Ever Thought of Your Dog Being Smart Enough to Say Where You Live?

Ever Thought of Your Dog Being Smart Enough to Say Where You Live?

No, the dogs do not possess any kind of GPS technology in them with a display to show a map. Rather, it’s the stats released by Kennel Club which shows a strange but interesting graph of people owning dogs according to different areas of London. Basically it is about lifestyle and accommodation that people take care of while choosing a dog. Classic, smooth-coated Chihuahua for stylish living of Islington while teeny-weenier, glossy-coated pugs for city living; this is how dogs show where you live in London!

Famous Labs
Talking about Lab, not chemistry lab but Labrador Retriever is the most fascinating thing off course. Owning Labrador in London would eventually tells anyone that you live in South West London. South West London which primarily is residential area is recorded with the ownership of Lab being a type of gun dog. It’s also seen doing well with the ownership of conventional breeds as Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever.

Famous Labs

Smooth Coated Chihuahua
Northern London including Camden and Islington has the popularity of Chihuahua with figure growing equal to 218 percent. This diminutive dog is famous for hiding under covers. The alert, quick and devoted Chihuahuas are best rating for North West London and had been popularized by celebrities such as Paris Hilton.

Pugs – Endearing Faces
The short muzzled, wrinkly faced pugs have made it to be one of the top 10 breeds in north London. A 20 perecnt rise in its popularity has been seen in last five years. Pugs lure for constant companionship. One of their famous fans is Jonathan Ross.


German Shepherd – The Love
The large sized German Shepherd has gained popularity in Hampstead Heath, Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill of the north-west London where they get enough space to their rough play. German shepherds are very intelligent and need exercise otherwise they become easy target of boredom.

Spaniel – The King
The West London which includes Mayfair and Chelsea has imperial taste in royalty. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is their only choice. Wait, it’s not the name of some prince from 18th century. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is small dog with affectionate and patient nature and is always eager to please you. According to the statistics, Cavalier is the 6th most popular dog in United Kingdom with 11,422 registrations in a single year. It is assumed to be a symbol of wealth and connections.


Miniature Schnauzer
Small apartment attracts small dogs. Perhaps that’s why east London famous for Miniature Schnauzer. The very square-shaped build with 13 to 14 inches tall pooch have double coat with thin fur and spongy undercoat. This obedient yet alert Miniature Schnauzer has world wide popularity.

English Bulldog
One of the oldest breed of United Kingdom with emotionless appearance and strong carriage has made Bulldog a sign of being British. From 2009-2013, registration were around 403 percent. They excellent family pets English bulldog – gentle, protective and easy to groom.

English Bulldogs

French Bulldog
French Bulldog also known as “Frenchie” is the fastest growing breed with registrations up to 605 percent in last five years whereas a huge 885 percent in east London. Its small size suits small flats. The nature of French bulldog is very friendly especially with children.

Dachshund – Smooth Haired
Dachshund is a short-legged long-bodied dog which belongs to Hounds. They are popular in South London and 6th on the list of top 10. They are playful but can be stubborn being the hunting dog.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier
The medium sized “staffy”, Staffordshire, is short-coated, medium sized English dog 5th most popular breed in East London. Though individual difference in personality exists yet common characteristics exist throughout the Staffies. Due to its breeding and history, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is known for its character of fearlessness and loyalty. It’s one of the most popular breed in entire London.

West Highland White Terrier, the Scottish
West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as westy is Scottish white coated dog. This dog is an icon of media as it has been on aired in films, advertisements and TV shows. It is popular in South London.

West Highland White Terrier, the Scottish

Golden Retriever – Water Repellant
Golden Retriever is on the list of most popular breeds in London. They are a long-coated breed, with a dense inner coat that provides them with sufficient warmth when outdoors, and an outer coat that lies flat against their bodies and repels water. Astonishing if you thought only watches are water repellant!

In addition to accommodation and living criterion, the matter of choosing a dog also depends upon their master’s personality and style as believed by the people. There is no other reason of people living in Mayfair prefer royalty in dogs as well.

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