Helping Your Dog to Socialize in an Incredible Way

Helping Your Dog to Socialize in an Incredible Way

Dogs must be considered social animals just like the human beings are. However they require a lot of training in order to behave in the desired way while socializing with others. Your dog, if not properly trained, can show symptoms of aggression, sadness, anxiety and fear while socializing with others at times. Thus it is a must for you to train your dog in a way that he socializes in your desired way every time you take him out. This is only possible if the owner spends time in training his dog with care and love. Along with that loads of patience is required for you to help your dog train to be the best pet. However if the training is done perfectly, you will become the owner of a very decent and socialized pet.

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Why Do You Need Your Dog to Be Socialized?

It is very important that your dog becomes a socialized pet. As a dog he is not used to meet strangers including humans and animals and it can turn him into a shy dog. Along with that he can develop symptoms of anxiety due to the fear that he might feel because of the unknown people. Besides that there are other problems such as experiencing anxiety, a dog can feel anxious while facing new situations. Thus if your dog is not trained to counter new situation of meeting new people or even new dogs then he might face any of these problems. At times if socialization is not present, the dog can indulge in an aggressive behavior that can be really harmful for the owner and anybody who is around that dog. There are a few tips and techniques that dog owners can use in order to help their dogs to socialize:

Start from Playing out of Your House

If you will keep your puppy in your home, he will never get used to the new situations. You need to take him out of the house in order to change his environment. This can be done by applying small steps too. The dog can be taken out for a walk and can be given a treat on the successful attempt of keeping himself calm. Make it a routine for your dog to spend time outside the house at least twice a week.

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Getting the Dog Acquainted with New People
Some dog owners tend to keep their dogs away from the people visiting their house. They tend to chain their dogs or lock them so they may not disturb the visitors. However if you encourage others to interact with your dog then it will help him to socialize easily. Ask others to pat the dog with love and also let your dog go near the visitors at your place. This will give confidence to your dog and will surely keep all the anxiety about new situations at bay. If your dog is not used to be around other people then he will get scared and will bark or even bite others.

Taking Your Dog for a Walk Regularly

Taking the dog for a walk is a must if you want him to be better socialized animal. The walk helps the dog to get familiar with his surroundings as it also helps him to be with other people besides his owner. A morning walk is an excellent opportunity to see other dogs. If your dog gets overly excited or starts barking on other dogs, then simply distract him from the situation. Yelling on your dog in this condition or pulling on the leash will increase his odd behavior. Thus the best way to deal with this kind of situation is to ignore and get him distracted if there are no chances for anybody getting hurt. A proper routine will condition your dog to see different people and animals around and he will get used to this kind of situation.


Using Muzzle
Using a muzzle is must in certain conditions. If you think that your dog is aggressive then you must put on the muzzle when he approaches other dogs. Otherwise he might hurt other dogs. There are lesser chances of dog brawls and injuries when dogs have their muzzles on. There are different kinds of muzzles that are available in market and you might find a funny one for your dog too.

Training by Bring the Change in Behavior

You have to shape the behavior of socialization of your dog in a step by step process. If you think that there are different kinds of situations that your dog is not familiar with then you can easily introduce him to various kinds of circumstances. However the thing that you must keep in mind is to start with the smaller activity. If you are planning to have him spending time with other dogs then you will have to start from just introducing him to other dogs for a small time. This must be done in full supervision by a trainer or owner. Later on you can increase the exposure when you think he has gained enough socialization skills to move on to upper level.

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Thus there are so many ways through which you can make your dog spend great time at home and outside. If you train your dog with patience then you will come to see that your dog will certainly learn all the skills that you require in order to make him mix in society. The dogs have a nature of their own and they also have mood swings like humans. The best way to be your dog’s trainer is to be his friend. Once you start understanding his emotions and body language then you will be able train him the way you want to. The only thing that is required by you is to have a keen observation and enough patience while handling your best friend. Training your own dog brings you great joy so you must try it!

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