Easy To Take On Guidelines to Stop a Dog from Digging the Ground

Easy To Take On Guidelines to Stop a Dog from Digging the Ground

Millions of the people from all over the world are now keeping the dogs in their homes due to amazing characteristics that are associated with them. They are easy going animals and make you feel happy when you are bored of something. They turn out to be very good in terms of providing the security to the owners. However, they are needed to be trained first in order to make your experience memorable and exciting. This similar training is going to be explained for dog that is related to stop them from digging.

Why Do Dogs Start Digging?
Dogs usually dig only when they are bored. They just want to spend their time in doing some sort of activity. In addition to this, they want to get the moisture that they find after digging the ground. In addition to this, they smell the animal scent from the soil and start digging it. Sometimes, they dig to hide the food into the ground. In all these reasons, dogs just want to spend their time when they get bored. So we need to indulge them in any sort of activity so that they never get free.

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Basic Requirement to Start Training
In order to stop the dog from digging the ground, you have to make him your obedient first. For this purpose, you have to make him used to of very basic commands like sit down, stand up, pick up, etc. If your dog has no idea about what you are saying, then how can it be possible to make him obey you? So this is essential to bring the sense of obedience in your dog so that he may start learning the instructions that you give him.

You can make a dog learn how to obey you by giving him proper training sessions. Start giving him the basic instructions in regular intervals so that he may get to know about the instructions and their meanings.

Tips to Make a Dog Stop Digging
Following are some of the major techniques that can be utilized well to stop a dog from digging the ground:

1.Make the Dog Feel Pleasant
A dog digs when he is not having some good time. For this purpose, you have to realize when your dog is feeling bored. Try to play with him or toss some dog toys towards him so that he could play with them. In this way, he will play with the toy rather than digging the ground. Bring some interesting toys to play for your dog and give him these toys whenever he is feeling down.


2.Take Your Dog to a Walk
It turns out to be a very useful act if you take your dog to a walk along with you. By doing so, it makes the dog do some physical exercise which keeps him healthy and active. By doing this at least twice a day, a dog gets a bit tired and wants to take the rest for a while. In this way, your dog takes small nap instead of looking for the hole to dig down. Another advantage of taking the dog to walk is that it increases the social circle of your dog. When your dog gets to see the other dogs in the parks or on the roads, it makes him feel happy. A dog loves to see the other dogs around him. This reduces the factor of boredom from the dog’s life and he never goes for digging the ground.

3.Discourage the Digging by Different Actions
You cannot punish a dog while he is digging the ground. Otherwise, he will become more curious to do this every time when you will not be around. So an alternative to this is to discourage the digging activity of your dog. You can put some rocky material at the place where your dog has dug a hole. You can even put a flat stone or slab to let your dog realize that you didn’t like what he did. You can even put something irritating to make your dog feel uneasy in digging. You can utilize the chicken wire in this regard. Its smell keeps the dogs away from that place.

Other than that, you can use the citrus peels to keep the dog away from the digging as they hate to sit beside these peels. You can even use some of the feces of your own dog. They do not go to the areas again where they get to sniff their own feces.


4.Change the Environment
If you keep the dog in one environment only, then he will get bored of it soon. So, you are strongly suggested to keep on changing the environment of your dog so that he may feel exciting every time. Keeping the dog in the same environment all thetime makes it boring for the dog and there remains no charm for the dog. In addition to this, you must interrupt the dog every time you see him digging the ground. You must say him a big NO without yelling or shouting at him.

5.Eradicate the Rodents
Sometimes, your dog only starts digging when he is chasing the rodents in your lawn. In order to keep the dog away from such activity, you must eradicate all the rodents from your house. Else, it will make the dog go after such creatures and will introduce in them the habit of digging.

These are some of the techniques that can be taken on by the people in order to stop the dog from digging the grounds. You just have to keep an eye on your dog for few days and have to stop him by both, your actions and your instructions so that he never gets into this activity again. By following all above guidelines, you can make the life of your dog a pleasant one. Even you will enjoy the company of your dog as well when he does not cause any sort of mess. In this way, one can easily enjoy the memorable experience of having dogs at home.

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