Eight Renowned Dogs of Presidents That Enjoyed the Luxury at Oval Office

Eight Renowned Dogs of Presidents That Enjoyed the Luxury at Oval Office

1. Buddy & Socks Clinton

President Bill Clinton spent a big portion of his life with dogs. His very favorite dog is Buddy. He got Buddy in December 1997. At that time Buddy was only 3 months old. Since then, both President Clinton and Buddy became true buddies. When this cute puppy arrived at the president house, he announced his arrival to reporters. It was told by his spokesman named Mike McCurry that their president got a cute puppy because he really wanted to have a true and loyal friend in Washington. The name Buddy was given to his pet by Clinton himself. He took this name from the name of his uncle Henry Buddy who had died. After his death, Clinton gave the name to his pet Buddy. On the other hand, there was also another very prominent pet of Henry Clinton named Socks. She was a pet cat of Clinton. Her cat was also very playful and gregarious like Buddy. President Clinton was accompanied by these two pets in his Oval Office. He also used to take his pets on different trips along him.


2. Millie Bush
Millie was a pet dog of George H. W. Bush. She was given the name ‘Millie’ for a very close family friend of Bush. Millie is also his granddaughter’s name. Millie was the most popular dog in the history of White House. Bush mentioned his dog many times in his speeches. According to him, Millie knew more about country and its foreign affairs than the opposition candidates of Bush. His pet dog has also the credit of an author of famous book Millie. She died in the age of 12 in 1997 because of pneumonia. After her death, a dog park in Texas was named on her name. His pet Millie put the Aww in oval office.

Millie Bush

3. Liberty Ford
Liberty was known as the pet of Berald Ford and Betty Ford. She was born in February 1974. This pet dog was given to President Ford as a gift by his daughter Susan Ford. Liberty was only 8 months old that time. The White House was completely taken over by this pet dog. She remained with President Ford all the time and became the center of focus for reporters. She died in 1984.

Berald Ford and Betty Ford

4. Him Johnson
Lyndan Johnson was very prominent president of the United States. He has a strong passion to have dogs. He was seen with his two favorite pets named Him and Her. President Johnson was often seen playing with these two pets. There are so many photographs of President Johnson with his two buddies. In November of the year 1964, Her was found dead at the White House. She died because she swallowed a heavy stone. On the other hand, Him died two years later in the month of June. Him died because of a car accident. He was hit in the lawn of White House by a vehicle when he was chasing a squirrel.


5. Shadrach Kennedy
John F. Kennedy was 35th president of the U.S. He was also a well known political leader. If we look at her personal life then we come to know that there was no prominent pet of Kennedy. You can easily see in the picture that there is no puppy here in this case. Kennedy is not that much passionate about having any kind of pet. He had a seven inch salamander Shadrach which he has received as a gift from his nephew Bobby Kennedy (Robert Kennedy by other resources). Robert Kennedy was only seven years old that time and he found this salamander Shadrach in a pond of water. His pet was really an awe-inspiring pet.

Shadrach Kennedy

6. Fala Roosevelt
Fala was a very famous pet dog that was raised by President Roosevelt. As reported, Fala was born on 7 April, 1940 and President Roosevelt got him as a gift from Mrs. Augustus of Westport. His pet arrived at the president house (The White House) on November 10, 1940. Fala was very favorite pet dog of President Roosevelt. When Fala was a puppy, ‘Big Boy’ name was given to him but was later changed by Roosevelt. He himself gave the name of Fala to his dog. Just like his owner Roosevelt, Fala also became a well known celebrity by appearing in different pictures and videos with President Roosevelt. There is also a complete movie or documentary made on Fala in 1942. You would really laugh to read that Fala also had his personal secretary in order to give response to all those letters which millions of people wrote for him.

Fala Roosevelt2

7. King Tut Hoover
Herbert Hoover is known as the 31st president of the U.S. Both Hoover and his wife were passionate to keep dogs. His favorite pet dog was King Tut. Tut was a German shepherd and was acquired by Hoover when he was in Belgium for President Wilson’s assignment. It is said that, during his time, White House was filled with many dogs. He also had two fox terries named Sonnie and Big Ben, a settler named Gillette, a Malamut named Yukon. Weejie, Pat, and some other German shepherds were also in the list of Hoover’s pets. But among them, Tut was prominent.

King Tut Hoover

8. Coolidge’s Canine
Here come canines of Calvin Coolidge. He was very fond of pets especially dogs. At this point we would like to point out a famous quote of Calvin Coolidge which he said in this regard. He said, “Any man who does not like dogs or even does not want to have one, does not deserve to be in the White House”. This saying of Coolidge reflects his passion for dogs. Both Calvin and his wife were fond of pets, as you can see them with their pet canine in the below displayed picture. They raised so many pets including a wallaby, a mock bird, raccoons and a bear cub.
Coolidge’s Canine

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