Dos and Don’ts to Be Taken Care of For the Best Training of Your Dog

Dos and Don’ts to Be Taken Care of For the Best Training of Your Dog

There are millions of the people that are now keeping the dogs not only because they found them interesting animals, but also to get some chores done by them. However, training a dog can be quite crucial thing as it may bring the positive as well as negative traits in your dog. Obviously, no one wants to have the dog with some negative behavioral traits in it. For this purpose, here is being provided to people with best guidelines that can let them know about how positive and negative guidance in training of dog can be done.

How to Train Your Dog in More Appropriate Way

Following are the guidelines that come out to be very useful in training a dog and making him learn positive attitude and behavior.


Never Come up with “Don’t” Attitude

It can be very helpful if you just take out the element of “don’t” from your training that you give to your dog. Just like most of the human beings, many dog species tend to do that thing again in your absence if they are forbidden to do in their first experience. Dogs remain curious about learning the consequences of the action that they were not allowed to accomplish in their first attempt. However, they can be trained with some positive attitude like “Dos” if one wants to his dog learn quickly and positively.

Consequences are the Learning Points for Dogs

Dogs never want to learn on the basis of instructions only. What they want to observe is the consequence that a particular action may end up with. People can train their dogs by showing the consequences that happen to occur in the end of an activity. For example, they can be made aware how jumping into the pools can be harmful for them. They can be taught what could be the benefits in keeping the things in proper order and at their place. They can be made aware of the harmful effects that may occur due to the end result of going near the fireplace or putting anything into it. In this way, dogs come up with better and more solid behavior in learning what things they must not do.


Significance of Dog Motivation

Every time your dog learns new thing, you must motivate him so that he may get to know the consequence of doing this thing again and again. In this way, the bond between the owner and dog gets more strengthening and it develops the positive attitude in your dog. By motivating and patting your dog you can increase moral of dog and it gets ready for accomplishment of the next task as well that you want it to learn. When you motivate your dog during the learning process, he learns the things more quickly and in a better way. This brings the assertive attitude and spirits in the dogs and they can be trained well even with the accomplishment of complex tasks.

Patting your dog every time it shows you something positive or giving him a treat for the good deeds can bring positive changes in the dogs. When a dog gets to know about the rewards that it gets in accomplishing the task, it becomes more likely willing to repeat it again whenever he is prompted to do so. So whenever your dog picks up something from the floor and puts it on the right place, then must pat him on the back. Giving him a gentle massage after it accomplishes a laborious task makes the relationship between the dog and owner more powerful.

Negative Reinforcement’s Effect

Training a dog with negative reinforcement can leave bad effects on the training of the dog. It may cause slow learning in the dog or even sometimes may result in no learning at all. A dog likes to stay at some distance from the owner who uses the negative reinforcement in its training. However, if this negative reinforcement is replaced by some positive instructions, dogs get to learn the things that they are not supposed to do.


Penalizing a Dog and its Effects

It is always recommended that you never penalize your dog. It will always be curious to do the thing again that he was penalized for. The only thing that it would learn is to not to do that thing in your presence. This can be much more harmful for you as you never get to know what wrongs your dog has done in your absence. This is why; it is never suggested to penalize the dogs.

How a Dog Can be Trained with Negative Reinforcement?

A dog can be made aware of the wrongs by interrupting him in doing something before it accomplishes it. Even if it has done something wrong, it is emphasized that not to penalize the dog upon this. Rather, you can show the effects of this wrong deed by showing your unhappy mood but not by showing any sort of anger to your dog. You can stop your dog from learning a bad thing by interrupting its attention while it is doing something wrong. For example, you can call the dog by his name while it is trying to chase a cat or a mouse. You can stop him every time it tried to dig a hole in your garden. By just dragging its attention towards a new point can be very productive in training a dog with positive attitude.

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These were some of the guidelines that can be taken on if one wants to train his dog in more appropriate way. Training your dog with care and love brings a positive attitude in your dog and it can entertain you in socially acceptable way. In the same way, one can get a lot of chores done by his dog if he gives the dog with best training. Moreover, dogs can learn the things that they should not do. By following these guidelines, you can take the best advantages from your dog and even can enjoy its company more peacefully.

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