Grooming of Your Dog – How to Make It Easier for You?

Grooming of Your Dog – How to Make It Easier for You?

When it comes to grooming, dogs always need help from their human companions whether they carry loutish hair, long hair or short. However it is a test for those who have just brought a new pet at home and they might have to experience some challenges. Normally the new dog owners only rely on bathing, brushing and combing the hair of their dogs but they forget to do much which is required by the dogs when they are wet such as drying their hair, especially in winter season. On the other hand, they may use different tools to dry their hair and may have trouble while doing that.

If you are a new dog owner, you are more like to make different mistakes on your part and following are the solutions to the above mentioned issues. So stay alert!

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Be a Trained Dog Owner

If you are not trained to do the grooming part, then most probably you are going to have lots trouble during the grooming session and of course, you are about to make your pet annoyed as well. You are lucky enough if you have brought a pup that is just few months old. Now your job is to make him used to bathing, combing, brushing and other similar activities. If you can handle him from day one, it will make your life easier in coming future. So trained yourself and make your dog habitual of all this.

You must be patient and calm during the process of dog’s grooming. Also don’t forget to add the various positive reinforcement tactics to make your dog feel comfortable.

If you have a dog that is not used to grooming sessions then you must make these sessions pretty short initially. Then keep on increasing the duration of the sessions gradually. It will help you and your dog both in very positive manner.

Decide the length of grooming session and end up the activity when you are done. Never end up just because your dog is frustrated, otherwise he will learn this trick quickly and will realize the way to make you stop the session any time.

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If you are the person who can’t be remain calm and patient during the grooming sessions such as cleaning the teeth or ear washing hairs then better you should hire some professional for this job.

Wet Hairs Are More Likely to Be Tangled
Matted fur is one of the biggest troubles for the dog owners to deal with. To deal with this issue, you have to understand the causes behind the matted fur. If you have a dog with long fur, then he is more likely to experience the mats and painful tight tangles especially with wet fur. You must brush out the dead and tangled hair before you take your dog for a walk in the rain, snow or if you have a plan to give him a bath.

In many cases, to avoid the trouble, dog owners have to shave the dogs’ skin. But shaving or uncomfortable brushing can be easily avoided if you can brush your dog quickly before giving him a bath. Also after you are done washing your dog and once the skin is dried, you must comb his hairs to take out all the dead and tangled hairs. Also if you feel difficulty while combing him, you may use the conditioner as well for the smoothness of his hairs.

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Don’t Create Bad Grooming Habits in Your Dog

When you are trying to train your pet, definitely he looks cute when he snaps anxiously at garden hose, shakes his head amazingly when you blow in the ears or if he likes to chase the vacuum or hair dryer. No doubt, you enjoy all this, but you are making him to act like this when you are seriously doing the grooming session. This type of practice makes the grooming session really difficult either you do it on your own or you hire some professional groomer. Also you are making your dog to get scared of all this.

You need to kwon that professional grooming sessions involve the usage of different kinds of tools and equipments that shake, blow air, vibrate and spray on your dog. So you have to be very keen that you are not teaching your dog to run away or bite when such equipments are turned on. Hence, you have to make sure that your dog experience all this positively.

On the other hand, playing with paws, softly grabbing the ears, jowls or tails makes the grooming process easier. This is the way to make your dog feel comfortable while touching all these parts and he will not react aggressively during the grooming sessions.


Don’t Ignore Grooming in Winter Season

Most of the dog owners consider that the dogs’ fur is good enough to protect them from the cold weather. At the same time, they ignore the importance of the grooming which makes the fur of the dog vulnerable. Especially it becomes difficult for the dogs in winter or right after the winter due to lack of grooming.

When grooming is ignored during the winter season, matting is supposed to happen right before the winter season ends. If this happens to your dog, then there will be only one possible solution that you must opt for the short shave of your dog. If you really want to prevent a bald dog in coming spring season, then you must do the regular grooming sessions even in winter as well.

Bottom line is that regular grooming sessions and training your dog to go through grooming sessions smoothly will help you to achieve your goal of having a clean and healthy pet.

Do you have often issues with grooming of your dog? What are major issues that you normally encounter while having grooming sessions of your dog? Share with us the issues, thoughts and comments to make others aware of all what you have to go through while dealing with your dog.

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