keep a dog, or get a new one if you have a toddler in your family? Well, unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. While many people say that puppies can be bad for toddlers and babies, it is not true. Unless your child has health problems, and should be kept away from animals, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a pup in the presence of a toddler. A puppy helps in the emotional, physical as well as mental development of the child. Not only this but also, it is a great guardian angel.

A Stronger and Healthier Baby

Getting a puppy when you have a toddler in the house has many health benefits. While they promote mental health, they also prepare a strong and more immunized body for the future. As strange as it may sound, toddlers who grow in the presence of puppies tend to be healthier and less prone to diseases than other kids. When you bring a puppy home, a toddler is extremely fascinated, and spends most of the time in the company of the puppy. Since the toddler’s body is constantly close to the puppy, it adapts to fighting off allergies and sicknesses that other children experience in later life. The main logic behind this is that a kid is too young to be exposed to such bacteria yet, but once it is, the body learns to defend itself against such allergies. The toddler’s body becomes habituated to being around animals at a very young age, and after some initial sickness, it quickly becomes immune to such allergies. This proves to be quite a help as the child grows up.

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Puppies Compel Toddlers to Run

While these are the biological benefits of having a puppy around a toddler, there are numerous other health benefits as well. One major and very important health benefit is physical activity. In the current lifestyle, children do not have much inclination for physical activities. If the love for physical exercise is induced in the child at a young age, it will remain somewhat habituated to him throughout his life. And a puppy is the best way to encourage physical activity. As the puppy itself is young, it is more active and less prone to sitting as compared to an adult dog. Puppies are fascinating to toddlers, and it prompts them to chase around and play with the puppies. This way, your kid not only develops a healthy and sound physique, but also starts to love physical activity at a very young age.

Therefore, your child will grow so will the puppy. The childhood habit of being physically active with the puppy will result in an active child. Playing and running around with the puppy will become a daily activity, and as the dog grows with your child, it will change to playing new games or taking the dog for a walk. Either way, a daily exercise plan that your child will love should become a permanent part of his or her life.
Emotional Development

It goes without saying that having a young dog staying with a young child will help a lot in the emotional development. For both the puppy and the toddler, they will be age mates. They play with each other and develop an emotional attachment. Puppy will teach your child the basic values of love, care, friendship and companionship. In many cases, a child is well trained for company, and being interactive before attending school. This is the result of being close to your childhood pup. Before even attending school, your child will know the meaning of friends, sharing and also how to take care of others.

Puppies are also great pacifiers for young children, if your child is bawling, then nothing soothes a toddler like a playful pup. As your puppy and your toddler grow up, the dog becomes a way to relieve anxiety, tension and depression. The dog becomes an emotionally fulfilling companion for life for the kid.

Last but not the least; a young puppy is helpful in teaching your child to be responsible. Obviously you will do most of the chores for your puppy, but by watching you, your toddler will learn how to be responsible for someone else. Teaching responsibility to a small child can be difficult, but it can be easily achieved if you have a puppy. A puppy will be dear to your kid, and this will compel him to be responsible towards him. Your toddler will try to keep him from harm, and will care for his needs.

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Dogs are Guardian Angels
A dog, even a young pup, Can be an effective guardian for your toddler. Dogs have an amazing affinity for their owners and friends, and will do everything in their power to protect them. There have been many instances where young children have been saved by their young puppies, from dangerous animals, from getting lost, or from getting into an accident. The size and age of the dog does not matter in such situations. What matters is that dogs, even young puppies, react instinctively to help people in danger. Incidents where young puppies have fought of cougars and rattlesnakes for young children are quite famous, and well known. They prove that your child will have a guardian angel wherever it goes.

Authored by: DogLoveIt