Go One Step Further – Teach Your Dog How To Dance!

Go One Step Further – Teach Your Dog How To Dance!

For anyone who owns a dog, they know how amazing their lives have become ever since they’ve adopted or brought a pet dog. In fact, for most people dogs are more like family members than pets. You will see many plaques and dog related paraphernalia in the home of an avid dog owner. It may include things like “We love our dogs more than we like you!” or “Dogs sit on the couch here!” And why shouldn’t they love their pets? Dogs are the most faithful, loving and compassionate animals you can find, unless you’re a stranger or you’ve caught them on a bad day.

Dogs Are Very Smart Animals!

Dogs are exceptionally bright and intelligent animals. They can be taught to do so many brilliant things! Of the many things that dogs have learnt to do, there’s being eyes for the blind, being love for the sick and being guards for the scared. Dogs can truly be trained to be amazing companions. They are gentle and loving. You must have seen dogs snuggled up with babies, becoming their protectors for life. Once a dog loves you, you are its entire universe for the rest of its life. To you, he may be a pet, to him, you’re his whole world.


There are many instances of where a brilliant dog was able to save a person’s or a child’s life, such as the story where a pit-bull saved the life of a young boy. Simple tricks such as sit, stand and fetch are the easiest and fun tricks to teach your dog. Whatever the trick may be, remember that teaching your dog requires a lot of time and patience, and also, a lot of treats! Of the many tricks that dogs can learn, the most fascinating has to be the dancing.

Can Dogs Dance?

Actually, yes! Dogs can indeed be taught to do the cutest little dances in the world! Of course you can’t expect your dogs to do the foxtrot, samba or the tango. But you can teach them to do an adorable little freestyle routine or they can dance with you! Dancing doggies are amazing to watch and even more fun to teach! It won’t be easy or a one-time thing, teaching your dog to dance, but in the end, all the hard work, patience and treats will pay off and you and your fluffy partner can burn the dance floor!

Dancing Dogs From Around The World!

If you’ve been on the internet, you must have heard about Roxie, the doggie that can boogie! Roxie, a stunning seven-year-old Pug/Dachshund mix has been dancing freestyle with owner Kris Hurley from Oklahoma. There are videos of the adorable dog dancing with the owner to lovely music, and it looks like a true work of art! Miss Hurley has been dancing with dogs for nearly two decades now, and says that it has been a great experience, with a lot of funny and heartwarming moments. There are now associations such as the CFF or Canine Freestyle Federation that are associated with this form of entertainment that has become a competitive sport now!


How to Train Your Dog to Dance

Of course, you don’t need to start teaching your dog to participate in competitions. You can simply do it as a fun way of teaching your dog a new trick and also getting to spend time with your dog. In reality, canine freestyle is nothing more than fun tricks set in time to a rhythm along with a bit of canine obedience training and some fun costumes! There is one easy way that you can train your dog to dance!

Reward & Incentive Method

The reward and incentive method is the most used and the very effective method to train dogs not just to dance, but to do anything! This method includes teaching your dog to do simple tricks by giving them a treat every time they do the thing right. You should, however, also treat and encourage them even when they do it wrong so that they would feel more confident. This method works best as a combination of treats, petting and encouragement and makes your dog feel comfortable and confident.

Best Technique to Use

The best technique to use is to go slow and to use plenty of treats. The steps you can use to train your dog to dance are as follows:

1.Stand or sit facing your dog. Hold one of your dogs’ favorite treats in your hand and show it while lifting up your hand so that they follow with their eyes, and finally stand on their hind legs to try to reach it.

2.Now you can give them the treat. Repeat the exercise many times, increasing the time span of the wait gradually so that the dog is standing for longer periods of time. In the time being, shift the treat from right hand to the left and make a motion with your right hand each time, saying the word dance.

3.Once your dog can stand for a longer time, start moving your hand with the treat in a circle, making your dog follow it. Start small, with quarter circle and then moving to half. Remember to have plenty of patience and treats. Eventually, your dog will begin to turn in a full circle.

4.Practice the dance step with less frequent treats and soon you will have a pooch that can do freestyle dancing on a single command! Always remember to have plenty of encouraging words for your dog.


Lights, Camera, Music!

Now that you’ve taught your dog a basic freestyle move, practice with music, costumes and different positions. Once you’ve found a routine the two of you are comfortable with, it’s time to find a dance floor and show off! With plenty of practice, you may even be ready to start competing!
Who says you can’t teach an old dog the new tricks?

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