Effects of Chaining and Tethering on Your Dog’s Behavior

Effects of Chaining and Tethering on Your Dog’s Behavior

Chaining or tethering basically refers to the binding or strapping a dog to some fixed object. It is usually done in the backyards in order to keep the dog under the control of the owner. The period of taking the dog to a walk on a leash will not be considered as the chaining or tethering period. Chaining a dog is indeed against the nature of the animal. Dogs are not supposed to live their lives in chains and bondage. The feeling of being confined to certain place and being trapped badly makes the dogs go crazy and out of control. Emergence of such feelings has a great negative effect on the psychology of these animals. Such dogs are very hard to train and they always give the trainers a very difficult time.

In some case, the dogs that have spent a part of their lives in such confinement even become un-trainable creatures. Chaining creates the feelings of aggression and anger in these animals and makes them behave violently. Research has shown that most of the biting cases involve those dogs who have been kept in bondage for quite a long period of time. Such dogs will never like to miss a chance to run away from this trap. And they may attack the owner to gain their freedom even if it is for few moments. Tethering makes the dog stressed and ill tempered. It will develop boredom and anxiety in dogs that would certainly lead to their aggressive behavior.

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Chaining Violates the Dog’s Nature

Dogs are considered to be the social beings. They love to interact with the humans and animals around them. Chaining a dog is something completely against the nature of a dog. Dogs are known as the social pack animals that used to play around and interact with each other like the “pack” members. With the passage of times, these wild animals have transformed into domestic ones. Domestication has made the dog seek care and shelter from the human beings. So, humans have become their new pack members. They have become the members of our families since they do not have other fellow dogs to accompany them. Chaining a dog actually make them live in solitary confinement which is totally against the nature of dogs, as they always seek fellow members of the pack to live with. This makes chaining something very unbearable for the dogs. And when they are forced to love in confinement, their psychology is badly disturbed.

Is Chaining Inhumane?

Chaining is definitely a cruel and inhumane act. Dogs thrive on contacting and communicating with the living beings around them. Keeping a dog at one specific area for long will cause a great psychological damage to the animal. Chaining will turn a friendly and obedient dog into a neurotic and anxious one. Chaining does not only bring psychological damage to dogs but this practice is also associated with physical damage as well. Chains can make the dogs’ neck go raw and full of sores. This usually happens when the collars are not well fitted and the dog constantly yanks to run away from the confinement. All these detrimental results make the chaining practice an inhumane act.

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Chaining Eliminates the Option of Flight

It is known by everyone that dogs are those animals that either fight or flight. Whenever a dog is confronted with a danger, he will either fight the danger or will find a way to escape. Now when a dog is being tethered, he can not run away in case he feels insecure and in danger. Chaining eliminates the option of flight, so the dog is only left with fighting the danger. The feeling that he can not run away in case of a threat makes him more aggressive and violent. A chained dog will always be ready to fight even when he feels a slightest fear. Thus, chaining plays a great role in evoking the fighting nature of the dog.

Is Chaining a Dog Dangerous For Humans?

Dogs that are tethered for long duration of times and are being kept in the confinement become very violent and aggressive. Fighting and attacking becomes their habit. They develop the feelings of defensiveness and anxiety. Confinement makes the dog possessive for the territory they occupy and they naturally become protective for it. Such dog is likely to attack any unfamiliar face that walks near his territory. Reports show hundreds of cases in which tethered dogs have attacked humans who go near the animal. Such victims are mostly children who are not aware of the presence of the chained dog. Tethered dog that finds a way to escape the confinement is also likely to attack the passersby that he may come across.

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Can Tethering Be Done in a Humanely Way?

If the dog has to be kept tethered or chained and there is no other way out then this must be done in a humanely way. The owner should make sure that the area where the dog is being kept is comfortable and secure for him. It should be made sure that the chain is not able to get entangled and create problem for the dog. Collar used for tethering should be very comfortable, well fitted and well adjusted so that it may not case any pain to the animal. The chain should be long enough so that the dog can move around, sit and lay down easily. In the times of natural disasters like storms, floods and hurricanes the dogs must not be tethered so that they may arrange for their safety.

As an owner of the dog, it is your responsibility to take care of your dog. Remember that chaining or tethering will never help you to get the dog under your control. Instead, this practice will further make the dog aggressive and un-trainable. A dog can never stay happy in the dog house with chain. He needs your love, care and attention.

Be friend with your dog. It’s the only way to make him love and respect you.

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