Dogs Are Blessed with Ingrained Sense of Goodness

Dogs Are Blessed with Ingrained Sense of Goodness

For sure, dogs are the most rewarding pets. After some time of care and love from you, they return the sentiment in equal measure, and even more. Their loyalty and friendship is boundless. They are not just great playmates and guards but really rewarding and excellent companions as well. Most people facing any kind of emotional problems in their lives are recommended to get a dog for themselves. This is because taking care of a dog and having a dog’s companionship is emotionally fulfilling. But this is not the point where the importance of dogs in human lives ends.


Dogs have not only proven loyal friends and great companions for humans, but also guardian angels for humans in many cases. And surprisingly, the person a dog helps or saves isn’t always the master, or the dog’s family member. This goes to show that it is not only loyalty for the master that makes the dog so great, but that a dog is generally a kind spirited animal.There are many such incidents that testify this fact about dogs. Over the time, there have been countless heartwarming stories of dogs coming to the aid of man in times of peril.

Dogs Putting Their Lives in Danger to Save Humans
As mentioned earlier, there are so many wonderful stories where dogs have saved human lives, even sometimes putting their own lives in danger. Some skeptics say that it is simply because the dog is an animal, and do not realize that his own life is in danger. But this is really a moot point, because in other situations, all dogs react extremely when they sense danger for themselves. This means that there is an ingrained sense of goodness in the dogs naturally, and there are many instances to prove this.


One such incident took place almost a decade earlier, in the year 2004. A golden retriever named Brutis saved a four years old child from a venomous snake. The dog had gotten bitten in the process, but was miraculously saved as well. He was awarded the National Hero Dog Award. To this day, people marvel at his antics, and wonder why on earth a dog would behave as he did, and that too for a total stranger. And this is not the only incident, but there are many others as well, where dogs have saved humans without a regard for their own lives.

Surprising Intelligence of Dogs Saving Human Lives
Not only are dogs heroic, but they are surprisingly intelligent as well. There are a lot of incidents where a dog’s quick thinking and presence of mind have saved human lives. This is a testament to the attention and observation a dog has on the lives of the people around him. There have been instances where dogs have saved their families from choking, poisoning, from house fires, from larger animals and even during medical conditions such as heart attacks and diabetic seizures.

dog Miley

One such incident that can be cited happened when a dog kept waking up his owner again and again. The owner of the dog, Stacie Pitts, was initially annoyed at her dog’s antics. She scolded her dog Miley, to shut it and go to sleep. However, as the dog remained incessant, Stacie realized that something must be amiss. And that was she smelled lots of carbon monoxide in the air. She quickly roused her family members as all of them were experiencing terrible nausea due to carbon monoxide inhalation. They rushed to the hospital and realized that their dog had saved their lives.

Size is Just a Quantity
Many dogs have proven that size is nothing but a meaningless quantity when it comes to their heroism and loyalty. Dogs have fought off larger and more lethal animals regardless of their sizes or physical strength. There are countless incidents where dogs have fought off danger out of sheer bravery. These dogs have proven that to be a guardian angel, you don’t need to be large and powerful dog. The level of loyalty and bravery is no less in small dogs than in large dogs. Simply because they aren’t physically powerful enough does not mean that they are not capable of heroics like larger dogs. Simply being a dog is enough.


One such incident happened back in 2007. A palm sized Chihuahua accomplished a great act of heroism and bravery when it battled a four foot long rattle snake which was fast approaching a one year old kid in a public park. The Chihuahua, named Zoey, was injured herself, but she soon recovered. The commotion attracted the dog’s owner and he killed the snake before taking the dog to the nearest vet. This goes to show that sheer bravery and courage in dogs is simply enough to save precious lives.

A Dog Placing the Owner’s Lives Before His Own
Not only do dogs save lives without a regards for their own, but they often place their owner’s lives before their own. Many times dogs which are taken to safety in case of emergencies or accidents, return to save their owner’s life. This shows that even in situations when a dog can easily remain safe, it risks his life to help the owner. One such incident happened when a dog named Nellie, who has been guided out of the house in a house fire, came back to help her owner. Her owner, Shellie, could not see anything because of the fire and heavy smoke, but her dog then helped her through to the door, risking her own life in the process.

dog hero_

These are just a few incidents that tell us not only about the dogs’ unending loyalty, but also of their extreme bravery and selfless nature. The newspapers, magazines, archives and internet are full of the astonishing and lovely stories of dogs’ bravery. Dogs have proven time and again that they are not just enjoyable pets, but man’s best friend and guardian angel literally.

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