Five Steps to Help You to Find a Lost Dog

Five Steps to Help You to Find a Lost Dog

When your dog becomes lost and you are unable to locate him after searching around your home and grounds, what should you do? You may be worried and anxious when you don’t know how to find your dog and bring him home. Whether you live in the country or town, it is important to locate him as soon as possible. The longer he is lost, the more likely it is that he might get hurt or sick.

You will need to calm down and think rationally, because only speed and thoroughness can help you bring your dog home to safely. Here are five simple steps to help you find your dog when he is missing and you cannot think of anywhere else to look.

Step One: Searching for Your Dog

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1. Decide if your missing dog is somewhere playing games with you, or if he is really lost. If you cannot find your dog, begin searching for the lost pet in all of the places he loves. Your dog may not be lost, but could be hiding somewhere, playing hide and seek with you. Once you have looked everywhere, called his name many times and brought out all of his favorite toys without any luck, it is time for you to do something right away.

2. Start searching all of the places your missing dog might want to go, and check all of his favorite places. Ask your family, friends and neighbors who knew your dog to help you search within several miles radius from your home’s location, or where your dog was last seen. Aside from calling his name, you can also make other noises such as his favorite squeaky toy or the crumpling of a food bag, which might be heard from very far away by your dog.

3. Remain calm and try to think clearly so you do not forget any important details or look over something that might be important. If you find your dog is excitable and likes to play games with other people and animals, do not chase him or he might mistake your efforts as playful and run away again. You can coax the dog with toys and talk with him in a soft voice.

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Step Two: Asking Others for Help

When you have done all the things mentioned in step one and still cannot find your beloved dog, and your dog has been missing for 24 hours, it is time to ask the public for assistance. Follow the instructions below to seek help from the public.

1. Make ads and leaflets to hang everywhere, and hand them out to people you talk with to spread the word. Design an ad or flyer using a recent picture of your dog, including a detailed description, to help people recognize him when they see him. If possible, offer a small reward to the people who help you look for your dog. This will often motivate people to help you look for, and hopefully find, your missing dog.

2. Visit animal shelters and rescue organizations, taking a picture of your missing dog to leave with personnel. There are many volunteers and visitors, who frequent dog shelters and dog rescue organizations, and one of them may have seen your dog, or your dog might be a resident at the shelter. You will need visit these places every other day until your pet is found, as sometimes volunteers might not recognize your dog from the picture.

3. Local TV, radio stations and social media can also help you find your lost dog if you ask for help. There are many people who love dogs and will want to help you find your beloved pet. Facebook is another great way to find a lost pet, thanks to the many groups found that are related to animals. Also, someone may have your dog and not know how to contact you. This person will likely be watching for you to advertise or post a plea for help finding your dog.

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Step Three: Helping your Dog Find his Way Home

Your dog will likely try his best to come back home if he has gotten lost. Sometimes, lost dogs just cannot find their way back home. As we all know, dogs have a sharp sense of smell and this can be used to help your dog find its way back home. You can leave a note describing something about your lost dog with some clothing which you’ve worn recently without washing. Put it on the ground and leave a dish of water beside it, but do not be tempted to leave food, or it will attract other animals. If your dog is downwind or nearby, he will come to that spot and lay where he can smell your clothing, as this is comforting to your pet. Be sure to check this spot often to see if your dog has come back.

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Step Four: Staying Positive and Holding On to Hope

Stay positive and believe that your dog is much smarter than you may think. There are many stories on the news about dogs that travel many miles to be reunited with their owners, even after one or more years. You should always try to be positive and look for hope that your lost dog will soon be home. Do not give up until a reliable conclusion has been made. Perhaps your dog has gone courting with a beautiful lady and has forgotten all about coming home. If this is the case, the romance will soon end and your dog will come find you.

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Step Five: Waiting and Watching

Sometimes, your dog might start missing you after you have called off the search or have begun forgetting to check regularly. You may have to deal with people who say they have found your dog, whether they mean to hurt you or actually believe the dog is yours. Some people will just want to claim the reward, although they have never seen your dog. You can check their honesty by intentionally giving a false detail to see if they catch the error.

For example, “Does the dog have a white mark on its tail?” If your dog doesn’t have the mark, the man may give you a wrong answer, thinking this is what you want to hear. You can ask the person to meet you in a public place with the dog, and go with a relative or friend to meet them. When your beloved pooch is in your arms, pay off the reward.

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Hopefully, with all of these tips and helpful hints, you will be reunited with your lost dog very soon. Those who keep a dog should always be on alert for other dogs that are missing. Take the time to get your dog micro-chipped so even if you cannot find him, the veterinarian or animal shelter will be able to contact you through a database that contains all of your contact information. When they find your dog, you will be glad you took the time to get the dog’s microchip.

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